How to Remove Haze From Engineered Hardwood Floors

Whether your home is new or old ! Your kitchen and living room are your favorite and tidy place. These two places are enhanced with engineered hardwoods of your choice of color and design. But when you look, the hardwood floor hedge is showing. The floor sign and luster are getting lower and lower.

Even if you like cloudy skies, don’t like muddy wooden floors. Only victims can understand what they should do! There are many ways to get rid of hazy from your engineered Hardwood. So keep the thought of replacing the new Hardwood fast for the time being. Let’s talk about how you can keep your running floor free at a low cost.

How to Remove Haze From Engineered Hardwood Floors

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Why does your wood floor look haze?

Your hardwood floor looks black or foggy! There could be many reasons for this. The factors are related to the age of the floor. This problem may have stemmed from the creation of Hardwood or may have created this problem later.

In light of my experience, I would like to point out the real reasons. These factors are mostly responsible for the menacing look of your wooden floor.

Top 7 reasons to be engineered hardwood haze or cloudy

  1. Poor Finishing Of Hardwood Floors
  2. Wrong color combination of Hardwood floors
  3. Using Bad Cleaning Products On Floors
  4. Extra Waxing
  5. Too Much Floor Cleaning
  6. Moisture Level On Floors
  7. Presence Of Salt Deposits

Poor Finishing Of Hardwood Floors

This is basically a problem during production. Because it is the responsibility of the skilled craftsmen to smooth the wood. But many times, finishing is not very advanced due to incompetent technique. In this case, the finish coat can not be applied efficiently, so your floor is more likely to look hazy.

Then if you start using it without drying it after finishing it directly. However, your wooden floor may have a stained appearance.

The Wrong Color Combination of Hardwood Floors

This is also a technical error in the case of wooden floors. When designed with custom color combinations, such errors occur. This condition is caused by a misty color on the wooden floor due to machine or rule errors.

Using Bad Cleaning Products On Floors

Cleaning a wooden table with harmful cleaning items causes problems on the floor. Approved floor cleaners contain high levels of toxic oils, So most of them can damage the floor. The market is full of these low-quality floor cleaners.

Floor cleaners that have high oil content can quickly bring a dal look to the floor. At first glance, it looks shiny, but later it proves to be wrong. Hardwood floors are not in a position to be re-installed later.

Extra Waxing

Excessive waxing on your hardwood floor can change the original color of the foot. Extreme waxing affects the carbamate links on your wooden floor. Due to which the floor looks cloudy or hazy.

So VCT expert Gon forbade doing extra waxing on the hardwood floor. Although the finish is suitable due to the leftover wax, the side effects will haze the floor. It is not unimaginable.

Too Much Floor Cleaning

Not just an extra wax process, additional cleaning is harmful to any chemically engineered hardwood floor. Many people mistakenly buff the wooden floor; it is foolish. The chemicals used in the buffing process are susceptible to this type of floor.

If necessary, a microfiber mop should be used. A small amount of approved cleaner or detergent must be applied.

In my research, I have found evidence of such reactions in about 95% of cases. Most wooden floors become hazy as a result of using too many cleaning items. In many cases contains more complex foggy colors.

Moisture Level On Floors

One of the main reasons for floor moisturizing is to use excess water. Water is used to clean the wooden floor. But you should know that this water can also damage the floor. Excess water quickly turns the hardwood floor pale.

In this case, a microfiber mop should be used, as it sucks the excess water from the floor. On the other hand, as a result of using wet mops, the floor’s humidity does not go away smoothly. Moisturizes very quickly. The result is a pale condition at first, then a bad hazy one.

Presence Of Salt Deposits

As you can see, the gray areas of the hardwood floor often look white. This is because the salt layer has fallen in those areas, so the color looks like a white cloud.

Water is one of the leading causes of this condition. If you notice such a situation as a result of cleaning with the water you use, change it. The water has extra salt, including minerals. If no solution is found, use certified distilled water. Because salt reacts to the carbamate links on the wooden floor and makes it quickly hazy.

How To Remove Haze From Engineered Hardwood Floors?

There are many mechanisms to remove hazy conditions from engineered hardwood floors. For example, there are many more processes, including the vinegar method, ammonia method, steaming method, polishing method. I will try to explain it in detail. Hopefully, by applying these tips, your hardwood floor will become as glossy and attractive as before.

Vinegar Method for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The vinegar method is a ubiquitous cleaning procedure for cleaning hardwood floors. First, we will collect white vinegar. It is a non-toxic natural vinegar. It can also dehydrate hard surfaces like your hardwood floor.

White vinegar cleans and disinfects wooden floors in the fastest time. It contains a small amount of acid. Applying extra water saves the floor from stains and hazy conditions. Vinegar also removes harmful oils from the floor, such as moisturizers and greases.

However, if you cannot collect white vinegar, you can use apple cider vinegar. It also works with the same amount of energy as white vinegar. It is very readily available. One of the advantages of using vinegar is that you can mix the fragrance of your choice.

How To Process

Remove all removable furniture and equipment from your floor. If not removable, clean the floor of those items.

Let the water heat up; we need 1 gallon of hot water. When the water is hot, take one bucket and fill it with 1 gallon of hot water. The hot water dissolves the grime and dirt responsible for the cloudy feel of the floor.

Take only two cups of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in a bucket of hot water. Gently switch to solution for quick blending. Gently rub using a dump cloth on the part of the floor that looks cloudy. Rotate and rub in a circle.

Then take one cleaner and dump cloth. Remove the vinegar-water mixture with a clean cloth. When the vinegar water dries, pale lines and white spots will appear on the floor.

Allow at least 60-70 minutes for your floor to dry. Do not use the floor during this time, and do not lift furniture.

Apply Ammonia for Floor Cleaning

If strong stains fall on your floor and the stains do not disappear even after applying something. Then you can think of using ammonia.

Ammonia has a strong odor, so many people do not want to use it. Maybe annoyance or fear! To get rid of this odor, you need to dissolve ammonia in a lot of water. Doors and windows should be kept open when cleaning the floor, reducing the intensity of the odor in the room.

It would be best if you were careful when using ammonia. That is because ammonia reacts chemically with chlorine bleach to create toxic fumes, which is deadly harmful to the eyes.

Floor Steaming Method

This steaming process is usually performed on hardwood floors that are sterile and have white smoke. This method makes the floor 99% hygienic.

Your wooden floor should be stable, and the floor should not be empty. Suitable only for complete sealed floor steam cleaning.

Use a suitable steam mop for steam cleaning. If this mop stays in one place for too long, white spots will fall on the floor. So drive consistently everywhere.

Other cleaning methods

There are several more ways you can clean your engineered hardwood floor. You can also make the floor hazy with just hot water. In this case, hot water and a damp cloth are enough.

If your wooden floor is damaged by dirt and darts, you can do vacuum cleaning. However, the application process depends on the structure of the floor.

Polishing is required when the engineered hardwood floor loses its position during washing and wiring. There is no substitute for polishing to give the floor a new look. The floor becomes old and hazy while washing. When polished, the floor restores its appearance.

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I wanted to give you a real idea about the cleanup of the wooden floor. I also showed you the process of how to remove hazy from your engineered hardwood floor. However, if you can save before it is ruined, the floor will stay good for a long time. So take care of your hardwood floor to keep well because your hardwood floor, a symbol of your nobility.

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