Are Safavieh Rugs Non Toxic?

Rugs are used for both decorative and functional purposes. No matter what the purpose is, we continuously come in contact with them, and for this reason, they must not contain any toxic materials. That’s why we are curious to know, are Safavieh rugs non toxic, as they are a very popular brand.

It’s very important that the rugs we use are nontoxic because whichever materials are bad for the environment are also dangerous for our health. Safavieh makes a large variety of rugs and as per their description, their rugs are made of non-toxic materials such as wool, cotton, sisal, and others.

Non Toxic rugs are a requirement if there are children in the house as they come in close contact with the rug. Safavieh is a popular rug-making company and they offer rugs of different designs and of different materials. So, let’s make sure their rugs are safe to use and will cause no harm to our children and us.

Are Safavieh Rugs Non Toxic

What is a Safavieh rug?

Safavieh is a more than hundred years old company that produces premium quality rugs of different types. The company offers really good quality products that are primarily made of the purest premium New Zealand or Indian wool.

They are, undoubtedly, one of the biggest suppliers of rugs all over the world. They are always ready to provide rugs of 8 different sizes and with over 3000 programmed designs. Safavieh’s manufacturing process is highly sophisticated. And their handmade rugs are mainly produced in Central Asia and India.

Safavieh rugs are made of natural materials like wool, silk, jute, bamboo, sisal, and seagrass instead of synthetic materials that are often toxic. Natural fibers have an array of benefits such as they offer a great feel, they are water and fire repellent, and most importantly environment friendly.               

Are Safavieh rugs non toxic?

Non Toxic rugs don’t contain any toxic materials like flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde, toxic, high-impact dyes to color the fibers. Also, rugs made of polypropylene (also known as olefin or polyolefin), nylon, and polyester can become toxic depending on their manufacturing process.  

Safavieh rugs usually don’t contain toxic materials. Rather Safavieh rugs are…

Wool rugs

Wool is the most natural material you can use to make rugs. Pure wool is collected from sheep and yarns made from them are soft and naturally stain resistant. It’s because of the lanolin found in them which is a type of wax created in animal bodies. So, these rugs are definitely nontoxic. 

Cotton rugs

Flatweave rugs are usually made of cotton yarn and they are also blended with other materials like cotton. Cotton is naturally great absorbent which makes it easier to use them for vibrant colored rugs. Cotton is a nontoxic material for rugs and Safavieh uses them in their rugs. 

Viscose rugs

Also known as ‘artificial silk’, bamboo silk, or rayon, viscose fiber is a great material for rugs. It has this lustrous sheen and silky soft texture that gives the rug a luxurious feel. And they are used in the most crowd-attractive area of the house because of the feel. And these are nontoxic rugs.

Natural fiber rugs

Sourced from biodegradable, organic plants; primarily jute, seagrass, and sisal natural fiber yarns are eco-friendly and nontoxic materials for making rugs. They are the go-to material for rugs to give the room a more earthy, coastal, or bohemian look. Safavieh uses this material in their rugs. 

Pay attention!

Although Safavieh produces a large number of rugs made of nontoxic materials, they still make rugs with synthetic fibers meaning polypropylene and polyester fibers. Which can turn into toxic materials! And wool or cotton rugs can also have some toxic chemicals used on them for different purposes.

So, make sure that the rug you choose is primarily made of no synthetic, natural materials, and even after that make sure no toxic chemicals were used on them.

Are Safavieh rugs safe for kids?

As we have discussed so far, rugs can be made of both toxic and non-toxic materials. And obviously toxic rugs are harmful to the kids. But if the rugs contain no toxic materials and are made of nontoxic natural fibers which mostly Safavieh rugs are made of then they are safe for kids. So, the answer is yes.

But as we have also mentioned, Safavieh also makes rugs containing synthetic fibers and even their natural fiber-made rugs can contain some toxic material. So, you have to be extra cautious so that you can avoid any toxicity in your Safavieh rug.

Are Safavieh rugs bad for dog?

Safavieh rugs are intrinsically bad for dogs as they are usually nontoxic rugs. So, even if your dog chews on the rug, it will be completely safe. But consider some of the aspects like rug material, color, pattern, glue in the back before you choose one. 

If you find the right Safavieh rug considering all this, then there is no problem between the rug and the dog. Rugs made of wool or nylon, with simple patterns, not glued in the back and of a color different to your dog are the best for you. Safavieh provides these kinds of rugs.

What are some non-toxic rugs for home and office use?

Let’s see some non-toxic rugs for your home and office use.

Organic weaves

This company was founded on the principle of opposing child labor in rugs making. Their rugs are produced in India by skilled women artisans. They make great quality cotton and wool rugs that are GOTS certified. In their hand-tufted rugs, they use FSC certified natural latex. 


This is the company we have been discussing so far. They produce great quality nontoxic rugs with a variety of designs and are made of different materials. Most of their rugs are made of natural fiber materials such as wool, cotton, jute, sisal, and others. 


Parachute makes simple-looking nontoxic rugs. Their undyed wool rugs have OEKO-TEX certification meaning they are free from toxic materials. They also have a Craftmark certificate. Their rugs are a great pick for the minimalists. 

Lorena canals

Lorena canals make nontoxic rugs that are handmade using cotton and natural dyes. They come in various colors and designs. They are easily washable and easily maintained. Lorena canals also make special rugs for kids.

Hook & loom

This US-based company produces handmade and nontoxic rugs that are made in India free of any child labor. Their rugs are free of any harmful chemicals and are usually made of recovered textile cotton, cotton fabric, undyed wool, and other non-toxic materials. They come in different shapes and colors.


Still have more questions? Then check the section below.

Is Safavieh good quality?

Safavieh offers great quality rugs. They are a more than hundred years old company committed to quality. Their rugs are non-toxic and come in various colors, shapes, and materials. Safavieh rugs are a bit expensive but they are worth buying.

Are polypropylene rugs toxic?

Polypropene rugs are not necessarily toxic but most of the time they can show toxicity depending on their manufacturing process. Polypropene fibers are made after several chemical processes that include various toxic chemicals. So, they are not surely nontoxic.

Are Safavieh rugs soft?

Made with natural wool, cotton, or fibers from bamboo or jute, Safavieh rugs offer a great soft feeling. Their wool-made rugs and viscose rugs are really soft although they are a bit more expensive than the others. These rugs are generally used in the best place of the house because of their softness. 


In conclusion, Are Safavieh rugs non toxic? The answer is yes. Safavieh offers mainly non toxic rugs made with wool, cotton, or natural fibers. These are completely nontoxic materials and are environmentally friendly also. Safavieh also offers a great variety in shape, size, and color for you to choose from.

But being a little careful is never harmful. As rugs have a great impact on the children as they come in close contact with them, we must make sure the rugs in our house contain no toxicity at all. As discussed above, even natural fiber-made rugs can have some toxicity in them.

At the same time, Safavieh also makes synthetic fiber-made rugs which can be proven to be toxic as time goes on. So, make sure to buy the right rug and also make sure if your natural fiber-made rug contains any toxic material. Like this, you can find the perfect rug for you. Best of luck with your rug.

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