How to Cut Tile without a Wet Saw

Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or putting a new backsplash in the kitchen, you’ll almost certainly have to cut pieces of tile, but you won’t necessarily need a wet saw. Professionals, on the other hand, like to use a wet saw for tile cutting since it is more exact, efficient, and sophisticated in terms of getting the job done. However, it is an expensive investment that is not readily available for everyone.

So, what do you do if you have to cut tile but don’t have access to a wet saw? Fortunately, in this article, we will explore a way of cutting tile that does not require the use of a wet tile saw, but does require a significant amount of time, work, and a little more grease; nonetheless, this method is very cost-effective.

How to Cut Tile without a Wet Saw

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Using A Glass Cutter To Cut Tile

A glass cutter is a tool that scores glass, making it simple to break it into pieces of the desired form and size. However, when you don’t have access to a wet saw, a glass cutter can be used to properly cut a tile. Glass cutters come in a variety of forms, ranging from simple hand tools to glass cutting machines, but they all work in much the same way. Glass cutters, as well as other tools that may be beneficial during this process, are available and affordable in most hardware and craft stores.

Materials And Tools

  • Glass cutter
  • Washable marker
  • Damp cloth
  • Safety equipment 
  • Smoothening tool
  • Square ruler
  • Wire

Steps To Cut Tile With A Glass Cutter

Step 1: Observe Proper Safety Procedures

Do not use power tools unless you have the appropriate safety gear with you! For the sake of your health, you should use an earplug and safety glasses, as well as a dust mask. It is recommended to keep the tiny pieces of tile from getting into those parts of the body. Also, because you will be applying pressure to the tile with your palms, wear a fabric glove. The fabric glove will protect your palms from any accidental cuts.

Before you begin cutting the tile wear a long-sleeved shirt and blue pants so that you don’t get cut by flying pieces of tile. 

Step 2: Marking The Tile

Use a tile marker to mark the cut line on the tile’s front. The side of the tile that is smooth or glazed is referred to as the “front.” Also, your line will be more precise if you use a circle template or rounded edge to trace it.

In the absence of a tile marker, you can use a lead pencil or crayon. If you are cutting a dark tile, lay a strip of masking tape on top of the tile and draw your line on top of the tape instead. Using this method, the line is clearly visible, and it won’t be obscured by the tile.

  • Place the tile on the work surface to be cut. 
  • Draw straight lines on the points where you wish to cut the tile with a washable marker and a square. 
  • It’s a good idea to double-check the designated locations to ensure the cut’s legitimacy, which cuts down on waste. 
  • For straight cuts, you’ll need a square ruler. For accurate lines, however, a tool with a straight edge might be used. If you’re using a pencil to create the lines, wipe away any mistakes with a moist cloth or an eraser.

Step 3: Make A Score On The Tile

This phase creates a partial cut on the tile, which will serve as a guide for the actual cutting.

The scoring procedure produces a crackling sound. Subsequently, place the square beneath the cut line to act as a guide for the cutter to avoid making any errors. Take a firm grip on the glass gutter and press it down along the indicated line. 

Drag the cutter carefully along the line to make a partial cut on the tile. This phase should be carried out with extreme caution, as there is no room for error. The glass cutter is reasonably priced and widely accessible in hardware stores or via internet order.

Step 4: Place A Wire Underneath The Tile To Be Cut

Because you will not be using a wet saw to cut the tile, this step is important to the process.

Place a wire clothes hanger behind the scored cut on a flat surface to prevent the cut from separating. This should be done on a stable surface such as a workbench or a large piece of plywood. Position the long wire portion of the hanger in line with the scored line.

For those who don’t have access to wire hangers, you can substitute a thick piece of normal wire for this purpose. It only needs to be thin enough to allow it to run along the scored line. It will be necessary to use a wire that is thin enough to pass through the section of the line that has been partially severed. Place the wire next to the cut, ensuring that it is long enough to pass through the entire line without becoming caught.

Step 5: Breaking The Tile Is The Final Step In This Process

Place the tile on a firm, pressure-resistant surface. Also, make sure you’re wearing your fabric gloves to prevent any cuts. With hands-on on different sides of the wire, press the tile with your palms. Press down on the tile hard enough to break it completely. To avoid splintering the tile or causing a cut on your hands, gradually raise the pressure on it. If the tile doesn’t break, you’ll need to score it again with the glass cutter.


It is feasible to cut tile without using a wet saw, provided that the techniques are clearly defined. If you read this article, you will be well-prepared to follow the steps that must be taken in order to cut a tile properly using a glass cutter. Because the method is clear and extremely simple, it is suitable for anyone who needs their tile to be cut on a regular basis.

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