Coretec vs. Pergo Flooring

Coretec is one of the top vinyl flooring brands, great for any homeowner due to its advantages. It comes with four layers for construction. Designed for underlayment, the flooring makes installing another material before laying down the vinyl flooring unnecessary. Also, it’s a flooring option that makes people comfortable with less noise while walking on the floor.

On the other hand, Pergo is one of the top brands of laminate flooring, which is a synthetic material that features four different layers for construction. Pergo flooring is significantly durable and affordable. It’s a flooring capable of recreating the appearance of more expensive flooring types, such as stone, tile, or wood.

There are several differences between Coretec and Pergo flooring. One of these differences is that Pergo flooring is more affordable when compared to Coretec flooring. Also, while Coretec is one of the top vinyl flooring brands, Pergo is one of the leading laminate flooring brands.  Other differences can be traced to their durability, waterproof, installation, color & style, and price.

Coretec vs Pergo Flooring

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 Coretec Flooring Pergo Flooring
PriceCoretec flooring is very expensive. Along with installation costs, the flooring costs about $7 per square foot. This is because it must be installed by a professional.Pergo’s laminate is very affordable. It costs around $2.50 to $3.00 per square foot. For the average industry price, you will see the flooring from $2.40 to $4.00 per square foot.
DurabilityThis flooring is considerably more durable as it features four layers for construction.This flooring is durable as well. However, it’s prone to scratch marks after used for some time. Besides, homeowners can see it chipped in the corner after getting worn off.
Style & ColorThis flooring comes in various styles and colors, which may be good for some people and not good enough for others.Pergo flooring comes in two kinds of styles. The first is wood-style, including cherry, mahogany, and oak. Unlike its vinyl counterpart, it can also be seen with ceramic, stone, and travertine styles, providing more options for users. The flooring features a wide range of colors, including grey, white, black, etc.  Its woody finishes are seen in light and dark shades.
InstallationCoretec flooring is straightforward to install because it doesn’t require nails or glue. The floor already locks into place. So, it’s great for those not interested in nailing or gluing floors to the ground. Besides, it can take about 15 hours to be fully set up.This flooring features one installation type process, which is floating.
WaterproofThe layers of Coretec flooring are 100% waterproof. This is why users are not bothered by water damaging the floor.Pergo flooring is not waterproof. Therefore, it can be damaged by water.

Differences Between Coretec and Pergo Flooring

We have elaborated some differences between Coretec and Pergo flooring below. Please go through them to know more about how they are not the same.

Flooring Option

Coretec flooring

WPC flooring (fine sawdust in the core)is invented by Coretec flooring. It’s one of the top brands of rigid-core luxury vinyl plank.  Because of the use of a wood-polymer composite, the floor is incredibly comfortable.

Pergo flooring

Pergo is one of the top brands of laminate flooring. It’s a synthetic material different from natural flooring options such as cork, stone, and wood. But it’s capable of recreating the look of some of these flooring types (such as stone, tile, or wood) that are more expensive. Pergo flooring is exceptionally made to be affordable and durable.


Coretec flooring

Coretec flooring is characterized by waterproofness. It comes with layers that are 100% waterproof. This makes users less worried about water damaging the floor. With this, you can confidently install the floor in a wet area, and you won’t worry about it swelling. This explains why the flooring type is durable.

Pergo flooring

Unlike Coretec flooring, Pergo flooring is not waterproof. It’s a flooring type that is susceptible to damage by water. Aside from the fact that it’s not waterproof, research shows that it’s a flooring type that can’t hold well in high-traffic areas, unlike some vinyl flooring counterparts.


Coretec flooring

Coretec flooring features multiple layers, which makes it unique and special.  The first layer is a top wear layer. The second is a vinyl decorative layer. The third happens to be the core. The core consists of limestone, bamboo, virgin PVC,  and recycled wood. The fourth layer, which is the last one, features a cork underlayment that offers warmth, comfort, and sound-proofing.

Pergo flooring

As a laminate flooring, Pergo flooring comes with four/five layers of materials. The first is at the top, which is a clear wear layer in charge of protecting the lower image layer – the second layer (a photographic image of stone or wood). The third is a thin and impact-resistant layer, which is followed by high-density fiberboard (HDF)– the bulk of the product. The last layer is the lowest layer, which is a layer with some laminates or soft foam. It’s referred to as a backer paper layer.


Coretec flooring

Coretec flooring is mildew-resistant and features a thick layer that guides it from dents and scratches. The products of Coretec flooring range from a 20-mil thickness to a 30-mil thickness.

Pergo flooring

Unlike Coretec flooring, Pergo flooring is not scratch-resistant. It’s a flooring type that gets scratch marks over time. Also, after it gets worn out, Pergo flooring might get chipped in the corner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Pergo better than vinyl?

Pergo and Vinyl are fit for underfloor heating, but vinyl is more efficient. Besides, the Vinyl floor features the lowest thermal resistance seen in all Pergo solutions and serves as perfect thermal conductors.

Is COREtec a good LVP?

Coretec can be considered the best LVP flooring. It’s significantly characterized by top-notch quality and feels. It looks like real wood and is very easy to clean and maintain.

How long does COREtec flooring last?

The manufacturer of Coretec offers a 15 years scratch guarantee. It’s a type of flooring designed to handle high traffic after installation.

Is Pergo a good laminate?

Yes, Pergo is a good laminate. In fact, it is the best option for buyers.

How long does Pergo flooring last?

With proper maintenance, Pergo flooring can last for about 25 years. It comes with a 10 year limited residential and commercial warranty.  Under regular use, the floor may not be affected by water damage, staining, fading, or wear.


Coretec and Pergo flooring are two different flooring types with different characteristics. While Coretec flooring is known for comfort and less noise as people walk on it, Pergo flooring is known for its excellent durability and affordability.

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