Hardwood Flooring 3 vs 5

When it comes to picking a hardwood flooring size, many things need to be considered. To fit your construction project style, do you want to embark on a DIY journey and a low maintenance, cost-effective, and long-lasting flooring? Then you have made the first great choice going for hardwood flooring.

The next step of your project is finding the best hardwood flooring size that fits your tastes and construction project. There are two major types of hardwood flooring when it comes to dimensions. The narrow planks range from 2-4 inches wide, and the wide planks range from 5-12 inches wide. So, which is best, the 3-inch and 5-inch hardwood flooring?

One main difference between the two is that the 3-inch hardwood flooring has more seams and makes the room look busier, while the 5-inch hardwood flooring has fewer seams and can make a large room look cozy.

Hardwood Flooring 3 vs 5
 3-Inch Hardwood Flooring5-Inch Hardwood Flooring
Spacing and DimensionsIt does not need a lot of space to be installed into your home and is very good for DIY projects.It needs a lot of space to be installed and may be harder to use in DIY construction projects.
CostThey are cheaper and more cost-effective.These are generally more expensive.
StyleThese are good for contemporary and minimal-styled homes.These are best for traditional and rustic-looking homes.
Room SizeThese are best for smaller rooms to improve the ambiance of the room.These are better suited for larger rooms to create a cozier feel for the room.
AvailabilityThese are readily available in wood shops.These are not always readily available.

Differences Between The 3-Inch and 5-Inch Hardwood Flooring

Spacing and Dimensions

The 3-inch hardwood flooring does not need much space to be installed in the room. It means that it can help you with your DIY construction projects. Due to the plank having a lot of seams, its narrow look, and smaller dimensions (0.31-0.75 inches in thickness), it is easy to cut and fit in gaps that may be left after installation.

The 5-inch hardwood plank is on the wider side and needs a lot of space to be installed properly. Because of its dimensions (0.37-075 inches in thickness), it is hard to cut and fit into gaps that may be left after installation. This means it is not very suitable for DIY construction projects.


The 3-inch hardwood flooring is very cost-effective. It can sometimes seem upfront but will save you a lot of money regarding maintenance and installation fees. This option is quite budge friendly and can cost around $3-$6.

The 5-inch hardwood plank option is also cost-effective but more expensive than the 3-inch option. The cost can range from $7-$21 depending on if it has been finished. This can also save you money and provides you with the option of finished or unfinished wood.


The 3-inch hardwood flooring is best suited for a clean, modern, and contemporary style home. If you want your home to have a subdued and minimalist look, the 3-inch hardwood flooring is the best choice for you. The narrow plank will help reduce the appearance of the wood grain, and with the help of a good tone, your home can feel more extensive and less cluttered.

The 5-inch hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is known to give your home a traditional-looking aura. The wider planks are best suited for a rustic-style home due to the grains and natural finish. The 5-inch hardwood plank can make a room feel open and airy in lighter shades. Since it has fewer seams, there are very few interruptions between the natural lies of the room and floor.

Room Size

 In small spaces, the 3-inch hardwood can make the room look larger than it is. They heighten the room’s ambiance and create a more expansive-looking space for small rooms. If used in bigger spaces, it can cause the room to look busy and cramped. A cramped look can ruin the aesthetic of your home.

The 5-inch hardwood plank is best for larger spaces to create a cozier feel. It can be used for smaller spaces but is not always the best choice since they need room to expand and contract due to humidity. Because of humidity, the 5-inch hardwood flooring can often leave gaps when they expend and contract.


The 3-inch narrow hardwood plank is readily available because the wood used is commonly sold. The white oak plank is widely sold at wood stores.

On the other hand, the 5-inch wider planks are made from older, more giant trees, which causes them to be more expensive. The larger widths are not as standard as their counterparts and are also not as readily available.

Similarities Between The 3-Inch and 5-Inch Hardwood Flooring


Both the 3-inch and 5-inch hardwood flooring are very easy to maintain. The flooring can be vacuumed or swept, and they don’t look old even after a long time. The only thing you may be inspired to do, would be polishing or refinishing the floors to give it that sheen. They are very low maintenance and cost-effective.


Both flooring options are very durable and can withstand time in the right conditions.The timeless and unfading beauty that hardwood flooring offers will significantly improve the décor of your home and even provides you the option of refinishing.

This is why hardwood flooring is known to give your home a timeless look.


The next step of your construction project depends solely on your choice and what you want to create. What is the size of the room, and what type of home décor/style are you going for? Is this a DIY project, or are you hiring professional help? Either way, it will be profitable for you always to remember that the narrower 3-inch hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for smaller rooms, and the wider 5-inch hardwood flooring is best for your larger rooms.

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