How To Fix Gap Between Door Jamb And Floor

Are you worried about the gap created between your door casing and floor? Because it surely ruins the outlook of your room and makes it look old and raggedy.

It is not a satisfying sight for you or your guests. Repainting the door jamb may improve the overall look of it but it does not always help.

Insects might start to make homes in the little gaps or pet hair can get stuck. Smaller pets, like hamsters or kittens may actually get stuck in the gaps.

You can also get scratches while walking past it. It can also cause problems while cleaning your floors.

Things you can do to fix the problem is using wood filler, fit casing, caulking, placing a threshold seal. And also you can use extra door jamb or uplift your floor.

No worries though, you can always fix it in some effective ways. If you are looking to know how to fix gap between door jamb and floor, keep reading.

How To Fix Gap Between Door Jamb And Floor

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The Ultimate Guide To Fixing Gap Between Door Jamb And Floor

The solutions to all of your problems regarding fixing the gap between the door jamb and the floor are given below.

Wood Filler

A wood filler would likely do the job. Here are the steps you need to know :-

  • Grab a hammer or a wood chisel and knock the edges of the door jamb off; until the fresh wood is visible.
  • Remove the worn off paint carefully.
  • Next, take the filler and mix it. 
  • Put the paste into place.
  • You have at least two minutes to cover the area using a putty knife before the filler hardens.
  • While it is still soft, you can spread to necessary areas using a chisel.
  • Finally, you can smooth it with a spackling paste.

Pull Saw And A Plinth Block

  • Use the pull saw and cut the casing, do not remove it.
  • Install the plinth block.
  • Use an electric jamb saw and cut the casing above the shoe mold.
  • Place a very short plinth.

Fit Casing

Place a piece of casing that is matching the current casing. Most of the time you may find a matching casing, if not, you can use a drill bit or other tools to sculpt the necessary details. Check these steps:-

  • Measure the gap between the door jamb and floor and cut a piece of casing accordingly.
  •  You can then color the piece with a marker.
  • Put glue to it.
  • Gently tap it into the gap just under the casing using a hammer.
  • You can use a putty crayon to cover the casing if there are slight lines left.


An affordable and simple way to fix the gap between door jamb and floor is by caulking that matches the color of your casing. They may last for a long time being little to not detectable at all. Follow these steps:-

  • If you buy it in tubes, cut the tip off and open a ¼ inch hole.
  • Gently squeeze the tube and fill the gap with caulk.
  • Next, you can smoothen the surface of the caulk using your fingertips or shape it.

Place A Threshold Seal

A threshold seal is created of a squeezable substance like rubber. A threshold seal stays attached to the floor. You can use a hacksaw to trim it into the shape of the gap. 

Thresholds are durable and water resistant and will also keep away from bugs and tears.

Extra Door Jamb

If you have an extra door jamb you can trim it and add it to the gap to fill it. Otherwise, you can buy wood that measures up to the gap between your door jamb and floor and repaint it. 

Use your old door jamb or the extra one. You are lucky if it matches the measurement of the gap and if not, you can use a drill or wood trimmer to reshape it. 

Make it smaller and just about perfect for the gap between your door and the floor. Then place it into a gap and tap it with a small hammer to place it perfectly. 

You might still notice little gaps, meaning the wood has not been placed properly. In this case, you can scrape some of the thick wood off your extra door jamb and place it into the gaps.

This process is a little time consuming but it is surely effective if done the right way.

The process might also seem messy but it looks perfectly fine and blends just right in after painting.

Extra wood that would fit the gap perfectly is difficult to find but a little DIY-ing would fix the job. You can buy two pieces of wood (or more), glue them and paint them later on. 

Lift Up Flooring

If you are not confident redoing your paint or adding anything to your door jamb, you can try lifting up your flooring. 

But this process is very time consuming and comparatively tough as it requires a whole new process of grouting and adding new tiles.

If the level of your flooring rises a little bit, it will catch up to the gap, closing it.

Leave As It Is

If you do not have the resources needed to fix the gap between door jamb and floor, or not being able to afford them, you can always leave it as it is. A little maintenance can go a long way. 

Grab some paint that you used to paint the door jamb or repaint it. It creates a cleaner and new look to the door jamb. 

If it bothers so much, you can add any object that matches the measurement of the gap and that would do the job until you can get the right resources.


It is necessary that we maintain our homes and the furniture in it. A little stain on the walls or a little dirt can ruin the whole look of the house. After a long day at work we come home to relax in a clean and satisfying environment. 

Fixing the gap between your door jamb and floor is easy if you have experience in construction or building things, but rather time consuming and not everybody is able to do it by themselves. 

It is then expensive to call for professionals. However, the techniques mentioned above on how to fix the gap between the door jamb and floor are affordable and easy to get done by yourself.

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