How to Restore White Grout

No one ever likes anything out of place, especially in their house, this is why it is important that you know basic things that can help you to keep your house just as you like it. White grout is a while paste that is used for filling gaps between walls and tiles in construction.

Grout is generally a heavy mixture made from water, cement and sand then coloured to serve as a seal between spaces. Usually, tile grouts are coloured white to make your home look more beautiful and reduce colour clash. It is also tinted to keep it obvious because it is so thin it can flow easily into cervices.

The obvious colour of white also helps you to realize quickly if your grout needs a clean up and restoration.

How To Restore White Grout

For cases where your grout is very dirty and you have tried every other method, try using baking soda and bleach. Mix two portions of baking soda and 1 portion of bleach into a paste. Wait for about 10 minutes, then apply it on the surface of the dirty grout you are trying to restore. Scrub the area with a brush until all the stains is gone. Rinse off the paste when you are satisfied with the results.

You need not worry about the safety of this method as it has been proven that the chemicals in the product cannot react to cause harm for humans.

 Sometimes, all your need to do wash thoroughly with warm water, dish washing liquid and a stiff brush. Ensure you use an appropriate brush to clean so as do an excellent job and not destroy your brushes.

Hydrogen peroxide should basically be a staple in your home. It is so indispensable it can be used for different purposes including cleaning. After applying hydrogen peroxide on your white grout, wait for a few minutes, scrub and wait to behold your grout as if it were newly installed. Do not forget to rinse and wipe wet area off with a rag when you finish.

Another home staple you can use is lime water and vinegar, mix both together with water and use to wash grout with a brush. Rinse with water and voila!

Using an oxygen bleach can be dangerous so you have to be very careful and protect yourself. You must use rubber gloves and nose mask before you start and boots if available. Turn on a fan in the area where you want to clean and apply the product according to manufacturer’s instructions. Once you are done cleaning, rinse off at least twice with warm water.

A trick many are not aware of is the use of steam pressure. Start with a lower pressure and work up to higher pressures gradually. Use the brush attachment to clean further if you want. The mechanic by which it works is heating water past boiling point to create vapor with little moisture. This vapor is then forced out through a nozzle or brush where the vapor loosens up dirt and kills microorganisms. The vapor dries up quickly without any suctioning so you don’t even have to rinse after unless you want to.

You can also try bleach and just water. Make sure it is well diluted, spray the solution into dirty grout surface and scrub off.

You can always have a new grout surface back when you buy a grout colorant and repaint. You can purchase this from any store that sells home supplies. It usually contains epoxy and can last very long.

There is also a grout stain so it is important that you are careful and you ask questions before you buy.

How to Restore White Grout Using Colorant

After you buy the product i.e grout colorant, prepare the tile surface by cleaning throughly and rinse off with water then dry. This helps to make sure the surface is free of germs, soap, food and dirt. Fill in the chipped areas and dirty parts with grout coloring. If you are sealing the tiles simultaneously, ensure that the sealant does not get into the grout colorant.

To start use, get a small stiff brush (you can use a hard toothbrush too) and a paint pan. You can also use a foam if your brush surface bristles and this can get stuck while painting is being done. You can also get a mini paint wheel applicator to ensure preciseness and neatness while painting.

Brush the grout surface using long, definite back and forth strokes while being careful not to paint the tiles with it. Let the surface dry out for a while, then put on the second coat over the grout. The time range within the two applications differ from a manufacturer to another so ensure you read the instructions and comply.

After you finish, you can consider using a grout sealer to seal the grout to keep it clean and white for a longer time.

You can also paint using the newly designed grout pen, which requires you to just draw over the previous grout using the pen. The only disadvantage is that it is a quick fix solution to cover up dirt so it is possible that you might have to repeat the exercise soon.

Sometimes white grout might be cracked and breaking so there is literally nothing you can do to save it. The best way to restore your white grout in this case is calling a professional tiller to help you fix it and this might require regrouting. If you love a DIY project and you are very skilled about it, this might be a task you can even do by yourself.


You might not believe it but do you know that restoring white grout between the tiles in your home space has the ability to take the beauty of the space from a 20 to 100 scale.

Even when you space is very pretty, no one can help but not notice grout if it is stained, dirty, mouldy or has mildew. This also says a lot about who you are and how clean you are. These and many other reasons are why you ensure that the white grout between your home tiles is restored every few months. There are now several cleaning methods such as above which can help without compromising your safety.

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