Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Wood Furniture

It’s the perception of numerous individuals that rubberwood is not totally different from an elastic wood hybrid. Factually, this perception is wrong. As a medium-density hardwood, rubberwood is made from the Pará rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), cultivated for its latex, and mostly found in South America, Africa, and Asia. As an eco-friendly wood, the tree is harvested and turned into rubberwood lumber after its useful life ends.

Rubberwood is great for making diverse materials, including particleboard or fiberboard. It’s a wood compatible with a lot of stains and finishes with colors ranging from attractive light blond to medium tan. Rubberwood comes with some similar features, such as maple, and is ideal for the production of ample furniture pieces, which can be in different designs and styles.

As a background, rubberwood is primarily used to construct smaller furniture than larger ones. It is remarkably strong, attractive, affordable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, etc. Nonetheless, rubberwood furniture can experience changes in structure, damage easily, prone to dents, and so on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Wood Furniture

What Are the Advantages of Rubberwood Furniture?

Rubberwood furniture offers numerous advantages to users. Some of these are explained below:


Rubberwood is sustainable in two different ways. First, it’s a wood that can provide great endurance, making it perfect for producing furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, etc.  Second, as harvested wood, it can help reduce the effects of felling more trees (such as floods, landslides, and soil erosions). This is because the trees that could have been burnt are being put to good use.


Rubberwood is usually described as a byproduct sold at lower prices than some woods. A lot of people get the wrong information that since it’s cost-effective, then it can’t be durable. Consequently, they opt for other timbers such as maple, oak, or cherry.  But you should know that rubberwood furniture is not just cost-effective, it’s also durable.


There are different types of furniture in the market made of rubberwood because the wood is easy to work with. It’s high-flexible wood that supports every kind of paint, stain, and finish.

Stain resistance, no toxicity, and fire resistance

Rubberwood furniture is characterized by stain-resistant capability, making it ideal for furnishing bedrooms, playrooms, or living spaces. Also, the furniture is naturally non-toxic and can incredibly resist burning if such an incident occurs.

Easy cleaning

The maintenance of rubberwood furniture is not difficult.  To clean it, all you need is a normal soap. You should give it an annual cleaning and dry properly for an extended lifespan.

Shock absorption

The furniture is characterized by a perfect shock absorber feature. This helps in preventing injuries and stress. Rubberwood furniture is therefore ideal for gyms and playgrounds for people, especially children, to stay safe. Besides, it will prevent seniors from feeling stress on their joints.

What Are the Disadvantages of Rubberwood Furniture?

Below are some disadvantages of rubberwood furniture:

Structure transformation

As rubberwood is drying,  it usually experiences warping and twisting, leading to distortion before it dries completely. Nonetheless, if you want it to become durable and sturdy again, you may try to season it.

Easy damage

Even though rubberwood is a great wood for furniture, it’s perishable. There is a higher tendency that it will end up decaying after some time of use. Besides, the furniture is prone to insect attacks and fungal staining. Nevertheless, these effects can be curbed through the use of a large quantity of harsh chemical treatments. In addition, rubberwood furniture can get damaged easily if placed at a higher temperature.

Dents challenges

Rubberwood furniture is susceptible to dents. Because of the mild hardness of the furniture, dents may be seen on it very often.

Latex allergy

Rubberwood furniture is  not recommended for those with allergies to latex  This is because exposure may lead to a skin reaction

Chemical treatments

Rubberwood furniture can be infested with fungal, which may require the use of chemicals to curb the formation of growth.   It may be a threat to good health as it’s chemically treated.


Rubberwood furniture rarely shrinks, making it perfect for rough weather conditions. However, the wood may become slippery under wet conditions. This is because its moisture absorbent and can experience deterioration if placed outdoors in a humid environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are questions that people often ask about rubberwood and rubberwood furniture. Check the answers for more details.

Is rubberwood furniture good or bad?

Rubberwood furniture is good because the wood is stable with less cracking and shrinkage. Moreso, the wood is available in a great blonde to medium tan color.

Is rubberwood furniture cheap?

Rubberwood is an agricultural by-product with good woodworking properties and low raw material cost. From thorough research, it is seen that today rubberwood furniture is one of the most cost-effective solid wood furniture available for sale.

Is rubberwood long-lasting?

Rubberwood is a long-lasting wood. Researchers claim that the wood has the capacity to grow up to 40 meters and 100 ft in plains and the wild, respectively.  Also, they show that the wood can be in existence for about a century (100 years). Furthermore, rubberwood is usually classified as one of the best available eco-friendly wood. And based on its durability, it has enjoyed a wide advertisement over the years.

Final Verdict

It should be of great help knowing the advantages and disadvantages of rubberwood furniture. This will serve as a guide to see if it’s the right furniture for you or not. Knowing these pros and cons, therefore, it can be asserted that provided that you’re not allergic to latex, rubberwood furniture will be a great choice. This is because it’s built with durable and sustainable material. However, you must ensure you seal and treat the furniture properly if needed for outdoor use. This can help prevent the warping and twisting of the furniture.

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