5 Cheaper Karndean Alternatives

Vinyl flooring has been considered for years as a durable and versatile flooring option that can resemble other flooring types such as wood, ceramic, and stone. It’s, in fact, the best when it comes to luxury and comfort. Karndean is one of the best flooring covers compared to most vinyl flooring systems– it’s of high quality and thicker. Besides, it’s soft, wear-proof, durable, and stain-resistant.

Nonetheless, many homeowners do complain about the cost placed on a typical Karndean flooring system. Therefore, is there any exquisite flooring system that is not as expensive as the Karndean?

There are cheaper alternatives to Karndean. These include some other LVP (luxury vinyl plank) and LVT (luxury vinyl tile), including Cavalio, Lifestyle floors, Bentley, Quick-Step Livyn, and Parador flooring. These alternatives are characterized by durability, easy installation, and low maintenance, just as Karndean.

Cheaper Karndean Alternatives

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Cheaper Alternatives to Karndean Flooring

Several flooring options are cheaper than Karndean flooring. Some of these include Cavalio floors, Bentley flooring, Quick-Step Livyn, and Parador. The durable flooring alternative and with a low cost as Karndean is Bentley. The other alternatives also feature low cost but are not as durable as Karndean because they are not as thick as it is.

Although all the mentioned alternatives to Karndean flooring are great in their unique way and are worth the money, the Bentley floor is highly recommended. It’s cheaper with better performance. As a better alternative to Karndean, it offers an exquisite natural look that you can get from fantastic vinyl floors and, at the same time, cost-saving.

Similarities and Differences Between Karndean Flooring and Its Alternatives

The main reason why Karndean is quite pricey is its exquisite nature; nevertheless, it is a well-known flooring option among numerous buyers.

There are several alternative brands similar to Karndean, which are ideal options for those that seek pocket-friendly floorings.

Below are five cheaper alternatives to Karndean flooring. We’ll be explaining how similar and different they are to Karndean flooring. Knowing this can help you make good choices.

1. Cavalio Floors

Cavalio is a brand that can be recommended for those looking for an LVT option. It spruces up effortlessly in your room and can be installed in any room. It’s ideal for commercial setups, including industries and office spaces.

Like Karndean flooring, Cavalio floors are durable. It can last up to a decade with good management. Besides, its installation process is straightforward and suitable for interiors. To guarantee performance, stability, and durability, Cavalio floors comprise many vinyl layers.

With Cavalio, buyers can get a fine layer that will resemble the outlook of a natural floor. Moreso, it features a tough outer layer that helps prevent wear.

As a great option, a Cavalio floor is a noise-absorbing floor ideal for rooms that need silence.

2. Lifestyle Floors

There are numerous options available for lifestyle flooring; buyers can therefore explore based on their preferences. Regardless of your setting, you will get an option suitable for you.

Depending on any budget, lifestyle floors are always of high quality. They come in several designs and palettes that look similar to wood and stone, just like many vinyl systems. With this, you can give your space the stunning and natural look it deserves.

Like Karndean flooring, Lifestyle floors are durable, and their pleasing appearance can be maintained for a long time. They are perfect for virtually any room, particularly the kitchen and bathroom.

Lifestyle floors are characterized by exceptional elegance, incredible styles (come in different colors), and easy installation (Lifestyle floors can be installed where wood is prone to easy damage).

3. Bentley Flooring

Bentley flooring system is the ideal and less expensive alternative for you if you seek a stylish and luxurious flooring option with high performance.

It features a wide range of colors and designs, leaving buyers to choose according to their preferences. Bentley flooring is distinctly elegant. Its wood-like look makes it a great floor that is worth your money.

The natural look of Bentley flooring helps enhances a better realistic appearance. The flooring comprises numerous vinyl layers for stability and durability.

It’s a flooring system with an outer layer that is wear-proof, just like Karndean. With this, it will last for years with no need for replacement or repair.

Like most vinyl floors, such as Karndean, Bentley is a great choice for office and home, irrespective of the needed room. Besides, it features a quick installation process due to its interlocking system. It’s a noise-absorbing floor that is ideal if you want to minimize the noise emitted by some flooring systems.

4. Quick-Step Livyn

Like several vinyl floors, Quick-Step Livyn is natural and warm. It’s in various ranges to satisfy buyers’ needs. To ensure that your floor maintains its great looks for long, it’s an option that features a top layer.

Like Karndean, Quick-Step Livyn is stain-resistant and durable. It’s also waterproof and not susceptible to scratch. With this, you can enjoy its excellent look for years (it’s characterized by fine stone and wood-like effects).

When walked upon, users can feel the smoothness and comfort, credit to its impeccable design. Quick-Step Livyn is a noise-absorbing floor that helps prevent underfoot clicking and screeching from humans and pets. Moreover, it’s thin, cheaper, and easy to install.

5. Parador Floors

As a quality synthetic alternative, Parador floors are ideal for modern luxury flooring. They feature advanced technology with high performance–click-to-install system and swell-resistance. With this, buyers can enjoy a fast and easy installation process and worry less about if they may become distorted by dampening or swelling.

Parador floors also feature under-floor heating, which is excellent for use in commercial or residential settings such as office, industry, or home (you may want to have them in your kitchen or bathroom).

Users find Parador floors safe from stickiness or wetness since the material is water-resistant. Like Karndean flooring, they are good to behold and feature a natural-like appearance, perfect for modern settings. They are exceptionally durable, with low maintenance, and all exquisite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please review the following questions and answers about Karndean:

Is Amtico cheaper than Karndean?

No, Amtico is not cheaper than Karndean. It is generally more expensive. And this may be associated with its more expensive manufacturing process and where it’s made (UK).

Can I fit Karndean by myself?

Yes, you can fit Karndean yourself. In fact, it features an easy and quick installation method.

How do I clean Karndean flooring?

Cleaning Karndean flooring is not in any way difficult. The steps include sweeping loose dirt and dust away, mixing 9L of water and 50 ml of Karndean Clean, and then mopping the floor.


In case you don’t have enough money to cover the expenses of Karndean flooring, you can go for its cheaper alternatives, particularly Bentley flooring. With any of the explained alternatives, you will enjoy several benefits, including durability, exquisite natural look, low maintenance, easy installation, and lots more.

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