How to Get Nail Polish off Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring and hardwood look similar. Although both are tough finishes, laminate flooring is tougher. Under the polyurethane lies a thin layer of plywood or imprinted paper (a wood pattern). This thin layer would be prone to irreparable damage if the finish were to be softened while removing the nail polish. This means that any solvent used in removing the laminate floor stain is expected to dissolve the polish and must be safe for the finish.

What then is nail polish? Nail polish is not completely different from furniture lacquer. Nonetheless, it features some chemicals that enhance the bond with nails and help maintain its flexibility. Yet both are still similar since they behave the same way. The solvent in the polish does evaporate, leading to the rapid hardening of the spill; however, it’s not a permanent hardening. As soon as the polish gets in touch with the suitable solvent, it will become soft and turns liquid.

There are two basic ways to get nail polish off the laminate floor: using acetone and rubbing alcohol. You should know that acetone (a solvent in nail polish remover) may be too strong for the laminate’s finish, causing damage. So, the alternative way to remove the polish from laminate flooring could be by rubbing alcohol.

How to Get Nail Polish off Laminate Floor

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What is the Safest Way to Clean Laminate Floors

Knowing the proper steps to take makes cleaning laminate flooring safe and less arduous. To start, you will need to sweep or vacuum every loose debris (ensure you don’t use water until after removing the crumbs, dirt, and other debris).

The next step after removing the debris is sprinkling a small quantity of baking soda on the floor. Get a bucket and mix a few drops of dish soap, a cup of vinegar, and a gallon of hot water in it. You should note that using soap products on laminate wood floors is not recommended because they can make them appear dull and create too much buildup; however, you can use a little bit.

It’s now time to mop the wood floors. Using a microfiber or chamois mop is better than a sponge mop. This is because a sponge mop is known for pushing dirty water into grout lines which makes cleaning them later harder. Scrubs brush should help get rid of stuck-on dirt in more trafficked sections of the home. The best way to mop is back and front in order to prevent mopping yourself into a corner (it’s always better to end at an exit).

After cleaning the entire floor, mop again with clean water to get rid of any traces of soap or baking soda residue. Then dry the laminate wood floors with old towels to be sure there is no water remnant.

Steps to Remove Nail Polish from Laminate Flooring

There are two basic ways to get nail polish off the wood laminate floor. Each comes with its own peculiar steps. These ways include:

The Use of Acetone

You need to follow the given steps below to get the nail polish off the laminate wood floors using acetone:

  • Step One–Test Small Area of the Floor: Start by testing the area of the floor to know how the nail polish remover can affect the wood laminate floor. To do the test, you can put the acetone remover right on the cotton swab and press on the area.
  • Step Two– Get Nail Polish off the Floor: After the quick test, you need to wet the cotton swab and press it on the stained area of the nail polish. You should rub on the concerned part until the stain is completely removed from the laminate floor.
  • Step Three– Wipe your Floor: The final step after getting the nail polish stain off the laminate floor is to clean any left stain mark from the surface of the floor. You can do this by dipping the cloth in acetone and moistening it slightly before rubbing it on the laminate floor surface.

Rub With Alcohol

By rubbing alcohol on the polish-stained area, you can also remove the nail polish stain from the wood laminate floor. Check below for the steps:

  • Step One–Test the Area of the Floor: Start by testing on the open area of the laminate floor to know how the alcohol can affect the surface of the floor.
  • Step Two– Remove the Stain: Scrape the extra nail polish from the laminate wood floor using the putty knife. Then use water to wet the cloth and leave it on the stain until you see the nail polish stain completely becomes loosen on the floor surface.
  • Step Three– Use Denatured Alcohol: Denatured alcohol is recommended. Wet the cloth with it and rub it on the stained part carefully along the direction of the grain without causing any damage to the finish of the laminate floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use nail polish remover on laminate floors?

You can use acetone like nail polish remover on a clean white cloth if the spots you need to clean are tough on the laminate floors (such as paint, oil, markers, lipstick, or ink).

How do I remove nail polish from the laminate floor without acetone?

There is another way to remove nail polish from the laminate floor without acetone. The alternative method is by rubbing alcohol on the stained area.

Can I remove nail polish on laminate flooring without chemicals?

Yes, you can remove nail polish on laminate flooring without chemicals. The alternative ways to do this include the use of toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, perfume, hairspray, and topcoat.


 Now you know how simple and straightforward it can be to get nail polish off the laminate floor. Opt for the suitable way and learn the steps to do a nice, clean job. To choose the right way, you may compare the effect that each solution may finally have on your laminate floors.

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