How To Clean NuCore Flooring?

Cleaning NuCore flooring isn’t too hard, even for someone who never held a mop.

You can use a steamer, vacuum mops, or a regular mop with some detergent to clean them. However, there is a catch.

Too much cleaning can turn fatal and even decrease the natural shine of floorings. So, knowing how to clean NuCore vinyl flooring properly and safety is key here.

Simply add a few ounces of apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, or shampoo to a gallon of water and wallah.

How To Clean NuCore Flooring

What Type Of Flooring Is The NuCore Flooring?

NuCore flooring is a hardwood flooring alternative that has a vinyl internal structure. Like laminate flooring, NuCore flooring has different layers, such as a rigid core and a wear-resistant outer layer. 

There is a garnishing design layer, which has stone or wooden print on it. 

Then a vinyl layer fastened to a rigid, waterproof core. The brand NuCore has made the rigid core with plastic composite. In the end, a natural hypoallergenic Cork backing enters.

NuCore flooring looks like and feels like wood, and they are 100% waterproof. A simple drop lock installation is enough to install the NuCore flooring. 

How to clean NuCore flooring: Step-by-step guide

Using a vinyl floor cleaner with no wax or oil in it is the best way to clean NuCore flooring. Here is the step by step process: 

Step-by-step cleaning process:

  • First, take a bucket and fill the bucket with some water.
  • Add some shampoo to it.
  • You can use one cup of apple cider or white vinegar as well.
  • In a gallon of hot water, add a cup of apple cider vinegar. 
  • Afterward, use the water and clean every nook and crannies. 

Note: Go for a second round with regular water, and your floors will shine like diamonds. 

Techniques of cleaning NuCore Flooring

The techniques of cleaning NuCore Flooring are simple, and anyone can do them. Here are some proper methods to follow in cleaning the NuCore Flooring.

Take a mop and soak it to the cleaning solution and wipe away the floor gently. Squeeze the cleaner solution from the mop to avoid spilling extra water.

Sweeping motion: the proper sweeping motion will lead to a clean floor. Sweep left and correct movement to get the spotless NuCore Flooring.

With a sweeper: if you don’t have a mop, then use a sweeper to clean NuCore flooring. Spread the cleaner solution on the floor and use a sweeper with an up and down motion.

Tips to avoid NuCore Flooring to get damaged

  • Using a doormat in front of the main door will keep the outside dirt away from the floor.
  • Frequent Sweeping: Sweeping 2-3 times a day will keep the flooring clean and not let the dirt sit on the floor. Sweep the floor with a dry mop.
  • Using less harsh cleaner: Harsh cleaner or bleaching powder can cause permanent damage to the floor. So, use a less intense cleaner to avoid damage on flooring.
  • Do not drag furniture: Dragging heavy furniture on the NuCore Floor will make the floor rough and cause damage. That’s why avoid carrying heavy furniture if you have NuCore flooring.
  • Do not Drench the floor: Drenching the vinyl flooring with water or the floor will soak the water, and the water will clog the floor.

Can you use quick shine on NuCore flooring?

Quick shine can be an excellent cleaner for NuCore Flooring because it has some good ingredients compatible with the floor.

You can use quick shine for multi-purpose floor cleaning, including wood, laminate, Tile, linoleum, vinyl, and stone. 

It also does not include any harsh floor damaging chemicals on its ingredients. You can check on their website that quick shine’s cleaner is PH neutral. 

They do not leave any detergent residue behind after the cleaning. You don’t even need water to clean the NuCore flooring if you have a quick shine cleaner. Simply put some cleaner on a microfiber cloth and sweep the floor to wipe away the dirt.

Can you steam mop NuCore flooring?

Steam mops can be an excellent option for NuCore Flooring as they can not damage the floor quickly. If you use the Traditional mop, the water droplets will go through the boards and loosen the glue between those boards. 

Steam mops hold less water, and they do not add excessive moisture. So extra water droplets can not damage the Floor. 

It only takes 30 seconds if you use a steam mop to clean the floor. That means the floor only gets 30 seconds of water and minimizes the risk of water running through the joints. 

So it is better to steam mop the NuCore flooring than using a traditional mop.


What cleaners are safe to use on NuCore flooring?

Apple cider or white vinegar would be a good option for a safe vinyl floor cleaner. Apple cider vinegar ( without mother) does not contain a harsh chemical that can cause damage to the NuCore flooring. Or using soap water mixture is another safe option for vinyl plank floors. 

Does bona work on NuCore floors?

Bona hard surface floor is safe for children and pets, and it also works on every hard floor. That means bona would be a perfect cleaner for NuCore vinyl floors. Bona does not leave any residue after use. Moreover, there is no chance of damaging NuCore floors if you use Bona.


Nowadays, NuCore Flooring is the most common and famous for its cheap and easy installation process. People are more leaning towards the NuCore flooring than another flooring. That’s why keeping it clean is the most common question for people.

Now that you know how to clean NuCore flooring, it would be easier to keep the floor hygienic. Make sure you are following the proper techniques by reading this article.

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