Karndean Flooring Problems

Karndean flooring is also known as luxury vinyl flooring. It has become one of the favorites for homeowners because of its easy installation and maintenance process. With all the advantages it offers, it also comes with some disadvantages that one might want to be aware of.

Karndean flooring problems are not something that you cannot deal with. One of the common problems is the installation hazard. If the installation is not done by a good hand, you can face bounciness and peeling. With this, you can find issues like discoloration, not being waterproof or scratchproof, hazards of warranty, and so on.

Karndean flooring offers lots of advantages to attract customers. But like any other product, it has some drawbacks that you might want to know before working with it. Knowing the disadvantages will allow you to compare between other flooring and Karndean Flooring.

Karndean Flooring Problems

Problems with Karndean Flooring

With so many advantages of Karndean flooring, you might want to know the disadvantages as well. Several users have reported some problems with Karndean flooring. 

Here are a few of the core issues that users have faced with this type of flooring.


Karndean Flooring doesn’t have protection against UV rays from the sunlight. It is one of the best outdoor vinyl floorings, but its color can fade away by the direct contact of the sun. 

If they are near a window without a curtain or where the direct sunlight falls, discoloration occurs. The darker shades of this vinyl flooring have more resistance to sunlight than the lighter shades. Even a coating of UV Ray protector cannot protect it from fading away. 

The accumulation of dust on the floor can also cause discoloration. Also, using bleach frequently to do the cleaning can cause the color to fade away.

Peeling At the Edges

Some people use transition stripes between the old flooring and the new Karndean flooring. If these stripes are not cut in the proper angle and shape, they can face peeling. 

This is not much of a structural issue, but the peeling gap will accumulate dust and debris. Thus, the cleanliness of your room will be compromised.

Sometimes due to the trapping of water underneath the flooring, peeling can take place. In this case, repairing is not possible. To solve this issue, you will need to do re-installation.

Even without any issue, you can find the peeling of edges after 15 years or less. This tells you that this is the time you will need to reinstall your Karndean flooring.

Not Being Scratch Proof

One of the major complaints from the pet owners having Karndean flooring is that it is not scratch-proof. Karndean Flooring gets easily scratched by the nails of pets. 

The dragging of heavy furniture can leave marks. It can also leave a scratch mark from pointy heels and rough soles of shoes. The scratches are more visible if you have darker shades. 

Going for higher quality will allow you to have a scratch-proof coating. If you install lighter shade flooring, it can give you a bit of relief from the visibility of the scratch as well.


Like any other LVT flooring, after a while, you can face bouncing in Karndean flooring. This happens due to improper installation of the subfloor. 

Usually, Karndean vinyl is installed on a subfloor. If the subfloor is not layered correctly, bouncing will take place. If the unevenness of the subfloor is severe, it can detach the vinyl plank. This unevenness eventually might lead to structural issues.  

Warranty Conditions

Many previous users have faced trouble with the warranty claim. The primary issue with the warranty claim is that if it is not installed in a business establishment with heavy use, one cannot claim a warrant before 15 to 20 years. The warranty period is very limited for different products of Karndean flooring. 

Resolving Karndean Flooring Problems

Karndean flooring is known for its low maintenance. But if you want to overcome the disadvantages, a bit of care will help you in the long run.

Below are some nifty tips and tricks as well as useful preventive measures to overcome Karndean flooring problems.

Protection For Scratching

In a house full of pets and children, try to install light-colored Karndean vinyl flooring. The scratches will be unnoticeable for some time. If your pet has already done the damage, you can use floor wax coating to repair it temporarily. 

Installing a protective film over the flooring can solve the issue too. There are some high-quality and highly-priced Karndean flooring available. They have the film installed.

As a precaution, add a rubber protector on heavy furniture while shifting.

Resisting Color Fading

It is better to use dark-colored Karndean flooring outdoors. They have a higher tendency to absorb UV rays. Try to avoid direct contact with sunlight through the window using curtains. 

Also, there are floor coatings available. Applying them on the Karndean flooring will also resist fading away. Without using bleach frequently, you can use just water to wipe your floor. Karndean flooring is 100% moisture resistant. 

Resolving Bouncing

To avoid this condition, establish the layering of the sub-floor properly before the installation of Karndean flooring. Check the leveling of the subfloor before installing the final flooring. 

There are tutorials available online for this. They will help you to check the leveling before installing Karndean flooring. If necessary, take professional help. They have tools to check the leveling of the sub-floor.

If the subfloor is made of wood, level it with the help of a sanding machine and sandpaper. For concrete floor leveling, a concrete grinder can help.

Precautions For Peeling Edges

Even though Karndean flooring is moisture-proof, you must check for water leakage. Sometimes water leakage underneath the flooring causes peeling. To resolve this issue, take help from a plumber immediately.  

In the wall joints, make sure to measure and cut the tiles properly. Also, do not let dust and debris build up in the edges to avoid peeling. Conceal the joints between the tiles properly. In the instruction manual, you will find directions to seal the joints properly. 

Dealing With Warranty

Check on the warranty conditions before you buy any product of Karndean flooring. Different products of Karndean flooring come with varying conditions of a warranty. 

If you are going for a heavy-duty zone, Karndean flooring offers a bit of a flexible warranty. Reading the warranty conditions and proper research will allow you to choose the best option for you.

With these pointers, you can easily overcome the Karndean flooring problems. If you are still having issues with your Karndean flooring, contact a flooring contractor as soon as possible. In case of structural problems, reinstallation is the only option. 

Final Words

Karndean Flooring has both advantages and disadvantages. It is one of the most expensive vinyl flooring options available in the market. But its durability has made it people‚Äôs choice. It also offers a wide range of designs and waterproofing features. 

With all these ins and outs, one can easily decide on installing Karndean flooring. It is always easy to determine which one to use if you know the benefits and the problems. Any of the vinyl floorings can have issues like discoloration, scratching, and bouncing. But the Karndean flooring problems are easily solvable with some good maintenance practices and proper care of the flooring.

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