Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Stains?

We all know that bleach is an effective household cleaner. But sometimes, we accidentally use it on the carpet to remove dirt, or somehow the bleach falls on the mat. And the stains remain. Can carpet cleaners remove bleach stains?

A carpet cleaner can remove the bleach stains. Vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap are versatile carpet cleaners, and they are effective in eliminating bleach from the carpet. You can also use a bleach neutralizer to reduce the effect of bleach on carpets. Crayon or interior paint keeps the shade of the rug. If none of the methods work, you can ask for help from some experts.

Bleach stains are pretty bothersome. If you don’t act quickly, the spots will take up a permanent place on your carpets!

Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Stains

Is Carpet Cleaner Effective For Cleaning?

Yes, carpet cleaners can remove bleach stains. Among all types of carpet cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap are the most common ones.

But you have to keep the damage at a minimal level. If the bleach you use is chlorine-based, it will immediately eliminate the carpet color through some chemical reactions. So, the bleach stains can become kind of permanent if necessary measurements are not taken.

You should use a damage control method to ensure minor damage and restore the carpet’s color. So, be selective when you are using carpet cleaners to deal with bleach stains. That’s because some cleaners can destroy the carpet’s fiber while neutralizing the bleach.

How To Use Carpet Cleaner On Bleach Stains?

As mentioned, not all carpet cleaners can remove bleach stains. You can use a neutralizer to negate the bleaching effect. There are also vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap in the list of bleach removal.

Here are the brief details of those methods:


The bleach neutralizer is your first and most effective option to deal with bleach stains. You’ll need a bowl containing hot water and a wet vacuum.

First, get the packet of neutralizer and dissolve it in hot water as it comes in crystal form. When the crystals are fully dissolved, you need to pour some hot mixture over the stained areas.

Then, wait for five minutes to settle the neutralizer. You have to use a wet vacuum to remove the excess liquid. If a wet vacuum is not available, you can also use a dry vacuum. After that, check on the stains, whether they are visible or not.

If you notice any stain left on the carpet, repeat the steps. You can use a fan or sunlight to dry the carpet after cleaning.


Suppose you don’t have any neutralizer at home and don’t want to go to the stores. Well, you’re lucky if you have vinegar at home. Vinegar is widely used to clean carpets, and it’s also effective in removing bleach stains.

You will need these materials: white vinegar, a bowl, washcloth or sponge, and water. Now make the solution with the proper ratio. You need two tablespoons of vinegar and four cups of water and mix them in a bowl. The balance is crucial because the wrong proportion can quickly destroy the carpet fiber.

Then, splash the solution over the stained area and make sure you cover the entire region. Otherwise, the stains won’t be removed. Now you have to wait for five minutes and let the vinegar penetrate the carpet fiber.

When the soaking is completed, take the sponge to rub the stained area carefully. You need to rub the area toward the inside from the outside. Or else the stains will spread to the clean areas.

Now wash the area with cold water to remove the residues. Some vinegar smell may last for a while, but that’s not a huge issue.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is very effective in carpet cleaning. However, you have to use it a bit differently than usual. The necessary materials are baking soda, a sponge, a pen cloth, a vacuum cleaner, and a toothbrush.

At first, you need to make a paste of soda using a ratio of 3:1 (baking soda: water). Then place the paste over the bleach stain area and rub it.

Use the toothbrush to scrub the surface. But don’t scrub too roughly, or else the fiber structures will demolish.

Then you need to use the vacuum cleaner over the paste before it gets dry. Use the cloth to clear out the dry paste. If the stain doesn’t get off, repeat the process.

Dish Soap With Water

It is one of the most accessible techniques to remove any dirt or stain from the carpet surface. You can use this method when vinegar or baking soda isn’t available at home.

As soap is an alkaline product, it can’t restore the carpet’s color. So, if you spill bleach on the mat, you have to act quickly with the dish soap.

At first, cover the stained area with a wet paper towel and don’t rub the towel. It will stop the bleach from spreading over other regions.

Take a quarter of a teaspoon of soap into one cup of hot water to dissolve the soap. Pour the mixture directly over the stained areas and wait for 5 to 10 minutes.

When the area gets dry, gently rub it with the sponge. Make sure you don’t spread the bleach stain while rubbing with soap water.

Lastly, rinse the area with cold water to get rid of the remaining residues.

Cheat Your Eyesight!

If you can’t remove the bleach stains with these traditional ways, you can try some unconventional ways like crayons, interior paints, etc. Though they are not precisely “removing” techniques, they will recover the shade of the carpet and hide the bleach stains.


First, you need to get a paper towel and wet it with warm water. Use the damp towel to remove excess bleach from the carpet surface.

Then, find a crayon that matches the color of the carpet. The crayon should go down to the root of the fibers. It will help to transfer the color wax.

Interior Paint

For this to work, remove all the dirt from the stained area and rinse it with a wet towel. When the bleach stains dry completely, place a small amount of paint over those stained areas. Then let the paint dry completely.

What To Do If The Bleach Doesn’t Go Off?

All of those techniques may not work correctly on bleach stains. It totally depends on the type of bleach and the amount you spill on the carpet.

If you try these methods one after another two or three times, don’t try further, or you will rinse off the fibers and demolish the colors.

So, the best thing to do is call for professional help. That’s because they know better how these home remedies work!

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Bottom Line

Bleach stains are pretty annoying because they don’t come off quickly and become permanent in an instant. Well, you can clean those spots using your carpet cleaners. But can carpet cleaners remove bleach stains? Well, this passage has answered your question. Follow our suggested methods to get rid of such irritating situations!

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