How To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rug – 9 Easy Ways

After unfolding your newly purchased rug, you may find some creases there. The unexpected creases on your rug are enough to denigrate its perfection. And if it’s a polypropylene rug, you’re in trouble to eradicate this problem easily. Because polypropylene, the synthetic material, is conducive for creating creases. So, do you need to throw out the rug full of creases?

The answer is negative because the creases are removable. We’re here to express how to get creases out of polypropylene rug. To get back the good look of your affected rug, our consultation may help you. There will be multiple ways to kick the creases out in this writing. You can pick one according to your problem & convenience. Let’s explore the ways.

How To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rug

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Reasons for Creases on Polypropylene Rugs?

Before starting, you should know about some facts that are responsible for creating creases. Some of the major, possible reasons are depicted here.

Inappropriate transportation

After purchasing a polypropylene rug, usually, it’s transported by folding. For being folded up a long time, creases are generated. Moreover, additional pressure applied on the rug for other items during the transportation is highly responsible for generating the creases. Almost every manufacturer & local retailer provides guidelines to carry the rug accurately. In case the instructions aren’t being followed, the rug gets affected by creases.

Placing heavy objects

It’s a common mistake to place heavy objects like furniture on polypropylene rugs. As furniture is too heavy & owns a small area, it creates great pressure on the fixed place. In this circumstance, creases become visible after a certain time. Besides, the inappropriate placing of heavy objects can make a fold in the rug. Keeping a heavy item on the polypropylene rug weakens the fibers. As a result, permanent creases are seen.

Assembly of dirt in fibers

Even after the final process, a few amounts of dirt may remain inside the rug fiber. This dirt hampers the fiber & generates the rug fold. Having dirt in fibers is completely the responsibility of the manufacturer. As the fibers have a specific tension, the dirt hinders it. Hence, this situation causes creases in the polypropylene rug.

Presence of humidity

As polypropylene is a synthetic item, water doesn’t affect it intensely. But, the presence of additional humidity decreases the fiber bonding slowly. Therefore, rug folds can be found in polypropylene rugs. Though most of the rugs are branded as being fully water-resistant, they also may get damaged. And the beauty of the rug will be decreased intensely for generating creases on it.

Untight contexture of fibers

Untight wove of fibers is completely a manufacturer fault & brings great trouble. If it’s not woven correctly, then the fibers get detached over time. Therefore, creases are generated in your polypropylene rug. Unfortunately, even the short period of use of the rug can’t satisfy a user if this trouble arises.

How to get creases out of polypropylene rug

However, we should deal now with the main interest. Here we are upholding how to get creases out of polypropylene rug.

Relax the rug

Letting the rug relax is the first method you should go for resolving your situation. Sometimes, the rug automatically regains its condition after placing it on the floor. If it’s not an acute wrinkle, this method will surely work. Otherwise, following the residual paths is recommended. However, don’t apply additional force to remove the creases because it’s a threat to the durability of the fibers.

Placing the heavy objects temporarily

If your living room contains some heavy furniture, place it in the creased areas. Instead, you should use some heavy-weighted books or exercise weights. After placing some heavyweight, the fibers of the rug will be compressed & it will be convenient for regaining its condition. Perhaps, you need to keep the place weighted for around two to three days. Then, remove the heavy object from the creases.

Apply reverse rolling method

This reverse rolling method is simpler & hassle-free than the previous one. All you need to do, roll the polypropylene rug reversely & keep it for a few days. If there are intense creases, you should reversely roll the rug. Along with this, tie up the rug with a loose cord & leave it for a few days. Maybe this will bring some workable results.

Give sun treatment

The additional tension on fibers is slightly responsible for creating creases. In that circumstance, applying sunlight is the easiest way to release the tension. After getting the sunlight, the interaction helps to resolve the creases. Remember, placing the polypropylene in too much sunlight may burn the fibers. As a result, it may lose its durability. So, find a suitable place & replace the rug from time to time while applying sunlight.

Hose the rug down

Applying water is a rapid formula to remove creases from the rugs. To perform this, take the rug outside & spray water using a hosepipe. Moving the knob of the water supply to pass the water fast through the hose is the key task here. The extended pressure of the water helps to remove the stain effectively. For a more effective result, you should rub the rug using a brush. Before working, be sure that your rug is waterproof.

Steaming the rug using Iron

As we have mentioned earlier, providing some heat can reduce the tension of the rug’s fiber. But, sunlight may not be available every time. So, steaming the polypropylene rug using iron is one of the best ways. To do this, set the iron on a medium heat setting & apply it to the desired areas. Hence, apply some additional pressure to remove creases.

Steaming the rug using the hairdryer

It’s prohibited to apply the hair dryer directly on fibers. Instead, turn the polypropylene & apply the hairdryer to the rear side. As the fibers need to gain their previous stability, medium heat should be perfect. However, move the hairdryer to the targeted area & notice the change of creases. Until you find any noticeable result, keep moving the dryer & take a break while it’s too hot.

Cooling down the rug

This process works the same as applying some heat to the polypropylene rug. For decreasing the temperature in fibers, put some ice slices for a night. Hence, keep the rug at room temperature & wait till the morning. Letting the ice cubes melt slowly makes this process more successful.  After a certain time, extract the water from the polypropylene rug. In addition, make sure that you are disposing of all the water from the creased areas. Later, you should apply some sunlight to dry the rug.


Creases are a great enemy & real-time trouble for polypropylene rug users. And if the user takes the necessary steps instantly, the rug mustn’t be wasted. To save the users from this irritating issue, we have elaborated on how to get creases out of polypropylene rug.

If you don’t find an effective result after relaxing the rug, then go for any of the described options. At the end of the day, the creases will vanish. Keeping the rug clean is always important to maintain the hygiene and health of your family. Even if it takes time and effort, do it considering all the benefits you can get.

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