Mohawk Carpet Everstrand vs Smartstrand

Everyone wants their house to look gorgeous and different from others. And what better way to do that than adding quality flooring? There are multiple options available in the market for floor designing and carpet is one of them.

Mohawk is a well-known carpet maker company. If you wanna buy one of their products then the first question that pops into your mind would be which one is better, Mohawk Everstrand vs Smartstrand?

Just read the whole article carefully and you’ll find all the answers you need to know about carpets. Like, which one is better between these two or why you should apply it to your flooring. And also why carpet is the better option than other available flooring in the market.

Everstrand vs Smartstrand

But first, let’s figure out what exactly are Everstrand and Smartstrand carpets.

What are everstrand and smartstrand?


The Everstrand carpets are fiber carpets which come in either PET or polyester variants. This type of carpet is really good for our environment as they are eco-friendly and made out of recycled materials. Plastic soda bottles are mainly used to make this kind of carpet.

Mohawk always tries to push the boundaries while maintaining the quality of its products. Their own patented process includes premium PET which contains a high-grade polymer. It also increases the strength of the fiber and cleans all the residue with its purification process.

You can get all the good things about polymer because of this without worrying about the soil issues that it’s known for. Everstrand also uses Scotchgard treatment to protect the material from stain-related problems.


One of the most special features about Smartstrand carpets is that it comes with built-in stain protection that lasts for a lifetime. This is probably something every customer wants to have on their carpet.

Another special feature about these carpets is that they come with a pet accident warranty. So, people who have pets or young kids will love this feature. Soft carpets alongside the guarantee of lifetime stain-free, probably something that’ll catch the attention of many consumers.

Although Smartstrand is the rookie in this industry they have had a huge impact with their unique style and public testing of their stain-free feature.

So, now that we know what these two types of carpets are let’s see the differences between them.

Differences Between Everstrand and Smartstrand

Both Everstrand and Smartstrand are considered to be the benchmark products of Mohawk. It depends completely on your personal preferences and choice. So, before buying any of them please gather enough info so that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

So, without further ado, legs begin with Everstrand first.

The first thing that might come to your head is what’s so special about Everstrand? What makes it special from others? Well, these carpets come with the latest purification process which includes Scotchgard advanced repel and Continuum purifying technologies. This makes sure of all the residue, which attracts dirt and other unnecessary objects.

It is also made out of the highest grading polymer and comes with a patented system that increases strength and maintains appearance swiftly. And it also works for environment-conscious buyers as its made completely out of recycled materials. And it’s also one of the most sustainable carpets in the world as almost 3 billion plastics are recycled each year by them and turned into Everstrand carpets.

Sometimes we want vibrant and bright colors to decorate our house and Everstrand can work splendidly in this case. There are eight gray and beige shades known as the Everstrand risk-taker line. This will not only make your house look beautiful but also give a happy vibe all around the house.

Smart Strands on the other hand comes in the luxury category. They are one of the most luxurious carpets that Mohawk produces. One of the key features of this carpet is that they come along with stain free features. They are also resistant to wear so you don’t have to worry about them getting wear off as time passes by. Although these features are not fiber treatments, they are part of the fiber.

If you are a colorful person these smart strands won’t disappoint you either. There are 22 colors available from which you can pick whichever you love the most. There are also 2 different styles available so there are options for almost everyone regardless of whatever your taste may be. You’ll always find the right option you are looking for, an option that every buyer would love to have.

But these carpets not only come with unique colors and designs. They are also very strong and long-lasting. Because of its state-of-the-art manufacturing process and nano lot spill shield technology, these carpets are almost invisible when it comes to spill protection, stain protection, and everlasting durability. Another awesome feature of this product is that it comes alongside a 0% moisture absorption rate. This can be handy to get rid of musty odors. Some people are not that fond of this kind of odors so Smartstrand can be the best option for them in this case.

Some people are looking for carpets that ensure that their children and pets can be safe while running or playing on them. They can pick Smartstrand without any doubt. Smartstrand comes with an all-pet protection facility.

And it also has a warranty so you don’t have to worry much either if your children play a lot on this carpet or your pet loves to have a role on these soft flooring. Or perhaps you are having a party in your house and there are frequent visitors to your place.

No problem, the warranty has it all covered. So, automatically this can be one of the first choices for the buyers.

Just like their counterpart, Smartstrand carpets are also eco-friendly. So, if you want carpets that don’t harm the environment then this could be the one you are looking for. And as a bonus t, these carpets are made out of renewable plant-based materials that can be renewed annually.

Because of this, the usage of natural resources is decreased, which also limits energy consumption while manufacturing. Smartstrand is one of the very few carpets which come with OEKO-TEX® certification which ensures that its harmful substances cannot do any harm to it.

A point that would be considered by many buyers.’

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Carpets are one of the most loved and used flooring when it comes to decorating your house but it can get a little bit confusing when it comes to picking the right one. Don’t worry, just read this article carefully and all your questions and confusions will go away regarding this matter and you won’t face any problem choosing the right carpet for your house.

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