Ironwood Decking: Pros Cons, Maintenance, Hardness & More

There are three important things you should look out for while building your dream deck, First us beauty, next you should consider if it suits your purpose and style and finally you should consider it’s strength and if it would stand the test if time.

 Very rarely do people get all these three combinations in their choices. This is why Ironwood decking is highly rated and recommended as one of the best options for you while installing your deck. It literally sets the standard for hardwood decking all over the world.

What is Ironwood Decking Made of?

This is a question that is often asked by many people as the name “ironwood” does leave a doubt in the minds of people about its composition. Ironwood decking is made from a specie of wood that is known for its strength and hardness. Ironwood decking derives its name from how hard and tough the deck boards can be. It is one of the hardest wood species worldwide.

Ironwood decking is a type of hardwood made from solid wood. There are a few other types of Ironwood.

What is the Cost of Ironwood Decking?

The cost of ironwood decking would differ from one manufacturer to another but on a average scale, many brands sell their ironwood decking boards between the ranges of $5 to $14 per linear foot.

Pros and Cons of Ironwood Decking


  • The biggest benefit of Ironwood decking has to be its strength, hardness and durability which makes it resistant to wear and tear and also makes it perfect for decking place that withstand heavy weight such as road walkways and malls.
  • Ironwood is the complete package of wood which means you also get a beautiful deck that is easy to maintain.
  • Ironwood decking is one of the best cost-effective options you can go for while considering your options for decking. It is the perfect blend of affordable but serving its purpose excellently.
  • Due its 100% natural quality, Ironwood decking is environmentally safe and contributes to a healthy living and a sustainable environment as it can also be recycled.


  • Like many other wood-based decking, stains, wood coating and paint is often difficult for ironwood decking to absorb. It is even go harder for ironwood, as it’s texture and hardness makes it more difficult. This means that the decking can get stained easily and decorating with wood coating might be hard.
  • Excessive sunlight can make wood oils leach off the surface of the wood which may make is unattractive and plain faster than you would like. This can also cause cracks and breakage within the wood after some time.
  • Installation of ironwood decking might not be as easy as fastening grooves. This means that it is not a DIY project you can always take on. Employing the right contractors is your best option while installing ironwood decking.

Is Ipe the Same as Ironwood?

Both Ironwood and Ipe are made from solid wood but in the context of biology, they are made from two different species.

Ironwood is a perennial flowering tree that belongs to Fabaceace family while Ipe, is a genus of flowering plants that belong to the family Bignoniaceae. Ipe is upto seven different species of hardwood. Ipe is however known to be stronger than ironwood, while ironwood is heavier and carries more weight than Ipe. The both belong to the general family of hardwood.

What is Brazilian Ironwood Decking?

Brazilian ironwood decking is the hardest type of wood decking ever. It has been known to break even nails. Other characteristics of Brazilian ironwood decking include.

  • It lasts very long.
  • It is friendly for our environment due its 100% naturalness.
  • It is highly resistant to rot, mold, mildew and even termites.
  • All types of ironwood decking are dense, but Brazilian is the heaviest.

Is Ironwood Good for Outdoors?

Ironwood is literally a perfect choice for your outdoor space. It serves the function of making your outdoor area beautiful while resisting weather, mold, mildew or pest damage. Because of its strength and durability, you never have to worry for a long time about cracks in your decking or not holding enough weight.

Other reasons why Iron is perfect for your outdoor decking

  • It requires low maintenance to keep it beautiful and functional.
  • Due to its internal structure, it has a non-slippery surface which makes it good choice where water can pour such as outdoor where rain can fall or pool water can splash.
  • It is an amazing choice of decking that aids your relaxation because it is remains cool even during hot seasons.

How do You Maintain an Ironwood Deck?

You can clean your deck within a month or bi- monthly interval depending on how much dirt you make on its surface. You should always sweep off obvious dirt though.

To maintain the quality of yore deck for a long time, ensure you use a vacuum to eliminate dust.

For liquid based stains, rinse the surface with a sprinkler of water, use detergent to mop the surface, use bleach after then rinse.

Annually, you can contact a cleaning agency to help you or follow the steps below meticulously:

  • Ensure you sand the deck while moving in the direction of the grains of the wood.
  • After sanding, use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  • Use a stream of water e.g. hose to rinse the boards clean.
  • Let the decking dry completely before applying the pre-sealer.
  • Test the sealer in one small area of the deck before applying it on all the boards. This way, you ensure that the solution doesn’t change the wood’s natural color.
  • Use the brush and the cloth to apply the sealer in long, overlapping strokes across each board.
  • Use a dry rag to remove any excess oil.
  • Let the deck dry for at least 24 hours before stepping on it again.

Do I Need to Paint or Stain My Ironwood Decking

No you absolutely do not need. Ironwood is a beautiful wood to use for decking and you don’t need to stain the decking if your like the natural colour it comes with. If you do want, you should apply carefully and sparingly in each stroke.

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