LifeProof vs. TrafficMaster Flooring

Flooring is an essential part of buildings, so you should use high-quality flooring with a lengthy lifespan. Every homeowner who wants to renovate their home or change the flooring in certain parts of their home knows the dilemma of choosing the best flooring. You might decide to select flooring based on affordability, pros and cons, the room you would install it, and various other factors. LifeProof and TrafficMaster are two companies that offer different types of flooring, including laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

LifeProof flooring is sold exclusively at Home Depot; it is Home Depot’s in-house brand. Although Home Depot has exclusive rights to the sale of LifeProof flooring, it is not the LifeProof flooring manufacturer. The LifeProof flooring manufacturer is Halstead New England Industries, and Home Depot contracts them to produce LifeProof flooring.

TrafficMaster flooring is manufactured by companies such as Shaw Industries, inc. andArmstrong, and, just like LifeProof flooring, it is sold exclusively at Home Depot.

LifeProof and TrafficMaster floorings are budget-friendly, and although they both offer different kinds of flooring, their most popular options are vinyl and laminate floorings. Because they are a lot cheaper than high-end flooring, they are only suitable for some uses–in some instances, they can be used as substitutes for more expensive flooring such as engineered hardwood.

LifeProof vs TrafficMaster Flooring

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 LifeProof FlooringTrafficMaster Flooring
PricesLifeProof flooring is not expensive; pricing varies on the type of flooring, the thickness of the material, and its wear layer. Generally, the cost of LifeProof flooring varies from $2.78 to $3.19 per square foot. For example, LifeProof’s luxury vinyl flooring costs $2.99 per square foot.TrafficMaster flooring is generally cheaper than LifeProof flooring. For example, TrafficMaster’s luxury vinyl flooring costs $1.89 per square foot. TrafficMaster flooring ranges from $0.59 to $2.20 per square foot.
WarrantyMost LifeProof flooring has 5 to 25 years to a lifetime warranty. The warranty placed on LifeProof flooring is dependent mainly on the size of the wear layer and whether the flooring is to be used in a residential or commercial area.TrafficMaster flooring has a 5 to 25-year limited warranty on most flooring. This warranty is limited to manufacturer defects, so any defects caused by improper installation, improper cleaning, negligence, etc., will not be covered. Like LifeProof flooring, its lifespan depends on the type of traffic it gets and its wear layer thickness.
MaterialsLifeProof flooring comprises different kinds of flooring made of different materials. LifeProof flooring ranges from carpet to hard surfaces such as luxury vinyl, laminate, tile, and bamboo flooring. LifeProof carpet has a built-in stain and soil protection, and it does not absorb moisture–these features make it easy to clean. The hard-surface flooring is stain and scratch-resistant.TrafficMaster provides an array of flooring options, making it possible for everyone to find the most suitable flooring for whatever purpose. TrafficMaster Flooring includes laminate and luxury vinyl floorings, carpet, tile, and underlayment. TrafficMaster flooring catalog also includes gym flooring, garage flooring, floor mats, and a few outdoor flooring options.

Differences Between LifeProof and TrafficMaster Flooring

The differences between LifeProof and TrafficMaster floorings lie in


LifeProof and TrafficMaster floorings are Home Depot’s in-house flooring products, but they do not share a common manufacturer. Halstead New England Industries manufacture LifeProof flooring, and TrafficMaster is made by popular brands such as Armstrong and Shaw Industries Inc.


LifeProof vinyl flooring does not require an underlayment; it comes with a built-in underlayment that minimizes sound, insulates your house, and provides comfort to your feet when you walk or stand on it. This provision of underlayment is a far cry from most of TrafficMaster’s flooring options, as they come without underlayment. For example, TrafficMaster’s laminate flooring does not have an in-built underlayment, so it can be noisy when you pressure it, be it foot traffic or furniture. Because of this, you should install TrafficMaster laminate flooring with an underlayment–TrafficMaster produces a popular underlayment which is a good choice for underlayment.

Similarities Between LifeProof and TrafficMaster Flooring

TrafficMaster flooring shares similarities with LifeProof flooring, some of which are examined in the following paragraphs.

Exclusive to Home Depot

A significant similarity between LifeProof and TrafficMaster floorings is that they are both manufactured by companies that sell them exclusively to Home Depot. This arrangement is known as white-labeling, and it significantly lowers the costs tied to both flooring options, allowing Home Depot to sell them at cheaper rates.


The materials used in making LifeProof and TrafficMaster floorings are similar. Both brands use hard surfaces that replicate wood, including laminate and luxury vinyl floorings.


TrafficMaster and LifeProof floorings are incredibly popular because of their prices; they offer inexpensive flooring options for people who want their floors to look excellent and high-end but cannot afford expensive flooring. However, TrafficMaster flooring is not as expensive as LifeProof.

 Cost (per square foot)Thickness
TrafficMaster Laminate Flooring$0.607 mm
LifeProof Vinyl Flooring$2.59 to $3.096 mm & 7 mm

The prices are pretty low for flooring. The above table means that if, for example, you want to redo the floors in your 1000 square-foot home and replace them with LifeProof luxury vinyl flooring, you can expect to spend $2600 to $3000 on purchasing the vinyl flooring.


Even though LifeProof flooring is more expensive than TrafficMaster, it is the more popular flooring because it has more style and color options. Compared to TrafficMaster, LifeProof has a limited selection of underlayments and padding–but it makes up for this lack of selection with built-in underlayment in most of its laminate and vinyl floorings.

LifeProof and TrafficMaster floorings provide a diverse range of flooring in different styles, colors, and features. These floorings are available in different planks; for example, LifeProof vinyl planks are available in Sterling Oak, Ocala Oak, etc., and TrafficMaster vinyl planks are available in Brushed Oak Taupe, among others. Both TrafficMaster and LifeProof floorings are available for purchase at varying prices that would align with your budget, so it is up to you to consider their features and choose the most suitable for your purposes.

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