LifeProof Carpet vs. Stainmaster

It is never a wrong decision to choose a carpet that serves both the function of protecting your floors and decorating your home. Functional carpets are a customer favorite, especially when you purchase high-quality ones. LifeProof and Stainmaster carpets are highly functional.

One significant difference between these two carpets is the materials used in making them. LifeProof carpets are made using nylon, triexta, wool, or polyester (or a mix of the two), while Stainmaster carpets are made using commercial-grade nylon fiber. 

These two carpets have great advantages, but also disadvantages. Of course, they are two great choices, but which is the better choice? Which will serve your purpose perfectly?

LifeProof Carpet vs Stainmaster
 LifeProof CarpetsStainmaster Carpets
CostThese carpets are a littlemore expensive than Stainmaster Carpets; they cost about $2-$7 per square foot.These carpets are the cheaper options. They cost about $1-$5 per square foot.
WarrantyLifeProof carpet offers a pet warranty providing you purchase a carpet with that particular warranty. All carpets come with a 25-year warranty.Stainmaster offers a lifetimestain warranty as well as a pet warranty. 
MaterialLifeProof carpets are made using wool, triexta, polyester, or nylon.Stainmaster carpets are made using a type 6.6 nylon fiber.
MaintenanceEasy to clean and maintain. Recommends vacuuming carpets twice a week.Easy to clean stains, even those that have settled.

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LifeProof Carpet

LifeProof carpet was launched in 2015 under Mohawk flooring, a famous flooring manufacturer. Even though it is still a bit new in the game, you can expect to get quality carpets in residential and commercial settings.

LifeProof carpets are known for being exceptionally stain-resistant because they have re-engineered fibers. This means that if you get stains on your carpet, they can easily be washed off because they only stay on top of the carpet. The carpets are sold exclusively at the Home Depot, with over a hundred styles (patterned, looped, twisted designs) at your disposal.

One good thing about these carpets is that you can get them in either of the four different carpet fibers offered (wool, nylon, polyester, or triexta) of your choice. There are also a wide variety of shade and colors to suit your needs.

Different shades of black, grey, red, yellow, blue, beige, brown, tan, and many other colors are at your disposal. You can also choose different colors to form a pattern for your floors.

LifeProof carpets are fade and wear-resistant, enabling them to last longer and increase their durability. The carpets do not fade when exposed to extreme sunlight, and they go through hypoallergenic treatment, which stops dust and dust mites.

The treatment above is favorable to those with breathing conditions such as asthma as they have a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) rating. These are chemicals detrimental to human health.

Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster is a popular brand in the carpet-making industry as it has been in the industry since 1986. Its long time in the game has made it a very trusted brand. Stainmaster carpets are perfect for high-traffic areas as they are stain-resistant and pet/kid-friendly. They are durable, with over three hundred styles at your disposal.

The carpets are divided into five categories. The first one is PetProtect – these are pet-friendly carpets and are good at withstanding all kinds of stains or damage. They are easy to maintain and clean and will be an excellent choice for homes with pets.

The second category is called the Livewell, and it is perfect for everyday comfort in your home, as the name implies. These carpets help reduce dust and particles, which is excellent for allergies and breathing conditions.

The third category is called the Active Family, and it is a carpet that is perfect for high-traffic rooms in the home, as the name implies. They are made to withstand heavy soiling and will last your family for a long time while retaining their look.

The fourth category is the TruSoft carpet, and it is the best choice for extreme comfort. You can use these carpets in bedrooms and living rooms as they are also easy to maintain and are stain-resistant.

Lastly, we have the Stainmaster Essentials carpet, which is a carpet made of 100% polyester fibers. It is among the very few, and maybe the only Stainmaster carpets made with polyester, as the rest are made with nylon. It is fade and stain-resistant.

Differences between LifeProof Carpets and Stainmaster Carpets

Apart from the differences in the materials used to make these carpets, other things set them apart.


Both LifeProof and Stainmaster carpets are highly durable. The only slight difference between them is that LifeProof does not handle stains as well as Stainmaster does, especially stains that have settled in the carpet.

Apart from the nylon, polyester, or triexta that LifeProof uses in making their carpets, there is also a type of fiber strand in these carpets called the Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF). This fiber protects carpets from shedding.

Stainmaster uses commercial-grade nylon fiber (type 6.6), a unique nylon fiber that protects carpets from fraying. This type of material makes carpets able to withstand heavy traffic rooms.

Style and Designs

It is always a great joy to find out that your carpet brand has tons of options for you to choose from. Stainmaster has the upper hand in this aspect, with over 300 styles for customers to choose from. Alongside its five different categories, you indeed will have a lot of options at your disposal.

LifeProof, on the other hand, has over 100 styles for customers to choose from, which is a lot less than Stainmaster. These styles are offered in different categories, such as patterned, looped, textured, and twisted carpets.

LifLifeProof vs. Stainmaster Carpet Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of LifeProof Carpets


  • You can create your pattern using the colors of your choice.
  • The carpets are stain-resistant and durable.
  • The carpets will not fade when exposed to bright sunlight.
  • They are hypoallergenic carpets with a low VOC.


  • It is challenging to remove stains that have settled in the carpets.
  • You may not find a style that suits you as there are few options.
  • It is more expensive than Stainmaster carpets.

Pros and Cons of Stainmaster Carpets


  • The carpets are stain-resistant. It is easy to clean stains that have settled.
  • It is a cheaper option compared to LifeProof carpets.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Perfect choices for families with pets.


  • Has poor customer ratings.


LifeProof carpets serve the function of protecting your floors, but they may not be the best option for anyone looking for a varied range of styles and designs. Stainmaster carpets do a great job of protecting your floors and providing different types, styles, and options.

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