How to Clean an Aquaguard Flooring

If you’ve been looking for good, laminated flooring to help cover your kitchen or bathroom floors? Then, there’s a high chance you might have come across the Aqua guard flooring brand.

The Aqua guard laminated flooring is sold and made by an online Floor and Décor. The brand’s flooring has a reputation for being able to withstand any moisture due to its double-coated seal. The base layer of the flooring is made out of high-density fiber and with a wear layer that protects its coatings. It is also made of high-water resistant quality, and its design layout is constructed in a way that it could pass out and even feel like a real wooden floor, although it is not.

However, laminate flooring happens to be the most popular and well-reviewed product online due to its durability and low price. Not only does it come in laminated form, it is also available in bamboo and engineered hardwood. It can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and storerooms.

To clean an Aquaguard laminate flooring, proper maintenance and care are crucial, especially when preventing damage and preserving the durability and performance of your floor’s defensive layers.

How to Clean an Aquaguard Flooring

Favorable Ways to Keep An Aquaguard Flooring Clean

While laminated floors may look like normal wooden floors, bear in mind that they are not, so their cleaning procedures are not the same. What then is an ideal way to clean your Aquaguard flooring.

Some tips are listed below:

  • Cleaning is simple. All it requires is regular sweeping with a broom, dry vacuuming to pick out loose dirt, sand or any debris that could scratch or ruin the surface.
  • In addition to sweeping, you can also clean with a damp rag or mop. Make use of microfiber mops, and if you make use of a normal mop, ensure that the water is properly wrung out and dry before cleaning.
  • Read come along manuals. Specific recommendations for cleaning tools to use based on the floors materials could be listed in them. Or you could ask the manufacturers if there aren’t any manuals to read.
  • If you have house pets like cats or dogs, keep them in a place where they won’t be able to damage or scratch the floors surface with their claws.
  • Maximize spills. It is natural for this to happen, especially in the kitchen when you are cooking. Random oil spills from frying food and even liquids. When this happens, it’s best to clean up the spills immediately.
  • Once or twice a month, use a damp mop or rag for thorough cleaning. If you have spaces that see a lot of foot movement, like in the kitchen, you could try cleaning twice in a week or two.
  • Place door mates in front of your entrance to prevent bringing in dirt.
  • And lastly, treat your floor with care. By doing this, you would be avoiding costly replacements.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Aquaguard Flooring

Improper care could cause deterioration of the floor’s quality. What then should you avoid when cleaning? Below is a list:

  • Avoid using detergents, waxes, polishers, scouring powder, or abrasive cleaners. These substances are damaging to the surface and the floor’s protective coat.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of water. Squeeze out the water properly and clean when the mop is dry. It doesn’t have to be completely dry. Just damp enough to clean.
  • Avoid using scented oil and other extravagant fragrances. While it will leave behind a nice smell, the extra components could be damaging to the floor’s surface.
  • Clean up acidic spills like juice, wine, and other hazardous substances like dyes or paints immediately.
  • Don’t use a steam mop. Some brands may say it’s safe, but it could cause deterioration. Use a normal or microfiber mop instead.
  • Try walking barefooted or make use of socks. Avoid walking about with your shoes on because of tiny dust particles or sand that could glue themselves to your shoe.


Have a few questions to ask about your Aquaguard flooring? Well, we have two answered questions below.

How can I Protect Aquaguard Flooring?

When installing Floor and Décor’s Aquaguard flooring in rooms where it is likely to be exposed to spills, foot traffic, and other dirt, placing a silicon-based sealant around areas where it had been cut to fit in is required. Another way to protect it is by following simple cleaning procedures.

What is the Best Cleaner for Aquaguard Flooring

There are online solutions you can make use of. For example, some hardwood cleaners should do the trick. These cleaners can help keep your laminated flooring looking fresh and clean. Spray on the floor, and then clean with a rag but don’t over saturate. Before usage, ensure the product you buy is compatible.


People make use of laminated floors to help decorate their homes. When shopping for one, Aquaguard laminated flooring is a good choice. To enjoy the best of it, ensure proper care and maintenance. That way, you can ensure its lifespan even for years to come.

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