Can You Put Heavy Furniture on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

There is no doubt that vinyl planks are super-sensible. You can’t expect durable and reliable performance from your vinyl flooring unless you’re taking good care of it. However, this type of flooring is widely popular for its low maintenance and affordable features. But, any kind of heavy object can create massive damages to your vinyl flooring. 

The most popular questions about vinyl planks would be: Can You Put Heavy Furniture on Vinyl Plank Flooring? And if that is a yes then the question arises, how to protect vinyl flooring from heavy furniture? 

Stick with the article, here we’ll mention every essential detail about vinyl planks flooring and their protection methods. 

Can You Put Heavy Furniture on Vinyl Plank Flooring

Can You Put Heavy Furniture on Vinyl Plank Flooring

Will Heavy Furniture Damage Vinyl Planks?

Yes, heavy furniture can easily damage your favorite vinyl planks. Even the manufacturers suggest not to place any heavyweight furniture directly over vinyl planks. If you want to place heavy furniture, make sure you’re using enough vinyl plank protection.

Vinyl planks flooring is built with softer materials. It is made with limestone-based material along with PVC composites. They are comparatively more sensitive than laminated furniture. Any kind of bulky object is threaten to vinyl planks.

Placing weighty furniture directly over them is not allowed. You can’t even keep a washing machine, fridge, or heavy kitchen appliances in a room with vinyl planks. Anything heavyweight and sharp can create abrasions, scratches, dentists, sports, and even permanent damages.

Aside from that, vinyl planks are good to go for ten years without any interruptions. If you take good care, these flooring will stay incredible for at least 10 to 15 years.

It would not be fair if you’re spending bucks on some beautiful flooring and that does not even allow you to put furniture. However, vinyl planks have got their own type of solution too. You can definitely place heavy furniture over vinyl planks if you use enough protection.

Well, you should also be conscious while dragging and moving the furniture. Make sure you’re maintaining proper and enough safety during the process.

If you take good care and follow the basic protection rules, Vinyl Plank is the best option to grab. If you’ve not installed any floor protection, avoid getting heavyweight furniture over this type of flooring.

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How Much Weight Should You Put on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

People often ask how much weight they should put on this vinyl plank flooring. We already know that vinyl planks are not so friendly with heavy objects. However, with proper protection, you can place them over.

Well, vinyl plank flooring can handle less than 500 pounds. However, a big fridge, kitchen appliances, washing machine, and huge cabinets are not good enough. You can even use more than 600 pounds with proper protection.

However, what’s the exact weight limit will undoubtedly depend on your vinyl plank quality. Make sure your room is not holding more than 25 pounds for each square foot. This calculation can keep you safe from all types of damages and dents.

For better consultation, you can contact the manufacturing company. They will suggest to you what things you should allow on your vinyl plank floors.

How To Protect Vinyl Flooring from Heavy Furniture?

Well, we’ve already mentioned that heavy furniture is not that friendly for vinyl flooring. But if you know how to protect them, this would be the ultimate savior suggestion for you. Here you’ll receive some incredible tips to protect your vinyl flooring.

Follow the below-mentioned directions to protect your vinyl flooring from heavy furniture:

  • First of all, make sure you’re going for the right type and quality of your vinyl furniture. Any low-quality material can cause you massive loss in the long term. To avoid the re-installation hassles frequently, try to choose the best. However, these floorings are comparatively affordable in price. So, you might not need to spend a considerable amount of bucks for getting the best quality vinyl flooring.
  • The next thing you can follow to avoid potential damages to your vinyl flooring is to keep the furniture lighter in weight. When you are decorating your house with vinyl plank flooring, make sure you’re not going for something too big.
  • For maintaining the safety measure of your vinyl plank floors, try to go for better protection. Here I always suggest people use some kind of floor protector. You can always rely on the click lock floor protector. These are basically installed as a sub-floor for carrying the extra weight of your furniture.
  • The best thing you should do here is calculating the exact weight ratio per square foot. This will get you a perfect measurement of the maximum ability of your vinyl plank flooring. Each square of the flooring can bear only  25 pounds. You can calculate the rest for maintaining the balance.
  • You should also be conscious of dragging and moving the heavyweight furniture over your vinyl plank flooring. The sharp fraggings can create scratches over your floor. Even sometimes, the scratches are permanent. To avoid all this hassle, try to use dual protection here. Wooden boards, carpets, and bed-sheets do a pretty good job here.

These are the simple and easy tips that can keep you safe from flood damages from heavy furniture. Follow the directions and advice to get good protection.

How To Protect Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Well, you can easily protect vinyl plank flooring by installing dual-layer protection. These protections will make sure that your vinyl flooring is not getting any damages. Usually, there are two types of security that I use on my vinyl flooring.

Click-lock: If you’re planning to get anything heavyweight on your vinyl flooring, click lock would be perfect protection.

These work as the floating sub floor over the natural flooring. These are installed by using a locking system. You can install them before you put any heavyweight furniture over the surface. We’ve got people who are using this protection for a long time and nothing has created any dents to their vinyl flooring.

Not only this, the click lock floor protector will keep you safe from water. These come with a 100% moisture lock method. Click-lock protection can bring you maximum safety for both your furniture and flooring.

You can apply this protection method to your balcony, kitchen area, bathroom, and even in your bedroom.

Glue-down: Are you stressed because you can keep the enormous luxurious cabinet over your vinyl flooring? No worries, Glue down will work as a savior here.

This protection method is as reliable as the click-lock one. But glue down protection is considered as one of the luxurious protection levels.

If you want to install it, you better select the glue-down method for a larger area of your house. This can be used in your hall room and restroom.

Well, both of the floor protection methods are proven effective. Try any of these methods for protecting your vinyl floor.


When it comes to fashion and reliability, you should always choose vinyl plank flooring. Here you’ve got all details about vinyl plank flooring. “Will heavy furniture damage vinyl planks”: this is the most popular question people want to know about this topic. Here in the writing, we’ve mentioned all details about protecting your vinyl plank flooring from heavy furniture. Follow these directions and tips to maintain vinyl flooring.

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