Acacia vs. Eucalyptus Wood: What One is Best For Outdoor Furniture

Picking the best wood for your outdoor furniture can be highly tasking, especially when you want the best. Hardwood is always the best option for outdoor furniture because of its durability, with Acacia and Eucalyptus wood being great options.

The main difference between these two types is that Acacia wood has less natural oil content than Eucalyptus wood. This means that the latter is more durable than the former and will last longer.

When choosing wood, an essential factor you should consider is how long it will last. This is why the Eucalyptus is slightly better than Acacia wood.

Acacia vs Eucalyptus
CostAcacia is always cheaper to purchase than eucalyptus.This cheaper than most hardwoods but more expensive than Acacia.
WorkabilityIt is easy to work with, the only problem being it can make your tools get blunt.Eucalyptus is an easy wood to work with;  it stains well and finishes nicely.
ColorThe wood color ranges from reddish-brown to deep brown.It has a reddish-brown color that can fade to a silver gray tone.
DensityIt has a density of 540 kg /m³It has a density of 600 Kg /m³
DurabilityIt needs to be appropriately sealed to last longer. It is not the best option for making contact with the ground.It is moderately durable and can last for an extended period because of the oil content.

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Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is popularly known as mimosa and is native to Australia and Africa. The trees grow in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. They are fast growers and can grow from 1.5-2.0 meters within 3-4 years. They have a lifespan of 20-30 years.

The Acacia wood is very dense, making it strong and resistant to water. However, the latter could be because its roots reach deep down into the ground for water. It is also resistant to scratches and dents because of its hardness. This is what makes it a good choice for indoor and outdoor furniture.

It is hardwood and is very hard, so it is used to construct heavy woodwork like shelves and dining sets. The grain is a natural straight or wavy pattern.

The Acacia changes colors whenever it is brought into the light because it is photosensitive. The colors range from a reddish-brown to a deep brown color. Apart from being water-resistant, this wood is also resistant to fungus.

What is Acacia wood used for?

Acacia is a solid wood used to make different things, some of which are listed below.

  • The Acacia oil has a warm scent and can make fragrances.
  • It is used to make furniture like dining tables, chairs, and shelves.
  • Can be used to make beams for supporting buildings because of its strength.
  • It is used to make musical instruments like acoustic guitars.
  • Some parts of the tree can be used for medicinal purposes.

Eucalyptus wood

Eucalyptus wood belongs to the Myrtle family and is native to Australia, Indonesia, Guinea, and the Philippines. Most of the Eucalyptus species are native to Australia. They mostly grow in warm climates and are fast-growing trees, with their tallest height being over 60 meters.

It is a solid and durable wood that can last up to 25 years but has a low shock resistance. It is a good choice for outdoor furniture because of its ability to resist rot and decay. Its high natural oil content makes this possible.

It is also part of the hardwood family and is considered stronger than most woods. It is highly dense and tough and can handle extreme weather conditions very well.

The color of the Eucalyptus wood is reddish-brown but changes to a silver-gray if it is not treated occasionally. Although, most homeowners seem to like this color tone. The best way to retain the color of the Eucalyptus wood is by treating it with a special oil and sanding it. It would be best if you cared for the surface.

What is Eucalyptus wood used for?

Below are some of the things you can use the Eucalyptus wood for

  • The bark of some species of the Eucalyptus tree is used to make paper.
  • It is used to make beams that support buildings.
  • Can be used for medicinal purposes. For example, you can use the oil to treat diabetes and asthma.
  • It has a very calming and aromatic scent used to clear blockages in your airway.
  • It can be used to make furniture for your patio.

The significant difference between Acacia wood and Eucalyptus wood

As stated earlier, the major difference between these two great options is that the Eucalyptus wood is stronger and more durable than the Acacia wood because of its high natural oil content. It is the best choice for an extensive furniture set, while Acacia wood will be perfect for miniature furniture sets.

The Eucalyptus wood is rot-resistant, water-resistant, resistant to decay and insects. It is not easily affected by moisture because of its natural oil content. This is one reason to choose this wood for your outdoor furniture.

On the other hand, Acacia wood is also durable but not as much as Eucalyptus wood. It could last up to 40 years without constant treatment because of its water-resistant, fungus-resistance, and antibacterial properties.

Pros and cons of Acacia Wood vs Eucalyptus Wood

Pros and Cons of Acacia Wood


  • It is affordable compared to most woods.
  • It cannot be scratched easily because of its durability.
  • It is easily accessible as it is one of the fastest-growing trees.
  • It is lightweight.


  • Acacia wood needs to be taken care of and sealed correctly to last longer.
  • It is a sensitive wood that is susceptible to cracks if placed under direct heat.
  • It is photosensitive, meaning the color changes when exposed to light.
  • Your Acacia wood furniture can swell when left in the rain or snow for too long.

Pros and cons of Eucalyptus wood


  • It is rot-resistant and decay-resistant.
  • It is an incredibly fast-growing tree which makes it more accessible.
  • It can last for up to 25 years.
  • It is easy to maintain; you need to occasionally oil it, so the color does not fade.


  • The Eucalyptus wood can crack when exposed to an icy climate.
  • The furniture will change color over time if not adequately cleaned.
  • There is a possibility that some people are allergic to Eucalyptus wood.


Now you know some of the properties, advantages, and disadvantages of Acacia wood and Eucalyptus wood. It is up to you to choose which is better for whatever purpose the wood is for. Eucalyptus has the upper hand in terms of durability, and in terms of cheapness, Acacia has the upper hand.

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