Do Hardwood Floors Go Under Kitchen Cabinets

Hardwood floors are popular nowadays for use in various residential purposes. For this reason, people are interested in installing it under kitchen cabinets. So, do hardwood floors go under kitchen cabinets? Or don’t?

You need to consider the convenience and other things before thinking about installing it. Well, when it comes to installing hardwood, there are two types of professional opinions. These are- do and don’t do hardwood flooring. Both options are open for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

Putting hardwood under the cabinets comes with a few strings like: the amount of money you want to spend. In addition, the height adjustment and the longevity is a factor too. Keeping clear concepts on these facts can dictate your desired action.

Do Hardwood Floors Go Under Kitchen Cabinets

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Why don’t/do put flooring under kitchen cabinets? 

Does hardwood flooring go under kitchen cabinets? Yes, for a better kitchen structure along with a good finish, hardwood flooring is cool. Besides, you can support the opposite option for dent issues, adding extra money and others. 

As we have already mentioned, we can do the flooring and we can leave it as well. Several logical explanations back 2 sides of this argument. Putting forth both the arguments and facts to clarify what should be best to do. 

Why you should not put flooring under kitchen cabinets

Waste of money

We mostly use flooring in visible spaces. But if someplace is not visible in our eyes and is not used at all, what is the point of wasting money here?

Floor change and repair

If you plan to remove your floor for some reason, you will have to remove the cabinet as well. There is no way you keep the cabinets and other appliances and remove flooring beneath those. 

Scratch and dent

In addition to that, when cabinets are set on the floor, it might leave scars and damages. Therefore, it leads to additional repair costs.

Loose height

Installing flooring under the cabinets might make you lose 1/2-3/4″ in height.

Why you should put flooring under kitchen cabinets

Less work

Installing the floor to the walls requires less hassle and less work. You do not need to cut and adjust the floor precisely to fit the cabinets over here. 

Good finish

Total flooring gives an overall good finish and a sense of satisfaction to most homeowners.

For a longer plan and better kitchen structure

Usually, flooring material outlasts cabinets and other appliances by several years. So if years later you need to change the cabinets, you might not find the right shaped cabinets that fit here. 

Multiple cost-cutting options

For cost-cutting, you can resort to multiple flooring options under the cabinets, like engineered wood, vinyl wood, etc. 

What should be your call?

You carefully analyze what situation you are in. After considering the budget and your core purpose, you make your decision. But if you want our opinion to share, we would rather say not to put hardwood under cabinets. As it saves a significant chunk of money, you can use it elsewhere. 

Do you put tile flooring under kitchen cabinets? 

Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options for kitchens. Similarly, it’s a top selection if you think of putting it under the kitchen cabinets. 

Regarding tile flooring under kitchen cabinets, some similar sets of previous arguments pop up. Though it finally ends up in individual preferences. 

Tile flooring under the cabinets are especially preferable for the following reasons:

  • Waterproof
  • Can take a good amount of load
  • Perfect for kitchen
  • Very durable and long-lasting. 

Do you put Vinyl Flooring under kitchen cabinets? 

Different professionals sometimes recommend vinyl flooring instead of hardwood flooring as it comes at a low cost. The argument behind is pretty reasonable. It is better to put at least something under the cabinets if not something very expensive. 

But be warned that vinyl contracts and expands in different temperatures. This characteristic makes it a poor choice for a flooring option under the kitchen cabinets. Also, it soaks in water and gets damaged relatively quickly than other available options.

So, it is recommended not to use vinyl flooring under kitchen cabinets. 

Should engineered wood flooring go under kitchen cabinets?

Engineered wood has gotten quite popular in recent times. It comes with wonderful features that are almost perfect for a flooring job with the very least cost. It might be reliable for flooring work to some extent except for taking heavy weights. 

These woods are finely designed and do not get harmed by water. But kitchen cabinets might impose significant weight on it, leaving it to crack easily.

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Here are a few answers to questions regarding the kitchen projects you might find helpful. 

Do I need to remove cabinets to install flooring?

No, you do not need to remove cabinets to install flooring. The flooring work would require just a few extra cuts and adjustment of the flooring, that’s it. But if you need to do the entire flooring to the wall, only then you might require removing the cabinets.

Can you put a refrigerator on a floating floor?

Yes, you can put a refrigerator on a floating floor. But it is better not to do it, as floating floors are not a good option for holding weight. Instead, go for a nailed or glued floor for putting up a heavy appliance. 

In what order do you remodel a kitchen?

A proper remodel plan to be followed for remodeling your kitchen. Here are the remodeling steps appropriately organized.

  1. Tear apart existing interior or model.
  2. Do framing, electric, and plumbing work.
  3. Do wall painting and repair if necessary.
  4. Install doors and windows.
  5. Install cabinetry, sink, faucet.
  6. Install the rest of the appliances and lights.
  7. Proceed with flooring.

Is it OK to put hardwood floors in a kitchen?

It is ok to put hardwood floors in the kitchen. In fact, it’s one of the most common traditional practices. But you have to bear in mind; hardwoods are prone to water damages. For the hardwood kitchen floors, you have to be extra careful with the maintenance work. 


Kitchen remodeling or floor changing seems an easy task when it stays in the head. But implementation shows the range of complications it is bugged with. From carpenters to homeowners, Do hardwood floors go under kitchen cabinets? Or not, is part of a forever debate.

Although the solution comes with two sets of answers and arguments, it is hard to derive a straightforward answer. You can do hardwood flooring, but you answer yourself, is it worth your time and money? Do not also forget the fact what would happen if you decide to change the cabinetry again?

The final call rests only with you. Choose what is more important to you.

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