Types of Exotic Wood

24 Types of Exotic Wood

Exotic woods are exotic to North America. Found all over the world, woodworkers, homeowners, and hobbyists who seek to work with these tropical raw materials, choose exotic woods for their rarity.  People are drawn to exotic woods for durability, rich beauty, and unique appearance. Exotic timber falls in the category of hardwood. This means these …

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HDF vs MDF Cabinets

HDF vs MDF Cabinets

Are you looking to build the perfect cabinet for your kitchen or bathroom but unsure of which wood will be ideal for the project? We have put this article together for you to understand the similarities and differences of both HDF and MDF and know what they are suitable for to make the right choice. …

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Mahogany Vs Acacia Wood

Mahogany Vs. Acacia Wood

It is no doubt that Mahogany and Acacia are two excellent wood choices for furniture making, among other kinds. They both have unique features as well as differences and similarities. Due to this, it will be challenging to choose which is the best option for your home. The Mahogany tree is native to different islands …

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Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe for Outdoor Furniture

Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe for Outdoor Furniture?

Different people have their individual perceptions about the safety of using pressure-treated wood to build outdoor furniture. Some of the conflicting people’s opinions are that some claim that chemicals emitted by the pressure treated wood could damage human skin if they get into contact with it, while others strongly believe that these fears are only orchestrated …

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