Coretec Plus Vs Coretec Pro Plus Vinyl Flooring

To start off with a flawless flooring line for commercial and residential areas, there are many options out there. Among them, Coretec Plus and Coretec Pro Plus are the top-class options. 

The Coretec Plus offers multiple line options for consumers. Whereas, the Coretec Pro Plus offers a hard layer.

Features like the scope of utilization, power to withstand traffic, etc compel these two floorings to have a battle. Now, which one wins in Coretec Plus Vs Coretec Pro Plus?

For an easy installing floor, Coretec Plus will be a relevant flooring choice for you. Whereas, the Coretec Pro Plus can be better for huge traffic in your rooms.

Coretec Plus Vs Coretec Pro Plus

This is not all. There are more traits that make Coretec Plus and Coretec Pro Plus amazing in their own way. Anyways, let’s not make any delay and jump to the concept of these two flooring lines.

Coretec Plus Vs Coretec Pro Plus: Comparison chart

FeaturesCoretec PlusCoretec Pro Plus
Waterproof100% waterproof100% waterproof
Resistant fromDent and scratchDent and scratch
Withstanding powerAverageMore
Price$6.50 to $10.20$6.90 to $10.50

Coretec Plus: Why choose it?

The Coretec Plus flooring is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. But the question is, is it reliable? Or just a pretty face? For these reasons, we shall go through some key features of this Coretec Plus:

Variety of flooring styles

In the Coretec family, the Coretec Plus tends to be the most popular one for a huge variety of styles. Coretec Plus is a new version of Coretec One/ original technology. This line will serve you with multiple appearances to make your areas look wonderful.

Collection of lines

There are several variations to the Coretec Plus hardwood floor. Its range is thin strips, wide plank wood flooring, and many more. On the other hand, Coretec Plus’s tiles alternatives give an advent of natural stone and porcelain. 

Coretec Plus not only gives a wide range of styles but also sufficient comfort. Moreover, you will get extra-long and super-wide planks for your residential uses.

Resistance from scratch

Though Coretec Plus Flooring is softer than standard hardwood, it offers a barrier of protection. Scratches will hardly deform or change its shape. Thus, it provides scratch resistance though having a look of rustic wood.

100% waterproof

As Coretec Plus Flooring is 100% waterproof, it will never smell, swell, contract or expand due to water. So, you can use it simply for wet areas as well.

Coretec Pro Plus: Why choose it?

Another flawless flooring line you will get is the Coretec Pro Plus. Just like its name, Coretec Pro Plus features like a pro. Now let us see what are those pro features of it:

Reliable for foot traffic

Coretec Pro Plus is one of the best flooring options in the market for its high durability. Since the flooring has a compressed vinyl core, it can withstand huge foot traffic. For those who live in commercial areas, Coretec Pro plus can be reliable for them because of the compressed vinyl core. 

Water and oil resistant

Due to the hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature of Coretec pro plus, water and oil won’t affect it too much. Besides, you can install your Coretec Pro Plus kine in wet areas and won’t find any problems with the expansion strips. This line will not submerge in water and ensure stiffness throughout.

Maintains stability

Cortec Pro plus will stay dimensionally stable for those spaces which remain in normal conditions. Thanks to its denser and rigid core layer which offers a thinner line in floors. Other than that, Cortec Pro Plus features impact and scratch resistance.

Coretec Plus Vs Coretec Pro Plus: Head to head comparisons

In Spite of having some similarities, Coretec Plus and Coretec Pro Plus hold some dissimilarities too. Well, to know the comparisons we shall have a glance at the below points:

Scope of using

For nice flooring in residential areas, Coretec Plus is a commendable choice. Especially its heavy-duty fabrication will make your home spaces look cozier

On the flipping side, Coretec Pro Plus suits more commercial premises. Because of having a rigid core layer, Coretec Pro Plus Line will remain stable for a long duration.


The price of Coretec Plus usually ranges from $6.50 to $10.20. Whereas, Coretec Pro Plus is available from $6.90 to $10.50. So it is inevitable that the starting price of the Coretec Pro Plus Line is a bit higher than the Coretec Plus Line.

Power to withstand traffic

Both Coretec Plus and Coretec Pro Plus are dent-resistant and can withstand any heavy items. If Coretec Plus acquires a polymer core layer, it has a rigid core construction. 

The polymer core layer of Coretec Plus is quite easy to install over any floor. Likewise, the Coretec Pro Plus comes with a rigid core construction, which is great for withstanding huge traffic.

Resistance from dent

As said before, Coretec Plus gets no downfall in high traffic. Even though you drag heavy items over a Coretec Plus flooring, that will not cause any dent. Since it has dent-resistant properties, you can drag anything on the floor, but keep no intention to do so.

Coretec Pro Plus is also an incredible flooring line with dent resistance. Furthermore, it consists of high-density consumption to keep the layers stable. So don’t worry about the problems on the floor by dragging heavy items if you have Coretec Pro Plus. 


What should I consider to acclimate to a COREtec LVP?

Considering the environment and temperature are the first tasks to acclimate a Coretec LVP. A controlled environment is a must-have trait while installing and acclimating a Coretec LVP. There is also a definite temperature to consider in times of installation. The temperature should be between 13° & -29°C or 55°F & 85°F. This limited temperature must be maintained before 72 hours of installation, during the 72 hours, and after 72 hours of installation.

Can I walk on my vinyl plank flooring after installation?

You can’t walk on a vinyl plank immediately after installation. After you install a brand new vinyl flooring, wait for at least 24 hours to let it cure. It means you should avoid walking on your flooring for a couple of hours. When we install a Coretec line, its adhesive under the vinyl sheet, tile or plank will take one day to sit properly and acclimate to the floor.

For how many years a COREtec flooring will last?

There is a serious spec that Coretec has been making for a long time. That spec is of scratch guarantee which will remain intact for about 15 years. Very few vinyl floorings can give such an extended guarantee to us. A Coretec flooring holds a strong size and easily handles heavyweights. So if you have high traffic in your room, this vinyl flooring is just for you.

How to clean a COREtec plus floor?

First of all, go with dry-cleaning to clean a Coretec Plus floor. A broom and dustpan will be helpful to clean the dirt and dust and sweep up them all. Again, a dry mop would be great to collect the dirt from your floor. Or you can use a permanent pad or removable pad alongside. Remember to clean the pad if you are using a ladder for cleaning.

End Note

All being well, we experienced adequate differences between Coretec Plus and Coretec Pro Plus. For us both of them are winners.

For those who are engaged in flooring lines and like to install partial floorings, Coretec Plus is for them. It comes with quite a few collections, which can help anyone to choose according to their flooring requirements from here. Conversely, a room with huge traffic and heavy items demands a floor like Coretec Pro Plus.

As said before, Coretec Plus has ample line options. If you are a tight-budget consumer, Coretec Plus can give you some cheaper options. However, Coretec Pro Plus will save you a few bucks more than Coretec Plus.

That’s all. Hope you have selected the best flooring alternative to enhance your home.

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