Heart pine Vs. Yellow pine wood

When it comes to softwood, pine is the most affordable, readily available, durable, and preferred wood out there. Despite falling under the softwood classification, it still possesses some characteristics of hardwood which can be seen in its strength, hardness, and impact resistance properties, making it a versatile wood for various uses.  Heart pine wood, also …

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Beech vs. Oak Wood

Beech wood and Oakwood are two common types of hardwood that can be used for different purposes such as furniture making, cabinetry, flooring, etc. They are both excellent choices, but which is the better option for your woodwork project regarding availability, cost, appearance, durability, and hardness. Lastly, what can these two wood choices be used …

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Cedar Vs Oak Wood

Cedar Vs. Oak Wood

The beauty and longevity of any woodworking project, be it your floor or furniture is often heavily dependent on the type of wood used. While there are a wide variety of wood types out there, two we often see pitched against each other are cedar vs. oak. Oak is the wood for you if you …

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Ash Vs. Hickory

Ash Vs. Hickory wood

Every wood is unique, even if it may seem similar or have almost the same properties. A furniture maker will tell you that every tree has its own story, hence why their grain pattern varies even though they are from the same species. Compared to other wood species, Ashwood has a minimal grain and color …

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