How to Stop Bed Moving on Laminate Floor

Failing to do anything about bed moving on the laminate floor will, over time, result in scratches or marks on the expensive floor. Typically, laminate floors are slippery, explaining why most beds move or slide on them easily. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. By adopting some proven methods, you can stop the bed from moving, thereby preventing marks on your laminate.

To stop bed moving on laminate, you can put non-slip furniture grippers on the bed feet, put a thick area rug under the bed, or put bed stopper caster cups on a bed with wheels.

How to Stop Bed Moving on Laminate Floor

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Why Does Your Bed Move So Much

Several things could cause your bed to move so much on your laminate floor. Knowing the leading cause will assist in pinpointing the right solution. Check below for some of these causes:

  • Missing rails: If you check most beds, you will see how their frames are raised above the slats slightly on either side of the bed, helping to hold it in place. However, some bed frames do not have this barrier, leading to a moving bed. Other bed frames (such as metal frames or platform beds) may not feature a footboard or headboard to keep the mattress centered in the foundation.
  • Lack of friction: Your bed can move if there is no friction. The most common bed type for this challenge is the dual-sided bed. This type comes encased in a smooth cover, providing a soft surface for sleepers.

Lack of friction, making the bed move on the laminate floor, could be because the bed cover may have no good grip on the bed frame. Even though the material might be more textured on the bottom of the mattress, it will fail to keep the bed in place.

  • Old Mattress: How old your bed is can be responsible for its movement on the laminate floor. Beds collect dirt, dead skin, and bodily fluids over time. All these rest on the bottom of the bed. So, you may think of getting a new mattress if you have been using the present one for about seven or more years.
  • Poor Support: Bed moving on the laminate floor could be because the bed frame is too large. Skidding can be increased when there is an extra space between the sides of the frame and the edges of the bed. You should know that the bed frame and the standard size of the bed should match

Ways to Stop Bed Moving on Laminate Flooring

After knowing what could cause the bed to move on your laminate floor, you should seek the proper solution to make it stop. Check below to see some best solutions:

1. Use non-slip furniture grippers

One of the best ways to stop the bed from moving on laminate flooring is by placing non-slip furniture grippers on its feet. This method is one of the most effective yet cheapest to control the movement of the bed. Interestingly, this method works not only for laminate floors but also for tile floors, hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and others.

There are several furniture grippers you can go for. One of the best you can lay your hands on is the X-Protector Non-Slip Furniture Pads Furniture Grippers. These pads feature a rubber bottom, helping to grip the laminate flooring firmly and stopping the bed from moving around.

On the upper side of the pads is the adhesive that holds the pads tightly to the bed feet, stopping them from coming off (they will stay in position for a long time). Also, these furniture grippers effectively protect the floor against dents and scratches from the sliding bed.

Moreover, another benefit of these furniture grippers is that it helps prevent noise anytime you decide to move the bed across the floor. This makes them suitable for different types of furniture, including sofas, recliners, flower pots, dressers, sectionals, chairs, tables, vases, and others.

Note: Ensure you wipe the bed feet to remove dirt, grit, and debris before placing non-slip furniture grippers. To wipe the feet clean, use denatured alcohol.

2. Use a thick area rug

Another way to stop the bed from moving on the laminate floor is to place a thick area rug under the bed. A high-pile carpet will do the job better as it features thick fibers that offer the bed feet something to grip on, stopping it from slipping.

It should be noted that the dimensions of the area to cover must be taken before purchasing an area rug for the bed. Also, ensure the size of the carpet is big enough for the entire bed. One good example of a thick-pile area rug is the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag collection modern plush taupe area rug, which is excellent at preventing the bed from moving on the laminate floor.

As the name implies, the area rug is really thick and ideal for stopping the bed from moving. Besides, it helps protect the laminate floor against dents and scratches.

3. Use bed stopper caster cups

The last method on the list is placing bed stopper caster cups on the bed with wheels. Do you have a bed that comes with wheels? Then the X-Protector Non-Slip Furniture Pads Grippers is not the ideal solution (it won’t work). The best solution here is furniture stopper caster cups. These will effectively stop the bed wheels from rolling around on the laminate floor.

Bed stopper caster cups are designed with silicone, which is characteristically a little bit soft. This means that apart from preventing slipping, the cups will not damage your floor by scratching it. As far as a recommendation is concerned, you may want to purchase the Yupeak Bed Stopper & Furniture Stopper-Caster Cups, which are affordable, durable, and safe for floor types, such as linoleum, marble, vinyl, tile, hardwood, and other hard floor surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please, review the following questions and answers for further knowledge:

What can I put under my bed to keep it from sliding?

To keep your bed from sliding, you may want to apply rubber feet to the feet of the bed, wrap the bottom of the frame with rubber, or place a rug between the bed and the floor.

What are the best furniture pads for laminate flooring?

The best furniture pads for laminate flooring include X-PROTECTOR premium furniture pads, Scotch brand furniture felt pads, BAIPOK felt furniture pads, softtouch 4799095N felt furniture pads, etc.

Should I put furniture straight onto new laminate flooring?

Even though laminate floors are durable and strong to handle any heavyweight, you may want to place furniture pads under the furniture leg to prevent heavy furniture from causing dents, scuffs, scratches, or permanent damage on them.


Bed moving on the laminate floor can lead to several issues. To prevent any of the issues, you may want to use the provided solutions and get the problem fixed. As a matter of fact, the solutions can easily be applied.

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