How to Fix a Loose Tile in the Shower

The common preferences for bathroom and kitchen floors are tiles. This is because they are reliable and last long. They are simple to maintain and are waterproof. While tiles are durable, they begin to wear out, break, or get slack at a point.

When you begin to discover these changes in your floor or wall, it is best to deal with the issue right away before it leads to any further defect.

Mending a slacked tile is simple to do. All you need to do is discard the already wreaked tile, clean up the opened wall, and then reinstall the old tile with a new one.

How to Fix a Loose Tile in the Shower

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Reasons for the Loose Tile in the Shower

Loose tiles are a common problem for homeowners. Not only does it give out an unattractive look when they come off, but it could also cause defects that could even lead to additional damage if not properly repaired.

When a tile gets loose, thinking that it is because of the mortar is not the only reason. Mostly, loose tiles occur because of frequent exposure to water, particularly in the restrooms. Washrooms are constantly moist. A bath in the shower could cause droplets of water, and when these droplets fall to the ground, they could seep in through the thin lines and weaken the bonds that hold up the tiles. This could happen when the grout dries up.

Temperature change is another reason why a tile could come loose. This is because these tiles react to the warm or cold changes. It could also come off when there is a shift in the floor or walls; this occurs when the foundation of a house changes position.

Is It Hard to Fix a Loose Tile

While repairing a loose tile might seem easy, it should not be taken too lightly. When renovating or replacing a loose or cracked tile, one has to be careful. It also banks on the condition of the wall. If not appropriately fixed, it could result in likely damage to the remainder of the tiles, and that might lead to you replacing the whole floor, which could be expensive.

To avoid this, let’s look at the simple ways with which you can fix a loose tile suitably.

Steps to Fixing a Loose Tile

Tiles are made out of strong materials and are therefore quite dependable. But they can also be susceptible if the installation process wasn’t done right. When you encounter a loose or broken tile in your house, you can easily mend them with the following tips.

STEP ONE: Check out for any cracks or worn-out grout. When you notice any, pull it out, making use of a putty blade.

STEP TWO: Slowly use a hammer or chiselto draw the tile.

STEP THREE: Still using the chisel, set up the wall. Remove any old adherent layer from the wall or floor. Be careful not to apply much pressure when grating it off, so it doesn’t weaken the walls.

STEP FOUR: Once you have made sure the wall is glue-free, use the knife to apply a new layer of glue and also to the back of the new tile you are replacing. If the tile you have is still in good condition, you can simply brush off the remaining concrete pastes, clean off with water and apply a new adhesive.

STEP FIVE: Position the tile properly in place and press down. If the glue seeps out while pressing down, clean it off with a damp rag. Leave the tile for about twenty-four hours to properly stick in place. Or follow the adhesive timing layout, depending on how long the type you used is meant to stay. If the tile doesn’t stick in place, add more adhesive to it.

STEP SIX: Cover up holes in the grout using a grout mix. Let it dry for about five hours or so. Make use of a damp rag to clean off surplus grout from the tile’s surface and even out the lines till it gets the same balanced look as its surrounding.


Why are My Shower Tiles Coming Loose?

A most common reason a tile comes loose is when it takes in excessive amounts of water. When water seeps into the tile’s grout, the glue inside starts to deteriorate. Not all tiles are made out of equipment that are waterproof. So, when the moisture is absorbed into the tile, it causes it to broaden, thereby creating a swell or crack that could result in it coming off.

Another reason could be when the adhesive glue applied isn’t of the right amount. And, because the glue isn’t strong enough to hold it, the tile ends up coming off. An additional reason is when the tiles are not groomed or cleaned before installation. Dust occasionally appears on the top of new tiles, and this could deter the effect of the underlying glue if not cleaned properly. Another reason could be that the sealant wasn’t waterproof.

What to do When the Shower Tile is Loose?

The first thing to do when you notice that your shower tiles are coming loose is to repair them up right away. And doing so requires a simple technique. If the tile is simply loose, you can rip it out and restore it after checking if it is still in good condition or not. But if the tile is entirely damaged, then you may need to renovate the whole tile. This is to avoid further damage and make sure that water has not leaked into the other surrounding tiles.


Fixing and replacing a loose tile is an easy feat to do! You don’t need to be an expert to care for your floor cover as it is a relatively simple and inexpensive task.

However, you can call for professional assistance if replacing those tiles is not something you can do by just pulling out and relaying back. And when you contemplate the health threats that come along with leaving those tiles entirely exposed, mending a loose or broken tile is worth it.

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