Is Epoxy Grout Waterproof?

To the traditional homeowners, the idea of an epoxy grout might sound strange; whereas the modern decorator is asking the question bothering on whether epoxy grout is waterproof. Yet, both concerns are legitimate to the extent of the knowledge open to them.

Epoxy grout has become homeowners’ favorite due to its waterproof property. The grout is waterproof because it doesn’t allow moisture to pass through. Producing incredibly beautiful look, epoxy grout is quite versatile, perfect for a wide range of surfaces.

If you’re curious about why epoxy is waterproof, this article has got you covered. Stay connected.

Is epoxy grout waterproof?

Yes, epoxy grout is waterproof. Unlike regular grout, epoxy grout is less porous as it prevents water from building up under its surface. 

Plus, interior designers also prefer epoxy grout because of its high resistance to stains shrinks. Made of filler powder or hardener and epoxy resins, epoxy grout is pretty durable and strong. Hence, if you’re in search of a grout that will fit high-traffic areas, floors, or splash backs, epoxy grout will be the right pick. It doesn’t matter the strength of the heavy machinery. They can’t crack or crush epoxy grout.

Is Epoxy Grout Waterproof

What’s more, being waterproof also means that epoxy grout will last for a long time. It boasts highly incredible resilience against the elements and extreme environmental conditions. Epoxy grout won’t stain or shrink when it’s face to face with harsh chemicals.

Epoxy grout colors come in a wide variety of shades. Perhaps you’ve been used to the classical grey epoxy color. Epoxy also comes in maccha, tan, brown, and many other color shades. Whether it is the Laticrete or ceramic tile epoxy grout, you’ve got the freedom to choose your color and maintain it throughout the lifespan of the grout. The icing on the cake is that epoxy grout doesn’t discolor.

Does water go through epoxy grout? 

No. Water doesn’t penetrate epoxy grout. Whereas, your traditional grout, such as cement-based grout, absorbs water when they are wet and so doesn’t keep water away from penetrating it. On the other hand, with resin-made epoxy grout, you can be sure water won’t have its way through the grout. In addition, the grout doesn’t allow water buildup under its surface. 

The grout’s non-porous nature also implies that water can pass through it. In the same vein, the grout won’t be able to go through any contents, including liquids and air. It repels other substances and can hold up against stains and other liquid substances. 

What about resistance to staining? This combo is doesn’t require epoxy grout sealer or coat. This is due to its non-porous nature.

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Should I use epoxy grout in the shower?

Yes. You can and should use epoxy grout in your home shower. It works perfectly and won’t give way easily. Typically, grouts suffer from the direct contact they have with the moisture from the showers. When showers condense or steam, they give off a great amount of moisture. If this touches the grout directly, it can crack or damage it. No doubt, the water level from showers can cause a lot of problems for a porous grout. However, a non-porous grout, like epoxy grout, boasts great stability in the face of a hit from shower water. Epoxy grout doesn’t readily absorb water like cement-based grout mix.

Another good feature of epoxy grout is its strong resistance to stains. Don’t forget, too many stains or moisture can lead to the formation of mold, algae and fungi in the showers. These organisms have a damaging effect on both the grout and your shower. With epoxy grout not easily absorbing water, you can prevent these organisms from forming on your showers.

How long does epoxy grout last in a shower?

Epoxy grout is the most long-lasting and durable grout out there. On average, it can last between 10 and 20 years. However, it all depends on how the grout is made. The material and substance mixture can impact the longevity of the grout. If properly prepared, epoxy grout can last longer than the threshold.

However, you must constantly keep eye on the shower to test and know the condition of the grout. Sometimes, if the shower is not properly installed, it can affect the lifespan of the epoxy grout.

Can I put epoxy grout over old grout?

Yes, nothing prevents you from putting epoxy grout on top of the. Although you don’t need an epoxy grout sealer, you can still put epoxy grout over old grout. The advantage epoxy grout has over others in re-grouting tile projects is its strength and sturdiness. You don’t need to remove the old grout if you have to replace it. With epoxy grout on the ground, replacing bad grout has become a walk in the park.

Get an epoxy grout remover to strike out the old grout. While doing this, dig up to 0.07” in depth. This depth is equivalent to the thickness you get when you place one layer of grout over another. Once the old grout has given way, you should clean the surface to get rid of debris or dirt. You can apply epoxy grout on top of the old grout.

What are some of the Common Problems of Epoxy Grout?

Despite its incredible properties, epoxy grout as its drawbacks. To start, epoxy grout application can be a little tricky. It may take a longer time than when you work with cement grout. The use of epoxy grout sealer is not required because it can compromise the safety of the grout.

Also, epoxy grout can degrade when it comes in direct contact with very harsh chemicals. Besides, epoxy grout can be quite expensive relative to its cement-based counterparts. Epoxy grout also requires proper mixing to avoid poor being degraded. While it comes in a wide array of colors, white epoxy grout can turn yellow if exposed to direct scorching sunlight.


Now, you have detailed information about epoxy grout. What’s next is to make an informed decision about this product the next time you want to choose grout. With all its amazing features, epoxy grout has become a favorite choice among homeowners and interior decorators. You won’t regret it if you opt for this type of grout.

Although there are a wide variety of grouts on the market, the choice of epoxy should come first. This incredible substance is no-porous, expensive, durable, strong, and sturdy. It can withstand the elements, stains, and won’t crack or crumble when hit by heavy machines. It is the perfect guy for your home.

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