How To Install Vinyl Flooring Around Floor Drain

Recently vinyl flooring has become a great choice among homeowners.

It offers great durability, affordability, and sophistication. And by offering such advantages, it makes people opt for a new look of their floor with vinyl flooring.

But you might face some trouble while installing vinyl flooring around the floor drain. Installing vinyl flooring around the floor drain can be tiring and tricky without proper instructions.

And that’s why in this blog post, we are going to show you a quick and easy method on how to install vinyl flooring around floor drain perfectly.

How To Install Vinyl Flooring Around Floor Drain

Step By Step Method Of Installing Vinyl Flooring Around The Floor Drain

Things You’ll Need For The Job

The following materials should be in your hands when installing vinyl flooring around the floor drain.

  1. Mallet
  1. Pull Bar
  1. Tapping Block
  1. Box knife
  1. Jig Saw
  1. Speed Square
  1. Tape Measure

With the above materials, the installation process of vinyl flooring is a breeze. You can even do it all by yourself without hiring a professional. Just follow the below step-by-step method mentioned below.

Step 1

The very first thing you need to do is check around the drain to see if there is any crack. If you find any cracks, use a good sealant to seal everything around the drain before you start installing.

Step 2

Now take a scrap piece of cardboard and place it on the top of the drain. Now tap around the cardboard with a mallet so that you can leave an indentation of the circle of the drain.

This trick will work perfectly and leave a nice mark on the cardboard. But don’t forget to label it top and bottom so that you don’t get mixed up later. You can use chalk on the cardboard and trace it around the drain circle as well.

Step 3

Now cut the template carefully and slowly and place it back on the top of the drain.

Step 4

Now measure the flooring that you need to install near the drain with a tape measure.

Step 5

Now take out the measured vinyl flooring and make sure it’s nice and straight on one end. Then push it right against the drain and check if it is straight, nice, and aligned as it does matter.

Otherwise, you have to throw off your measurement.

Step 6

Next, take a pencil or marker and mark one end of the circle of the cardboard and one end of where it meets on the vinyl floor.

Step 7

After that take your speed square and make a straight line on the vinyl floor from that marking. Then make another straight line on the cardboard and make sure it is aligned with the previous line. Now you have a  nice straight line going from your vinyl floor to your template.

Step 8

At this stage, you have to position your template to where you are going to be marking the circle.

Step 9

Now find the measurement on how far the drain is to your existing vinyl floor. Take the required measurement, transfer it to your vinyl flooring and mark on the right measurement. Remember it’s crucial to go from bottom to top while measuring, not top to bottom. Otherwise, it will create a mess.

Step 10

Once you make that mark, place the template where you mark the line and make sure both lines are nice and aligned from your vinyl plank flooring to your cardboard.

Step 11

Now use your speed square or any other straight edge to match up the lines together. Press firmly the speed square so that the cardboard can’t move and mark it along and out where that half-moon circle is. Repeat it on the other side. Now you have a complete half-moon circle marking.

Step 12

After that, take a jigsaw and cut off the vinyl floor according to the marking of the half-moon circle.

Step 13

Fit the floor right over the drain.

Step 14

Now take the measurement of the top and repeat the same process that you have done just right in the bottom section. Finally, tap in the rest of the blocks smoothly. That’s it.

You may have an issue while putting the rest of the vinyl flooring over the drain. One of the sides may be bigger than the other side and therefore, may not match together.

In this case, just draw and relieve a little bit of the edge and mark it off. Then take your jigsaw and cut off the excess part. Now, this should fit perfectly. Don’t be tempted to draw and relieve too much because you will end up having big gaps if you take out too much of the vinyl flooring.


How do you cover a basement floor drain?

You can cover a basement floor drain with two options: 

1. With cement 

2. With a temporary cap or lid.

If you want a permanent solution, then go for the first option . And the second option is ideal for temporary cases.

Can water get through vinyl plank flooring?

Typically vinyl plank flooring is waterproof. But sometimes water gets mighty and can seep through the vinyl flooring in case there is a flood incident. If water spills on vinyl planks and is not cleaned quickly, then it makes its way to crevices, cracks, and edges of the floor. Therefore it leads to the formation of mold underneath the floor.

How do you get water out from under vinyl flooring?

Take a mop or Shop-Vac to pull out the water immediately and run fans and dehumidifiers. After that, contact your installer. You can dry out the subfloor by using a Shop-Vac if your vinyl is a click-clack or floating floor.

Final Thought

Now we hope the trickiest part of vinyl flooring around the floor drain has become a piece of cake for you after reading this ultimate guide.

Just follow the above steps and install vinyl flooring around the floor drain without any mess and thank us later.

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