How to Whitewash Laminate Flooring

Whitewashing the outdoor areas, especially stone patios, will add a rustic look to your space. Considering this, many homeowners also want to give a pastoral look to their laminate planks. Therefore, it will also help to hide the flaws of the laminated base. 

Now, the concern is- Is it safe to whitewash laminate floors? If yes, how to whitewash laminate flooring? 

Well, you need to prepare your laminate base first by cleaning it. Then, sand down the laminated floor and mix the paint. Next, start applying the whitewash to your surface. Finally, leave your laminate base to let it dry. 

How to Whitewash Laminate Flooring

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Can You Whitewash Laminate Floor?

Whitewashing the floor will be a blessing. You can effortlessly hide the damaged plank by whitewashing the surface. And the best part is- you don’t need to spend a leg and arm to replace the damaged planks. 

Now, the question- is it safe to whitewash the laminate floor? The short answer is- no. 

Generally, the laminate plank is made up of a photograph layered onto a plank. Those photos are sealed into place with a wear surface. Whitewashing the photo will wet it, and the picture will start peeling back. In worst cases, laminate planks will buckle and warp underneath. 

However, you whitewash the engineered hardwood or solid hardwood floor. But, it will be better to avoid whitewashing the laminated surface.

If you still want to whitewash your laminated base, go for our next chapter. 

Note: Don’t blame us if whitewashing the floor brings any damage to your laminated plank. 

How To Whitewash Laminate Flooring?

Here is the step-by-step guide to whitewashing your laminate surface properly. 

1. Clean Off The Surface

Start with cleaning your laminated floor to get rid of the gunk that builds up on the surface. We recommend you use a wet-dry vacuum to vacuum and wash away every speck of dirt. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can apply dishwashing soap & water solution to the surface. Then, mop it away with a cloth. 

2. Sand Down The Laminated Floor

Now, it’s time to sand down your laminated base. You can use a drum sander to sand out your laminate floor. When sanding the surface with a drum sander, you can’t stop and hold still the sander. If you want to stop, you must pull the sander blade up off the floor. Otherwise, it may put a divot on your floor. So, make sure you lift the drum sander or stop the belt when you stop sanding. 

Make the sanding workflow into three steps. First off, sand with 60 grit sandpaper. In the second phase, use 80 grit sandpaper. And lastly, sand down your floor with 120 grit sandpaper to make the floor smooth. Once you finish the sanding workflow, clean the sand dust with a lint-free cloth. 

Don’t forget to sand out the edges of your floor as a drum sander can’t sand those tight corners. So, use a handheld sander to smooth out the edges. 

3. Mix Paint

In this stage, make some whitewash for applying to your laminate base. You can make a homemade whitewash using masonry lime mixed with salt & water. Alternatively, you can use latex paint like Valspar Interior Latex Paint. You must blend it with water. Using this paint, you will gain a chalky appearance on your laminate floor

4. Start Painting

Make sure you apply a light primer coating before painting the floor. Then, leave it to let it dry. Afterward, go for whitewashing your laminate base. Use a premium-quality roller or airless sprayer to paint your laminate surface evenly. You can also use a rag or cloth to apply the whitewash on your base. 

5. Let It Dry

Once you finish your whitewashing workflow, leave it for 24 hours to dry the paint. After drying up the whitewash, seal the laminate floor with a water-based latex varnish. When the first coat of varnish will dry, apply a second coat of varnish and leave it for a day to cure it. 

Difference Between Whitewash & Painting

Many people mistakenly think whitewashing is the same as painting. Though their function is similar, there is a subtle difference between whitewashing and painting. 

The first distinction we spot out is the material they use to make whitewash and paint. Whitewash is made up of masonry lime, salt, and water. As it uses natural ingredients for its construction, it has no toxic elements. 

On the other hand, paint uses resin, solvent, pigment, and additives as its built-in material. Unlike whitewash, it has toxic elements. 

Secondly, whitewash only gives a white or rustic look to the surface. In contrast, the painting uses different pigments. So, you can choose any shade you like to decorate your floor. 

And lastly, whitewash doesn’t require more maintenance than paint. It’s not vulnerable to peeling and fading. 

How Much Does It Cost To Whitewash The Laminate Flooring

You don’t need to spend a single buck if you make whitewash paint in your home. It requires only masonry lime, salt, and water to make whitewash. However, if you don’t have masonry lime in your home, you should spend a few bucks to get it. 

On the other hand, you should spend around $100-$150 if you coat the laminate surface with latex paint. 

Keep in mind; the cost may vary depending on your floor size and how many rooms you want to whitewash. 


How to lighten laminate flooring?

You can lighten your laminate flooring by applying whitewash. Before applying it to the floor, clean the surface evenly. Then, add a coat of primer to the laminate base. Finally, whitewash the floor.

Can you change the color of the laminate flooring?

You can change the color of your laminated floor by painting it and applying whitewash to the base. Also, you can apply a darker laminate stain to change the floor color. 

Can laminate flooring be whitewashed?

Whitewashing the laminated floor can peel away the photo that layered onto the plank. So, we recommend you to not whitewash this floor. However, you can go with whitewash if you make up your mind regarding this.

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You can easily hide the damaged laminate plank by whitewashing it. Above all, whitewashing the laminated surface will add a rustic vibe to your floor. 

However, many experts recommend contacting the flooring manufacturing before applying whitewash to the laminate base. This floor type is made of photographed layered onto the plank. So, the picture may peel away as the whitewash will wet it. 

But we are not here to demotivate you. You can still apply whitewash to your laminate base by overlooking the cons of whitewashing on the laminate floor.

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