Balterio Laminate Flooring: Thickness, Styles, Features & More

Whether your home is characterized as traditional or modern, the Balterio flooring manufacturer has a wide array of collections, and styles to accommodate any home décor. Known for its high-quality laminate flooring, Balterio flooring is produced in Belgium by IVC Balterio.

Homeowners seek out Balterio’s laminates for multiple reasons ranging from its excellent quality of wear-and-tear-proof products to the many benefits of having laminate flooring to this company’s realistic imitation of wood floors. Regardless of what the reasons are, Balterio is a superior flooring choice to use throughout the home.

In this article, you will learn about the three different laminate styles Balterio offers, as well as a general review of each one including thickness level, designs, and warranties. However, first, learn what is laminate flooring and why laminate flooring works so well for today’s homeowners.


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What is Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a popular flooring option for many homeowners who have families and pets, and in general, busy and loud households. Made from polysynthetic encasing and a wood fiberboard interior, laminate is constructed of multiple layers to resemble wood or stone in plank or tile formats. There are many flooring companies that produce laminates including Balterio.

Laminate layers

Laminate flooring is extremely durable. Because of its multi-layer construct, the floor withstands the everyday abrasions a full household tends to create. There are 4 layers. Each layer has a purpose that helps to maintain a moisture-resistant, scratch and dent-resistant floor that also absorbs sound.

The top layer which is the thickest (6mm to 12mm) is also known as the protective wear layer which keeps scratches away. It also is resistant to UV rays, which protects the color and design of your laminate.

The next layer is the design layer. This surface is where the design (i.e. wood, stone, concrete) is digitally imprinted.

The core layer is made of high-density fiberboard and supports the structure of the laminate plank or tile.

And, the bottom layer maintains the balance of each plank or tile and protects from any moisture that could seep into the laminate board.

Laminate benefits

Created to handle daily wear and tear, laminate flooring can last up to 25 years.

Walking traffic, everyday spills and messes in the kitchen and easy care and maintenance, laminate is an affordable option compared to the expense of hardwood floors.

To reiterate laminate flooring is more affordable than hardwood flooring. Laminate manufacturers today have created beautiful products to mimic favorite natural hardwood such as walnut, oak, pine, mahogany, cherry, and many more. Laminate flooring in tile format replicates the gorgeous natural stone flooring such as granite, marble, slate, and limestone.

Balterio Laminate Flooring

With a diverse collection of designs and styles, the European-made Balterio laminates can easily pull together any kitchen, bathroom, or living space décor and give it a high-end feel. Known for its innovation and technologically forward products, Balterio uses high-quality and eco-friendly materials in its laminate products so that homeowners can enjoy a warm and inviting home with very real-like hardwood or stone flooring looks.

Depending on the core thickness and the various designs, Balterio, in general, prices its laminates ranging from $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot.

Balterio Laminate Flooring collections

The Balterio laminate wood flooring designs feature realistic and prominent wood cracks and knots in each plank. This design feature provides a very natural feeling just like parquet flooring. The 3 different style names are Heritage, Metropolitan, and Traditions.

Each Balterio laminate category offers 8mm and 12mm planks and comes with a water-resistant core. There are smooth or textured flooring options in distinct interior styles. Warranties are available and differ among the different collections.

CollectionsCore ThicknessFeaturesStyleInstallationWarranty
Heritage8mm & 12mm Rustic wood-likeTilt and lock25-year residential, 10-year commercial
Metropolitan8mm Elegant modern wood-likeTilt and lock25-year residential/10-year commercial
Metropolitan12mmHigh-quality sound absorbencyElegant Modern wood-likeTilt and lockLifetime residential/12-year commercial
Traditions8mmHydroseal, DurashieldTraditional wood-likeTilt and lock25-year residential/10-year commercial
Traditions Sapphire9mmHydroseal, Durashield, slip and stain-resistant,Traditional wood-like that has a hand-scraped textureTilt and lock25-year residential/12-year commercial
Traditions Elegant9mmHydroseal, DurashieldTraditional wood-likeTilt and lockLifetime residential/12-year commercial
Traditions Quattro9mmHydroseal, DurashieldStone-likeTilt and lock25-year residential/12-year commercial
Traditions12mmHydroseal, DurashieldClassic wood-likeTilt and lock25-year residential/10-year commercial
Magnitude8mmExtra-wide and large planks, uses Chrome Zone for matteEnhanced wood grain appearance with shiny/matte finishTilt and lock25-year residential/10-year commercial
Pure Stone8mmTextured top layerNatural stone-likeTilt and lock25-year residential/12-year commercial
Xpressions8mmUltra HD finishGeometric, ContemporaryTilt and lock20-year residential/10-year commercial


The Heritage laminate planks are available in 8mm and 12mm. The installation is simple with its signature tilt and lock process. Professional installation is recommended.

8mm: The 8mm is known for its strong wood grain appearance that can fit into rustic, country, and casual style homes. With wood replications such as Sweet Magnolia, Mountain Cedar, and Nutmeg Hickory, the warm brown planks even feature “saw marked” looks. This collection has a 25-year residential warranty (10 years for commercial use).

12mm: Although Heritage’s 12mm reflects the rural styles of its 8mm sister, the 12mm planks contain a higher density core and a higher definition décor layer. With plank names including Burnt Pub Oak, French Barrel Oak, Alaskan Pine, and Smoked Hemlock, it makes it difficult to narrow down a favorite. This collection has a 25-year residential warranty (10 years for commercial use).


The Metropolitan laminate collection is the most elegant and modern of Balterio’s laminate planks. Offered in 8mm or 12mm plank thickness, Metropolitan uses a tilt and lock installation technique, and professional installation is recommended and is guaranteed for life.

8mm: Metropolitan flooring gives contemporary homes a very rich and beautiful finish. Stormy Willow, Vienna Oak, Parisian Fig, and Black Walnut give you an idea of what décor possibilities are ahead of you. 8mm collection provides a 25-year residential warranty (10-year commercial).

12mm: This 12mm laminate option provides your room with the best sound absorbency. Metropolitan’s popular and interesting floor styles including Vulcanic Pine, Bayside Everwood, Wild Mesquite, Driftwood Oak, and Wagner Pine are a few to check out. Metropolitan’s 12mm gives owners a lifetime residential warranty (12-year commercial).


This Balterio collection offers several different flooring options in specific plank thicknesses – 8mm, 9mm, and 12mm. The overall style provides homeowners with an authentic traditional wood look. This collection highlights Balterio’s moisture and liquid sealant HydroSeal in its core layer, which protects the floor’s click joints, and DuraShield on its top layer to help prevent topical scratches and denting. Traditions uses a tilt and lock installation technique, and professional installation is recommended and is guaranteed for life.

Traditions 8mm: Classic wood-like Traditions planks elevate all homes with styles such as Rose Teak, Honey Cherry, and Almond Maple. These planks are available in 5-inch or 7.5-inch widths. This collection provides a 25-year residential warranty (10-year commercial).

Traditions 9mm: There are 3 different collections available in 9mm:

Traditions Sapphire: Features an Oak hand-scraped finish and is both slip and stain-resistant. Warranties are guaranteed for 25 years residential (12-years commercial).

Traditions Elegant: Offers a slew of wood-like finishes including Off-White Oak, Driftwood Oak, and Queenan Chestnut with a lifetime residential warranty (12-year commercial).

Traditions Quattro: Quattro is known for its stone-like styles with unique designs such as Soprano, Charleston, and Nero as well as more classic looks like Lazio, Kaiser, and Monticello, with a 25-year residential lifetime (12-year commercial).

Traditions 12mm: The Traditions 12mm planks are constructed with a Hydroseal balancer that protects the flooring from moisture havoc. Its top layer is made with Durashield that protects against day-to-day wear. Classic styles available include Amazonian Acacia, Grey English Chestnut, Sutton Hickory, and more. Homeowners receive a 25-year residential warranty (10-year commercial).

Additional Balterio Notable Collections

In addition to Balterio’s primary collection catalog, there are a few others to examine for their one-of-a-kind designs.


This collection utilizes a Chrome Zone tech innovation that creates a magnified wood grain image on the design layer. This collection’s extra wide and larger planks create a unique appearance that the room is larger with wood-grain-like details that are enhanced visually. The finish is a matte-Mimicking real wood, Magnitude laminates run the gamut of designs including Venetian Oak, Pamplona Oak, Blackfired Oak, Titanium Oak, and many more. The warranty for Magnitude is 25-years for residential (12-years commercial).

Pure Stone

Created to simulate the natural look of stone, Balterio’s Pure Stone line is available in 8mm. Pure Stone is the epitome of a luxury stone flooring aesthetic. The collection is beautiful and has an authentic-feeling textured top layer creating a comfortable walking space. Some of the prettiest laminates from the line include Limestone Tobacco and Belgian Blue Honed.


This line appeals to a particular design eye. Made to imitate real wood, Xpressions Laminates feature classic patterns in a creative and modern way. The results are colorful that allow homeowners to choose various patterns including herringbone, checked, chevron, and other geometric shapes. The finish is produced in Ultra HD giving the floor depth and precision of the fine sand grain structure. The warranty offered is 20 years for residential.

Final Words

Balterio Flooring gives homeowners every reason to fall in love with its laminates. The company’s catalog is extensive giving customers a chance to find their perfect floor. Its AC4 rating gives consumers the kind of dependability they yearn for. The rating which ranges from 1 to 6 determines how the floor stands up to wear and tear on a daily basis. AC3 is the industry standard for residences. Known for utilizing and manufacturing with natural resources, Balterio manufactures its HDF core from recycled timber, while also using eco-friendly resins and adhesives. The installation does not need glue or other toxic adhesives. And, finally, the laminates are fully recyclable. When shoppers prioritize sustainability, they can rely on a company such as Balterio for making eco-friendly manufacturing decisions.

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