Can You Use Murphy’s Oil Soap on Laminate Floors?

Murphy’s soap is one of the best choices when cleaning laminate floors. This is because the addition of Murphy’s soap with warm water in the bucket and using mop soaked and squeezed to clean laminate floor makes the floor free of dirt and also manageable. It is no gainsaying actually, that Murphy’s soap on laminate floors is proper in removing nozzles.

The added fragrance and the loss of dinginess it gives to the laminate floor is one of the added advantages. Though, it is not like there are no problems whatsoever in the use of this soap on laminate floors. Nevertheless, the benefits are more copious and ample if the steps in using the soap on laminate floors are religiously followed.

Can You Use Murphy's Oil Soap on Laminate Floors

Can You Use Murphy’s Oil Soap on Laminate Floors?

Absolutely yes! You can use Murphy’s soap on laminate floors.

Laminate floors are covered with resins which protect them from cleaning agents that could distort them. This is because waxes and polishes can do more damage in the long run to the floor and the appropriate alternative is Murphy’s soap. The usage of Murphy’s soap neither creates streaks on the laminate floor nor does it contort the resin protecting the laminate floor.

Even though all that a laminate floor needs is just dusting off dirt on the floor or using mop and water only to clean the floor but using Murphy’s soap is not a bad idea either. The reason is that it’s a good cleaning agent for both wood floors and laminate floors.

You must have it in your mind that laminate flooring is largely made of laminate plastic, and using Murphy’s soap is not at all detrimental to such floor.

More so, it is pertinent to note that while using Murphy’s soap which is an oil soap, the glittering of the floor can be achieved without the laminate floor absorbing the material. Absorption of the cleaning agent, in this case Murphy’s soap, is not synonymous with the ineffectiveness of the soap in cleaning the floor but it will rather do a perfect job in cleaning it.

The outcries by many people who claimed that you cannot use Murphy’s soap on laminate floors stem from either their preference for other soaps or improper usage of Murphy’s soap and the mop while cleaning the laminate floors. If not handled properly, a mop that is dripping or pooling water may cause too much moisture to seep beneath the laminate and ruin it.

Some argue that a dusky film appears on their laminate floors which were caused by the use of Murphy’s soap. This is not in any way true because the overuse of any cleaning agent or soap on laminate floors will cause a cloudy film on the laminate floor.

That you can use Murphy’s soap on laminate floors signify that the installation of your laminate floor is properly done. This could be ascertained if while installing your laminate floor, you at least leave gaps around the edges and those edges with gaps are covered with moulding so that when temperature or humidity changes, the shrinking or expansion of the resin will not allow gaps around the edges. Gaps that can be filled with moisture while using Murphy’s soap on your laminate floors. Better still, avoid mastic adhesives that are likely to fail.

For brighter surfaces, Murphy’s soap can be used on laminate floors and also avoid unnecessary iridescence that might make the floor look uninviting.

Benefits of Using Murphy’s Soap on Laminate Floors

  • Murphy’s soap is safe on laminate floors. The use of Murphy’s soap on laminate floors is safe because, as a natural cleaning agent with 98% natural ingredients, the soap is compatible with laminate floors and it is one of the best soaps to use on laminate floors. It is advisable that even as safe as Murphy’s soap is to be used on laminate floors, moist shouldn’t be left on the floor while cleaning. The water left by a dripping mop on laminate floors could cause the floor to have unnecessary colours.
  • Best choice in cleaning off the grease on laminate floors. Since Murphy’s soap is an oil soap that effortlessly cleans any grease or sticky substances on the floor, it is beneficial to use. Even though it is very much easier to dust off particles from the floor or sweep the floor, grease on laminate floors could a lot of cleaning problems so the use of Murphy’s soap is advisable. It comes in handy if there is a need to clean up cloudiness, iridescence or dinginess on the floor.
  • Residue build-up makes the laminate floor look dull, dirty and worn-out, but with Murphy’s soap on such laminate floor, the build-up is removed and the floor will return to its normal shiny status. In some cases, the build-up can be a result of the overuse of some floor cleaning agents. It can also be as a result of accumulated dust and dirt over time which makes the floor look unkempt, Murphy’s soap can be used to clean such laminate floor to remove build-up.
  • It gives out a pleasant smell. Unlike some other cleaning agents that give unpleasant smells, Murphy’s soap is famous for the fact that it gives out inviting scents on the laminate floor that it is used on. The added fragrance is beneficial, and often attracts the attention of buyers to stick to using ii on laminate floors.
  • It can be used for a very long time. Murphy’s soap can be used for a very long period. You can use it up to 50 years and above without it being deleterious to your laminate floor. And if properly used, it creates no build up but rather cleans it.

Problems of Using of Murphy’s Soap on Laminate Floors

One fundamental problem associated with the use of Murphy’s soap on laminate floor is not necessarily from Murphy’s soap but the mop used in cleaning the laminate floor. This is because using a mop that is dripping with water could leave moisture on the floor and thus cause dullness. So a damp mop is advisable for use.

Using too much Murphy’s soap could also limit the efficacy of the soap and in the long run, the soap is not serving its purpose as expected. It is of necessity for the user of the soap to use it properly by following the below steps.

Steps in Using Murphy’s Soap on Laminate Floors

STEP 1: Get a bucket of hot water.

The first step in using Murphy’s soap on laminate floors is to get yourself a bucket of hot or warm water. This is because hot water helps to sanitize the floor and also rids it of dirt and grime.

STEP 2: Dip your mop into the bucket and squeeze it.

The next step is to dip your mop into the hot or warm water. Then, you have to squeeze the mop out to make it damp before using it on the laminate floor to avoid making the floor look dull.

STEP 3: Squirt Murphy’s soap on the floor.

The next thing to do is to squirt the soap onto the part of the floor where it is needed after you have removed and squeezed your mop from the bucket of hot or warm water.

STEP 4: Run the mop systematically

The mop needs to be run systematically on the floor after squirting your soap on it. This is to ensure proper and efficient cleaning of all the on the floor.

STEP 5: Dip the mop in the bucket again and squeeze it

You have to dip the mop inside the water again and squeeze it until the dirt on the mop is removed.

STEP 6: Pour away the water

Then, the water is poured away and the bucket will be refilled with another hot or warm water and repeat the steps until the floor is thoroughly cleaned.

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What quantity of Murphy’s soap is ideal for laminate floors?

Measure one cup of Murphy’s soap for every one gallon of hot water you pour into the bucket.

Is Murphy’s soap ideal for laminate floors only?

No, Murphy’s soap is ideal and safe to use on all finished hardwood, laminate, vinyl and ceramic floors.

What is the long-term effect of using Murphy’s soap on laminate floors?

Due to its 98% natural ingredients, Murphy’s soap ensures durability and longevity of laminate floors.


Though, not the only soap ideal for laminate floors, Murphy’s soap can be used on laminate floors based on some of its benefits and positive effects. This among others is one reason why it is a better and popular choice amongst the users of cleaning agents for laminate floors. But it is necessary to disabuse your mind that from the notion that Murphy’s soap can not be used on laminate floors.

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