How to Clean Dog Drool Stains From Waxed Hardwood Floors

You may need to prepare yourself to handle how your dogs get messy sometimes, particularly when it comes to them drooling. If your dog drools, it may leave some stains on your furniture, clothes, windows, or other objects in the house. So, if this occurs, the next reasonable steps to take should tend towards how to clean the stains.

How can you clean your dog drool stains from waxed hard floors? This is not a complex task to execute. To get it done, get all that is needed, combine the ingredients, dip a clean cloth into the mixture and wring the excess moisture out, cover the drool stain with the cloth and wait for a few seconds, and wipe the solution away.

How to Clean Dog Drool Stains From Waxed Hardwood Floors

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Does Dog Drool Stain Floors?

If you have dog breeds that usually display inordinate salivary glands, they are likely to stain your floors with their saliva. This shows that owning a dog can be messy sometimes, even though it’s rewarding.

If you install waxed hard floors in your home and have dogs around, it may be unavoidable not to see the dogs drool. In fact, it can be an occasional experience if you keep light-colored pets since they are known for staining themselves when the secretions or drool leak from their eyes are collected. Here, to prevent the reoccurrence of staining, you need to clean up the pet messes.

Do you usually see the saliva stains your dogs leave on your floors? This can be frustrating since you will always need to get the drool spots clean to maintain the beauty of the floors. Fortunately, there are ways to get this done. Learn the right method and restore the glory of your floors.

Steps to Cleaning Dog Stains from Waxed Hard Floor

Keeping dogs around the house comes with its challenges. One of these is the drool stains they may leave on your waxed hard floors, which you must find a way to clean if you want the floors to maintain their attractiveness. If you are one of those experiencing this, you may want to follow the steps below to clean the stains:

Step 1: Get the ingredients ready and start the method

  • If you will be using a vinegar solution, get 1/4 cup of white vinegar, a teaspoon each of baking soda and dish detergent, a 240mL of cold water (the proteins in dog drool can be cooked by hot water and make it set; so, cold water is better), a spray bottle for the mixture, and a clean rag.
  • Start by mixing the white vinegar, mild dish detergent, baking soda, and cold water. Ensure that the baking soda is slowly sprinkled to avoid making the solution fizz too violently. The ingredients should be combined in the spray bottle to apply the solution to the stain easily.
  • The vinegar solution will undoubtedly work well on waxed hard floors, but it’s important that you stay safe by checking the tags for care instructions before attempting stain removal. Also, you should ensure that you test the mixture first on a small spot before using it on the stain.

Step 2: Spray the stain with the cleaning solution

  • Unlike when you use the solution to treat a fabric stain, you shouldn’t allow it to sit on your waxed hard floor.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on the stain using a spray bottle. However, if you don’t have one, you can dip a clean cloth in the solution, wring all the excess moisture out, and set it on top of the dog drool stain. Then let it be for about 10 seconds.

Step 3: Wipe the solution away using a damp cloth

  • After wringing out the excess moisture and setting the cloth on top of the stain, wipe away the vinegar solution on your waxed hard floor.
  • Use small and circular motions to rub the dog drool stain away. The rag is expected to be rinsed in the mixture as necessary; however, it’s important that you wring out excess moisture each time to prevent the wood from oversaturation.

Step 4: Use a soft cloth to buff the spot dry

  • The final step is to get the area dry. You can quicken the drying process by dabbing the spot using a soft cloth or leaving it to air dry.
  • You should inspect the stain once the spot is dry.
  • You can repeat the process if the stain has not totally disappeared. If necessary, do it until you get the result you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are questions you should review about dog drool stain for further knowledge:

Why does my dog’s drool leave stains all over the house?

Do you have a dog that drools more than usual? This uncharacteristic and excessive drooling can be a symptom of heatstroke, which will need immediate medical attention.

At times, drooling can be a sign of dental problems, including neurological issues, periodontal disease, separation anxiety, or other anxiety-related conditions.

How do I keep my dog from drooling on the floor?

It’s possible to keep dog drool stains to a minimum. Here, the focus won’t be on the dog’s condition but on protecting the floor from the drool. If you have a dog that drools abundantly on the floor, you can get a rug that is movable, washable and offers an extra layer of protection between the floor and the dog’s mouth.

Do you have a slobbery dog?

The drool towel can be a good tool. It’s a drool-absorbent towel that you can keep close by for the job. So, what you do is to ensure that you swipe under the dog’s jowls quickly with the towel to prevent the trail of drool.


Since you still love to have your canine friends around the house, but you don’t want their drool stains to affect the awesomeness of your waxed hard floor, then the above steps will be helpful. Remember, if your dog’s drooling is a medical condition, you may want to see your vet on how to deal with it– this can help minimize the drooling challenge.

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