How to Clean SmartCore Flooring

Because we desire the best-designed floors available, we often choose Smartcore flooring, and SmartCore flooring, like any other flooring, can become filthy. If it’s left unattended, it can get damaged. When it gets damaged, we will have to spend money getting new SmartCore floors, hiring specialists to install them and this is also time consuming.

SmartCore floors are scratch and water resistant, but their longevity gets threatened if water spilled on them becomes a puddle or stains are neglected, thus you must properly maintain SmartCore flooring.

One of the most prevalent concerns when it comes to cleaning Smartcore flooring is the scratch that poor or thorough washing causes on the surface; hence it’s important to get accurate knowledge of how to clean Smartcore flooring effectively.

SmartCore flooring can be cleaned with a gentle brush, a homemade baking soda water mixture, and other cleaning solutions.

How to clean Smartcore flooring?

Cleaning Smartcore flooring is easy but most people consider it herculean and tend to shy away from it until the dirt and water spills form puddles that penetrate and spoil the floor! Here are some cleaning tips for smartcore flooring that won’t scratch the surface.

1. Clean up any liquid spills on the smartcore flooring using a dry mop

If you don’t clean your smartcore flooring, especially if there is a water spill, the quality will deteriorate dramatically.

The SmartCore floor may be mopped with a dry mop to remove dirt and dust. You should proceed with caution, as the brightness of your SmartCore flooring will not be affected as it would be if you allowed the water to pool.

A dry mop is advised for removing sticky residue, water spills and other liquids, but make sure the mop isn’t too harsh on the smartcore flooring surface.

2. Scrub the floor to remove any lingering stains

You can find yourself with a dirty floor due to fresh or old stains that refuse to go away even after you’ve used a dry mop. Baking soda can be used to get rid of these tough stains, and you’ll also require a soft brush.

Make a solution by combining baking soda and water and use it on the floor. After a few seconds, scrub the smartcore flooring with a nylon brush. 

Don’t use too much force when scrubbing. This is a great approach to get rid of tough stains without damaging your floor.

Hydrogen peroxide is another method for removing tough stains from smartcore flooring, but be cautious because it might damage the surface if used regularly.

3. Clean the area with a wet mop and apple cider

Get hot water, then add a cup of apple cider. Grab your soft mop, dip it in the liquid, and scrub the floor with it because vinegar removes tough stains on SmartCore flooring quickly and effectively without leaving unattractive scratches on the surface. This method cleans the SmartCore flooring rapidly and saves time.

Things to avoid when cleaning SmartCore flooring

There are a few things you should avoid when it comes to cleaning Smartcore flooring. If you overlook these tips, you might end up doing one or two of them that may affect your smartcore flooring negatively.

They are:

1. Avoid unnecessary repetitive cleaning

Cleaning Smartcore flooring is necessary to maintain its attractive appearance and longevity; nevertheless, unnecessary cleaning can cause unwanted problems.

2. Brushes and mops with hard bristles should be avoided

This is a rule you must adhere to! 

Hard brushes or hard mops should never be used to clean Smartcore flooring because they can penetrate the coating and leave unattractive scratches.

Mops and brushes with soft bristles are the finest tools for cleaning Smartcore floors.

3. Avoid using toxic substances such as ammonia on the SmartCore flooring

Nitrogen and hydrogen atoms make up the bulk of ammonia.

These factors chip away at the synthetic layer of Smartcore flooring, causing it to disintegrate.

You should avoid using ammonia if you want your smartcore flooring to last a long time and look excellent.

4. Solvent-based polishes should be avoided

Every SmartCore floor comes with a polyurethane coat, and this coating protects the SmartCore flooring from harm, and as a result, frequent waxing isn’t required. The bulk of polishes for SmartCore flooring are solvent-based and, if applied incorrectly, can damage your floor’s surface

So be careful when using polishes and if possible, avoid using pastes on any SmartCore flooring as well.


Can I use a sweeper on my floor or just a mop or broom?

Depending on the type of stain, you can use either a sweeper or just a mop.

For specks of dirt from solid food particles, papers, etc., you can use a sweeper.

For liquid spills, a dry mop is preferable. However, you can use both a sweeper and a mop for other kinds of spills.

Using a rubber bristle sweeper is important to avoid leaving scratches when you clean the Smartcore floor.

I just installed Smartcore ultra. Can I steam mop it?

It would be best not to use a steam mop on Smartcore flooring because high heat can damage the glue and PVC. A string or microfiber spray will clean up small messes, but if it’s time for heavy-duty cleaning, opt instead for a vacuum cleaner that won’t have any problems handling these sticky situations.

What is the best way to clean smartcore flooring?

As explained earlier, one of the best ways to clean a Smartcore flooring is to use apple cider or white vinegar. Dampen the mop and mop the flooring in the direction of the planks. The vinegar will tackle dirt, grime, and stains without leaving streaks. This should be done when you find tough stains on the Smartcore flooring.


Whatever type of SmartCore flooring you choose, maintaining these floors is easy to do. Leaving your smartcore flooring exposed to direct sunlight for a long time could affect your Smartcore flooring, so keep it away from direct sunlight and use floor protectors under your furniture.

To sustain your Smartcore flooring for 10-20 more years, clean it regularly; vacuuming is highly recommended. Regularly scrubbing the Smartcore flooring is needed, not only for its neatness but for the sake of durability. Perform a wet mop at least three times a month and try to clean stains immediately to keep your Smartcore flooring looking nice and clean for decades.

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