How to Clean Dirt in Grooves of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are designed to stay around for a very long time and give your apartment the beauty it deserves. However, sometimes debris and dust could be found in the grooves between the planks of this unique type of floor. Do you, therefore, seek how to clean this dirt? Fortunately, it’s an easy process. Nevertheless, it may be a bit complicated due to how the planks come with small spaces. But we are here to let you know how simple cleaning the grooves can be– remember that your time and patience will be needed.

There are different ways to clean dirt in the grooves of hardwood floors. You can clean with a vacuum cleaner, a mop, wood cleaners, and steel wood pads.

Since you are on the quest to know how to clean the dirt in the grooves of your hardwood floor, this article will unveil the different ways you can get it done effectively. So, sit back to learn.

How to Clean Dirt in Grooves of Hardwood Floors

What are the Benefits of Cleaning Hardwood Floors?

There are several benefits attached to cleaning your hardwood floors. This makes it highly essential. Apart from the fact that doing so is hygienic, cleaning the grooves is a way to maintain their shine. As an attractive type of floor, you are expected to keep it clean and free of dust & debris that can cause scratches and consequently makes it look dull.

Moreover, why you need to clean your hardwood floor regularly is how it’s essential to increase the life of the flooring, making it last for many years. Besides, cleaning the grooves will not take much of your time; so, you should have the time to use any of the methods discussed later in this article regularly.

Hardwood Floors: Cleaning Dirt in Grooves

It’s important that you’re very watchful while cleaning the hardwood floors. This is because the floor may appear clean from the outside, but the grooves may be filled with dust and debris. In this section, we’ll be exploring the different ways to clean the dirt effectively.

How to Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaning method is an ideal way to clean dirt in the grooves of hardwood floors. The Perfect vacuum cleaner for the job is one with an off-brush roll feature. Enabling this feature will turn on the vacuum to suction only.

This method is capable of removing almost all the dirt from the grooves. Besides, you can wave your hardwood floor from scratch by turning off the Bush roll.

How to Clean with a Mop

If your floor is sealed after installation, this method is suitable. To do the job, try to get a wet mop and twist it to remove some of the water.

You can add detergents (but avoid the use of harsh detergents in order not to dull the floor) to clean the floor. Use the mop on the floor. After that, wipe the grooves using a dry sponge to absorb any water that may be left in the grooves

Note: Ensure you do not leave water on the floor while twisting the mop. This is because moisture can cause serious damage to your floor.

How to Clean with Wood Cleaners

If your floor is not sealed after installation, this method is ideal for you. Here you need no water to protect your floor from getting damaged.

There are numerous wood cleaners in the market that you will find very easy to use. You may opt for spray wood cleaners. They are cleaners that can help remove dust from the grooves and get them dry quickly. To use these wood cleaners, spray them on your floor and clean with a mop.

After cleaning, wipe the surface and grooves with disposable wet pads. It would be best to go for wet pads made specifically for cleaning hardwood floors.

How to Clean with Steel Wood Pads

 The use of steel wood pads to clean the grooves of hardwood floors is mostly recommended by several professional installers. All you need to do is rub the pads on the grooves and see as the dust and debris are effectively removed.

The first three methods above will hardly work if you have sticky dust, debris, or sticky paint in the grooves. The solution is sandpaper: fold it in half to make it be on both sides and then draw it (gently) from the grooves. This will effectively remove the sticky dirt.

Note: Ensure that water does not accumulate on the floor for a long time while cleaning. So, wipe the floor surface e and grooves with a cloth or dry sponge. Besides, you can turn the ceiling fan on while cleaning for a fast drying process.

Tips on the Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

We know you’re ready to give your hardwood the best cleaning using the methods explained above, but you need to know the following general tips on how to care for your hardwood floor.

  • Ensure you use water sparingly while cleaning your wood floor. Also, twist the mop frequently because it could absorb moisture from the surface of the floor. Leaving water on your floor can lead to swelling, causing damage.
  • Try to avoid using too much wax to get a shine on the floor. Excessive use of wax can result in the accumulation of dust or debris on the surface.
  • Ensure you avoid using harsh detergents or wood cleaners frequently. The vacuum cleaner is recommended for weekly cleaning.
  • It will be best to use mats and rugs near doors or in high-traffic areas (such as the kitchen or living room) to keep sand and dirt away from the floor.

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Hardwood floors add an aesthetic touch to just about any room. This is one of the main reasons you need to seek ways to ensure they remain clean at all times. This article has offered the different methods you can use. We hope the guide helps you with your cleaning process.

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