Is Pergo Gold Underlayment Really Worth It?

The home has been said to be a reflection of who we truly are. So, the important question to ask would be, what makes a home?

The flooring of a home is aptly described as the base, the foundation on which everything else is built. Just as people say the first thing you notice about a man are his shoes or feet, the first thing one notice as you enter a house is its flooring.

However, the flooring of home is not just important for its beauty or visual appeal; it is a huge deal in terms of its durability, stability, quality and price.

If you are thinking of installing flooring for your home, a household name that readily comes to mind is Pergo-gold.

Is Pergo Gold Underlayment Really Worth It

Pergo is essentially a manufacture name for a type of laminate flooring available for sale.

It is a foremost flooring type in the industry known notably for its protection against moisture, thermal damage and it’s amazing sound insulation.

There is hardly a difference between Pergo-gold underlayment with laminate flooring and solid hardwood after installation.

It should however not be mistaken for real wood, Pergo-gold is an engineered, simple to install underlay made of foam with a core of strength in the centre and surrounded by premium hardwood.

Due to its makeup of hard foam, it is very resistant to moisture and heat than any other form of flooring which makes it a perfect option for installation in any part of the home including kitchens.

What is an Underlayment in Flooring

An underlayment is basically like an additional or complimentary pad which is first installed before a laminate or wood flooring is installed to help smoothen the floor, help the laminate connect better and makes it feel lighter and softer against the feet while walking on it.

It often comes in form of a polyethylene roll of foam.

While making flooring purchases, it is important to exercise caution, choose carefully and read widely on the best options for your floor, whether or not your flooring type requires and underlay or not and if the purchase and use of an underlay for your floor is really worth it.

Is Pergo Gold Underlayment Really Worth It

In terms of price, as the cost of purchase is really the first variable most consumers consider before deciding to use a product.

Budget Underlayment

Pergo gold as an independent flooring product is one of the most affordable laminate flooring worldwide as even on Amazon, their prices are remarkably the lowest.

Lower prices do not mean lesser quality on this particular situation as it stands the test of time despite it’s relatively cheaper cost. By getting and installing a Pergo gold underlayment, you get to kill two birds with one stone: getting the best prices and getting the best product.


For its quality and durability, Pergo gold is one of the leading names in flooring industry and with over 35 years of existence, its age long tradition of good quality products has not waned as it continues to be first amongst all.

Pergo gold underlayment has a way of enhancing the performance and outlook of every laminate flooring or engineered floor it is attached to.

With the quality embedded in the product, you would hardly find a difference between it and quality hardwood in terms of its sound as it does not produce a shallow sound like many underlay systems.

If you are slightly concerned about how your flooring would turn out due to an imperfect subfloor, getting Pergo-gold underlayment can help smoothen your concerns. With its smooth finish and seamlessness, it smoothens and gets rid of little sub-floor flaws.

Soundproof Underlayment

Sound insulating property is a measure of how much a material can prevent sound waves from permeating across a space.

With Pergo-gold underlayment, you do not have to worry about noise permeating across the house (echoes) while you walk, while children play or while pets run across the room because of its inbuilt sound insulating property.

Moisture Protection

It is quite inevitable that there would not be spills across the home. If you have Pergo gold underlayment installed, you have protection against wet floors and spills which help you avoid changing flooring systems every other time.

It offers an extraordinary moisture protection against wet floors and spills on flooring for up to thirty (30) minutes before clean up.


If you have decided to purchase Pergo-gold underlay, you might still be concerned about how much of the underlayment you have to buy for enough coverage in your home.

A package of the underlayment has a coverage of 100 square feet which is approximately a room where two and half king size beds can stay conveniently.

Easy of installation

Another point for the worthiness of Pergo-gold underlayment is its ease of installation. Without hiring artisans or any other person, you can undertake the installation of the underlay with the instructions on the package and numerous YouTube videos to help you.

Before purchasing an underlayment, there are three important boxes to tick

  • Ensure it as a vapor barrier for subfloor moisture to prevent against easy damage.
  • Check for its sound insulating properties to reduce sound from home levels and the movements across the floor.
  • Ensure it provides a huge support for flooring structures as expansion occurs due to various thermal conditions as weather changes.

Pergo-gold helps you to tick all these boxes and even more. With the wide array of underlayment in the market for purchase, choosing the perfect product without help maybe a daunting task for many people.

Final Words

To answer the question of if an underlayment is really worth the purchase, answer to the question is in if the underlayment can last for as long as possible without wear and tear. Reviews speak for Pergo gold underlayment in this regard; the use of Pergo-gold underlayment is always worth the purchase.

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