How Long Does Carpet Last On Stairs – Know About Carpet’s Lifespan

Carpet is one of the essential home items for ensuring safety along with the style. Like other home materials, carpets come with an age limit. The durability of carpets depends on their manufacturing materials and many more things. So, how long does carpet last on stairs?

Generally, carpet on stairs can be used for seven to ten years. The carpets, made from high-quality Nylon material, can be used for a few more years. A carpet can serve even two decades in a row if it’s used with proper maintenance.

However, you should know about different types of carpets’ longevity before purchasing one for your home. Besides, keeping a clear overview of the factors that affect the carpet’s longevity can help you a lot.

How Long Does Carpet Last On Stairs

How long does carpet last on stairs? 

Depending on various manufacturing materials, each type of carpet arrives with a different life expectancy. To know “how long does carpet last on stairs?”, keep going through this part.

Polyester carpet

Polyester carpet fibers are made of pure polyester material which ensures maximum sturdiness. For this reason, it’s difficult to wear out the polyester carpet within a short time. Unless the polyester carpet loses its shape, it can run between 5 to 10 years.

Nylon carpet

Nylon carpet needs proper cleaning and decent using style for its long-lasting. If a Nylon carpet comes from a reputed brand along with the premium build, it’ll last up to 10 years. Depending on the foot traffic and the maintenance, it can also last between 12 to 15 years. 

PVC hardback carpet tiles

This type of carpet is manufactured with high-end PVC material. For having a hardback, it’s durable in the long run. An average of 7 years lifespan can be expected from this type of carpets. 

Non-PVC hardback carpet tiles

NON-PVC hardback carpet tiles come with a less lifespan but a thin carpet pad. Therefore, the feet of the user always remain in a comfortable feel. This type of carpet can last around 5 years while maintaining its quality. 

Olefin carpet

If you’re looking for a stain-resistant carpet, Olefin carpet is the best option. It has a lifespan of a maximum of 3 to 5 years. This carpet’s lifespan gets reduced after getting in contact with soil. 

Wool carpet

Wool carpets are good for their cleaning convenience and water absorbency feature. Being manufactured from the wool of sheep, it can last an average of 8 years. One of the enchanting sides of wool carpets is their color retention. The proper care can extend its life expectancy up to a few more years without being faded. 

Triexta (Synthetic fiber) carpet

Triexta carpets are more reliable than Nylon carpets for their extreme durability. This type of carpet comes with water-resistant fiber along with extra sturdiness. However, the user can easily spend a decade with the Triexta carpet. Triexta carpets need minimum maintenance and their fiber won’t wear out without any unexpected incident. 

Berber carpet

Nowadays, Berber carpet is the best pick as a looped style carpet. It’s popular for its design pattern and stain-resistant advantage. In the high traffic areas of stairs, the Berber carpet can tolerate additional pressures than conventional carpets. Berber carpets can last around 10 years even after casual use. 

What determines the longevity of the carpet on stairs? 

Some factors determine the longevity of the carpet on stairs. By dominating these factors, you can extend the lifespan of your carpet easily. 

Material of the carpet

The used material of the carpet is the most significant factor for its lifespan. Most reputed brands make their carpets from high-end materials. The twisted or cut fibers are the best pick for a long-lasting carpet. Besides, low pile carpets are good for installing on the stairs. If a carpet comes with polyester fiber or Nylon, it will last longer than Wool carpets. For an increased lifespan of the carpet, picking synthetic materials is the best move. 

Foot traffic

Foot traffic on the carpet is highly dependent on the resident number of the desired place. The routined foot traffic on the carpet can also decay the fibers of the carpet. Moreover, the additional foot traffic creates stains and gathers debris inside the carpet’s fiber. The part of the carpet, with excessive foot traffic, can fade away quickly. 


Unless your carpet receives consistent maintenance, it’ll lose its real shape very soon. A badly shaped carpet can’t provide the necessary friction to its user. In addition, it decreases the lifespan of the carpet by making the carpet’s density thin. The regular maintenance of the carpet disposes of unnecessary debris and keeps the fibers protected. 


This part is designed with some relevant questions and answers about the carpet on the stairs. 

How often should you replace the stair carpet?

Replacing the stair carpet is up to you. When its color is faded or its fibers are worn out, you need to replace it immediately. It’s recommended to replace the carpet after five years. If you’re using a carpet of synthetic fiber, you can replace it after a decade. 

Is the carpet on the stairs outdated?

Carpeting on the stairs increases the beauty of the stairs. Most importantly, carpeting on the stairs ensures additional safety by providing necessary friction. If the stairs are made with wood material, having carpet on them may look outdated. But, prioritizing safety before thinking about the style is a wise move.  

How often should you change the home carpet?

Home carpet should be changed at least after 5 years of rough use. If you have the best carpet for stairs, it won’t need to be replaced within this time interval. But, the home carpet tolerates extra traffic and gets faded rapidly. So, it should be changed earlier than the stair carpet.

Can old carpet make you sick?

If you’re using synthetic carpet, it won’t create any negative health impact on you. But, the old wool carpet is dangerous, especially for asthma patients. The old carpet contains allergens inside it and it can make the user intensely sick. 

How much does it cost to replace carpet stairs?

The replacement cost of the carpet for stairs varies according to brand and the type of carpets. National average cost says that you’ll need up to $750 to install carpet on stairs. In the flight of 13 stairs, you need to pay around $150 to $600 to replace carpet stairs. 


Carpets on stairs are essential for safe climbing on the stairs. Along with providing sufficient friction, it increases the beauty of the stairs. If the carpet is used heavily, it’s normal to be ruined after ages. Therefore, people have a general question- how long does carpet last on stairs?

You have already received a complete idea of the longevity of different types of carpets. The carpets, made of synthetic materials, are durable in the long run. Besides, these types of carpets aren’t a threat to your health.

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