How To Keep Rug From Moving On Carpet

A top-notch and perfectly placed area rug can serve you lots of purposes — from hiding worn and torn carpets to adding vibrant colors and sophistication to your indoors. That’s attractive!

Well, not only does an area rug always belong to a solid surface floor like tile or hardwood, it can also be a perfect addition to your home if placed over wall-to-wall carpet.

But, here is a catch. Keeping the rug in its exact place is quite a difficult task. If you’ve already chosen the ideal area rug or carpet runner for your living room, now you get to think of how to keep the rug from moving around on carpet.

Because rugs or mats have got a bad habit of creeping out of their right place, especially while placed on a carpet, which may result in a dangerous tripping hazard. So, let’s get started!

How To Keep Rug From Moving On Carpet

Why Do Rugs Move On Carpet?

When it comes to keeping the rugs from sliding, first off, we need to figure out why the rugs tend to move on the carpet a lot. 

Well, we all know why a rug or carpet runner moves around so much on shiny hard floors, right? But, do you know why rugs don’t stay in place on carpet? The reason behind this is the carpet pile beneath the rugs itself. 

While you walk on your rug, your bodyweight moves into the pile of carpet through the rug, which pushes the carpet in a specific direction. And at the same time, rugs also move in the same direction along with the carpet pile under them. 

Remember, the plushier and longer your carpet pile beneath the rug, the more likely your rug tends to move.

5 Ways On How to Keep Rugs From Creeping on Carpets

Well, it’s easier to stop rugs from slipping on the carpet than you can think of. Listed below are some of the proven and simplest methods. Just try them out.

Here we go,,,

1. Buy Top-Quality Rugs With Non-Slip Rubber Backing

Committing to buy a rug or runner for your home’s decor? If so, then try to find a quality product that comes with a non-slip rubber backing. 

Non-slip hallway rugs and runners are nowadays very easy to find, and are equipped with an extremely grippy latex gel backing which helps prevent the rugs from creeping on carpets. And that’s why these types of rugs are ideal for placing on carpets.

Additionally, since high-quality rugs are usually heavier than the cheaper ones due to their thick plush piles and premium cotton backing, they are most likely to remain stable on the carpets. 

On top of that, not only does premium-quality backing protect your flooring, but it also extends the lifespan of your rugs. 

So, if you want your rugs to stay in place on the carpet, I would suggest you purchase higher-quality area rugs that will leave your room looking elegant and last for a longer period of time as well.

2. Make Use Of Anti-Slip Mats

Using anti-slip rug mats in between carpets and rugs, you can also prevent the rugs from slipping. Because these mats ensure some additional padding. 

A wide variety of anti-slip mats are available out there on the market, but you have to buy mats that are specially designed for carpets.  

Keep in mind that anti-slip mats are more likely to come in bulk packaging and they need trimming to size, which is an advantage for you though. Because you won’t have to be concerned about your rug’s specific size before going to buy. 

However, make sure your anti-slip mat is smaller than your rugs to make the mat invisible.

3. Use Double-Sided Rug Tape

This trick is easier and quicker to apply than the previous one. Most importantly, rug tape is absolutely suitable for any size of rugs and runners. It is ideal for a non-standard shaped rug, too. 

You also need not worry about staining your rugs, as it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t leave any sticky marks or residue on both of your rug and carpet.

As double-sided sticky tape can be your go-to option, consider using this tape around the edges of your rug. And also in the center 

to make sure there is added strength. But, using sticky tape has a drawback too. It will gradually lose its adhesive quality. 

Mind you, strong tapes can cause staining to your rugs by leaving residues behind. So, you are always better off avoiding strong tapes. That’s disappointing and you won’t like the stain for sure if you own an expensive rug, will ya?

4. Anchor Rugs With Your Furniture

Of all the solutions, this is the most probably one of the easiest fixes to keep your rugs from sliding.

Using some of your furniture usually found in every household such as your couch, tables, bed, or anything else, you can hold the rugs in place. 

Just ensure these things sit properly on top of the rug, keeping the rug from creeping on the carpet. Applying some sticky tape on the edges of your area rugs can also prevent them from folding up. 

5. Caulk The Rugs

If your area rug is inexpensive, then you can caulk with a bead of silicone caulk. Just consider running the caulk head on the edges of your rug’s underside. Also, put some lines in the middle of the rug. 

After applying the silicone, use a putty knife to flatten the bead. You can choose to put the rug on top of the carpet once the silicone caulk dries out. Holding the rug against the carpet, the dried caulk keeps the rug away from sliding.

Final Words

Okay, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding on how to keep your rugs from creeping on carpet. And, I hope you will be enjoying the elegance and comfort they’ll bring to your interiors without being concerned about the tripping hazards.

And, now it’s your turn. Did I miss anything in this article? Please do let me know in the comment box below so that I can update the article further. Have a nice day, thanks!!!

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