Katie Green

Katie Green was born in Montreal, Quebec. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management from The University of Tennessee Knoxville. During this time, Katie took part in the Disney College Program as a cast member. She helped to act out how Belle and Beast fall in love while ensuring everyone remains safe & happy at the same time. After two years later, she joined Travel & Leisure Co. in 2018 as an LDP. Now, she gets promoted there to Housekeeping Manager. As a housekeeping manager, she knows how to push people to understand their potential so they exceed their expectations for the guests. She ensures how to engage with guests and make their vacation memorable. During these years, she learned that every guest might not remember what they tell, but they will definitely memorize how she serves them that makes them feel good.

Heart pine Vs. Yellow pine wood

When it comes to softwood, pine is the most affordable, readily available, durable, and preferred wood out there. Despite falling under the softwood classification, it still possesses some characteristics of hardwood which can be seen in its strength, hardness, and impact resistance properties, making it a versatile wood for various uses.  Heart pine wood, also …

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Beech vs. Oak Wood

Beech wood and Oakwood are two common types of hardwood that can be used for different purposes such as furniture making, cabinetry, flooring, etc. They are both excellent choices, but which is the better option for your woodwork project regarding availability, cost, appearance, durability, and hardness. Lastly, what can these two wood choices be used …

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