Mohawk vs. Pergo Flooring

There are so many flooring choices on the market today. How do homeowners choose? Beyond inspiration, and personal style, taking into consideration the flooring technologies of the brands you are shopping for and how that particular flooring will serve you, your home and your lifestyle is just as important. Today’s two top flooring brands Mohawk and Pergo offer beautiful engineered products: laminate and luxury vinyl planks. Although Mohawk and Pergo are owned by Mohawk Flooring (since 2013), there are distinct technical differences between the two brands of flooring.

Both flooring materials and brands give homeowners the opportunity to insert new life into an old room. Each type is manufactured from different materials and adds unique design elements to the home. Mohawk is known for its Luxury Vinyl flooring, and, Pergo is today’s choice for laminate flooring.

Mohawk vs Pergo Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) and laminate are two flooring types that are undeniably durable in a home. In this article, you will learn the differences between the two flooring types manufactured by Mohawk and Pergo. First, let’s dive into the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring.

What is Laminate

Laminate is constructed of recycled wood created into wood fiber sheets that are laminated together. Its main core is high-density fiberboard (HDF) and a melamine resin. Tiny wood fibers that are used derive from all parts of a tree. The laminate composition in flooring results in reliability especially when it comes to resisting water, scratches, and dents.

It’s important to note that the thicker your laminate planks are the quieter the room will be and the more shock absorbent the floors will be. The optimal plank thickness is anywhere from 7 to 12 mm.

What is Vinyl

Vinyl has a different makeup than laminate. Composed of multiple layers, vinyl flooring is synthetic. Made from fiberglass and treated with PVC vinyl, a plasticizer, and a no-wax polyurethane, the vinyl goes through an embossing process which creates the design layer. Also, vinyl flooring products are free of harmful phthalates (chemicals that pose exposure risks to people). Ultimately, vinyl is very desirable for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. It is a durable and sustainable floor in heavily trafficked homes.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) is a type of vinyl that homeowners choose to mimic hardwood or stone, without the excessive cost. It can be cut into stone-like tiles or planks like hardwood.

Comparison between Pergo Laminate vs Mohawk Laminate

 Pergo LaminateMohawk Laminate
Durability25-year life expectancy Extra protection add-ons: water-repellent AquaSafe coating, SpillProtect technology, WetProtect, and SilentWalk.Up to 20-year life expectancy Extra protection add-ons: ScratchGuard, Waterproof Laminate, and Hydroseal sealant.
InstallationPerfect Fold’s tongue and groove technology keeps the laminate floor secure firmly above the subfloor.Uniclic Locking System uses tongue and groove method to secure laminate flooring above the subfloor.
Luxury Vinyl Floor specs8 – 12 mm thickness3.4 – 7.5 mm thickness
CostAverage $6.00 per sq. ft.Average $1.00 to $5.00 per sq. ft.

Comparison between Pergo vs Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Flooring

 Pergo Luxury Vinyl FloorMohawk Luxury Vinyl Floor
Durability10 to 20-yearlife expectancy Rigid Click and Flex Click & Flex Glue products are geared toward waterproofing, scratch, and dent resistance.Up to 25-yearlife expectancy SolidTech and SolidTech Plus products guard against water penetration, scratches and dents, pet stains, and any sort of cupping or gapping within the vinyl that could occur from changes within the environmental climate.
InstallationPerfect Fold’s tongue and groove technology keeps the laminate floor secure firmly above the subfloor.Uniclic Locking System uses the tongue and groove method to secure laminate flooring above the subfloor.
Specs in mmAverage 6mm in thicknessSolidTech: 3.5 to 7.5 mm
SolidTech Plus: 8mm to 20mm
CostAverage $4 to $6 per sq. ft.Average $3.30 per sq. ft.

PERGO Flooring

Pergo Laminate

Most well-known for its laminate flooring, the Pergo brand is tried and true when it comes to installation, hardwearing, water and scratch-resistant, and design.


When cared for properly, Pergo laminate can have a life expectancy of 25 years. Laminate flooring can handle the sun beating down on it, pet stains, burn stains, or water. This flooring will resist all of that.

Pergo offers a few different technologies to keep your laminate from deteriorating over the years. All of these are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The Pergo laminates are offered with extra protection including a water-repellent AquaSafe coating, SpillProtect technology, WetProtect, and SilentWalk. These types of add-ons give homeowners peace of mind, along with Pergo’s limited lifetime warranty.


An easy-to-maintain laminate flooring, the Pergo laminate products are highly used in homes and commercial spaces. The various laminate products are equipped with the Pergo technology PerfectFold system.

The installation is a no glue no nail situation. Pergo’s PerfectFold locking system enables the installation to be seamless. Known as a “floating floor,” the laminate planks are easily secured through PerfectFold’s tongue and groove technology to sit firmly above the subfloor.


Pergo has an extensive design portfolio of its laminate products. From wood-like floors to stone and tile-styled flooring, customers can create the home sweet home they dream about.

Pergo Laminate Collection Specs

Thicker laminate flooring is advantageous to homes that have high foot traffic. Pergo’s engineered layers help to keep rooms quieter (less echo) and to reduce squeaks atop the floor.

  • Pergo Outlast + SpillProtect planks are 10mm.
  • Pergo XP planks are 8mm thick.
  • Pergo Elements planks are 10mm and 2mm (attached pad) thick.
  • Timbercraft Elite planks are 12mm thick.
  • Pergo Defense+ with SpillProtect planks are 10mm.
  • Pergo Portfolio has planks 10mm.


When you are going for the look of hardwood, but are opting for an affordable option, luxury vinyl is a solid choice. The average Pergo laminate is $6 per sq. ft.

Pergo Vinyl

The Pergo vinyl flooring collections perform in design, practicality, and affordability.

Dozens of styles and colors allow homeowners to accomplish different looks and textures throughout the home. Available in wood or stone designs, Pergo vinyl stands up to its quality commitment to strength, performance, and a lovely room environment. Available in floor tiles or floor planks, each one exudes a distinguished design and style.

Vinyl floor tiles

For a modern flair, customers prefer the Vinyl tile collection. Available in look-a-like marble or terrazzo, you can select larger-sized pieces to lay down.

Vinyl floor planks

A top choice that resembles the look of hardwood, each plank is comprised of core plastic elements to create stability and ensure the wood-like texture and wood grain of hardwood. Planks are sold in a range of sizes: 24 to 36 inches long, and 12 to 18 inches wide.

Luxury Vinyl floors specifically planks are made from a solid stone-plastic material with a top coating to finish. This type of make-up gives the floor practical and beautiful traits. Kids, pets, and wear and tear are all tolerated.

Durability Options

Similar to its Laminate collection Pergo offers a couple of products within the Luxury Vinyl collection for extra waterproofing, stain, and wear and tear. Pergo’s Rigid Click and Flex Click & Flex Glue products provide 100% waterproofing (according to Pergo). Each type features distinct qualities that enhance the vinyl’s strength, resistance to scratches and dents, and ease of installation.


Starting with a smooth and even underfloor, the Pergo Luxury Vinyl Floor can be laid atop a floating floor. Utilizing its PerfectFold click system, many homeowners opt to install it themselves.

Pergo Vinyl Collections Specs

  • Wood Originals single strip planks are 48 to 60 inches long, and 7 ¼  to 9 inches wide.
  • Wood Enhanced planks are 60 inches long and 9 inches wide
  • Wide Longer planks are 72 inches in length and 10 inches wide.

The average thickness of the vinyl is 6mm.


$4 to $6 per sq. ft.

MOHAWK Flooring

Mohawk Laminate

An excellent option for kitchens and bathrooms, Mohawk Laminate is practical and reliable for its easy-to-maintain floors. These plank fiberboards are created with Southern Pine trees. Adverse to water and warping, Mohawk Laminate products give homeowners a very affordable alternative to solid hardwood or natural stone.


Most of the laminate lines provide residents with a lifetime warranty guarantee. However, some products are a little bit more limited.

Various floor protective options that give the laminate flooring extra sustainability are offered to customers including the Mohawk ScratchGuard process and the Waterproof Laminate and Hydroseal sealant (available in the Mohawk RevWood Plus line).


Using the UniclicLocking System, the laminate floor does not need glue or nails for installation. The laminate planks adhere together by tongue and groove components which lock into one another just like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s easy to install and many homeowners can do it on their own.


Achieving that hardwood look or natural stone style is easy with Mohawk’s extensive library of 200 design options. Today’s laminate quality is supreme. GenuEdge is the digital technology. Mohawk utilizes for its design and image printing and embossing process. The laminate planks look just like real hardwood.


The cost range is $1 to $5 per sq. ft.

Environmentally Sound

While laminate is not biodegradable, Mohawk Laminates do score well when it comes to emissions. These laminate products use some pre-consumer recycled materials, and the Laminates collection is Floors core Certified.

Mohawk Laminate Lines

  • RevWood planks are 7mm thick.
  • RevWood Select planks are 12mm in thickness.
  • RevWood Plus offers planks 10-12mm thick.

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Floor

Whether you desire traditional design or a more modern style, Mohawk luxury vinyl flooring gives shoppers a slew of shade and texture choices. You can select vinyl wood plank flooring (whitewashed, oak, weathered, light wood, dark woods, ash, or grays) as well as vinyl tile flooring imitating stone, marble, or travertine flooring. Although technically a hard floor, luxury vinyl floors work well with various home or room acoustics. In general Mohawk, vinyl floors feel softer and more pleasant on foot.


Mohawk offers unique technologies that are built into its luxury vinyl flooring products to ensure top-quality design, water resistance, day-to-day wear and tear, and successful and easy installation.

All of the Mohawk SolidTech products feature Rigid Core, a dense core made of Stone Plastic Composite. This type of composite waterproofs and odor-proofs the flooring, and handles day-to-day stresses.


Uniclic is the tongue and groove system to connect the vinyl planks.

Mohawk LVF Collection


The SolidTech catalog is one of the largest with wood-like and tile-like designs for every room in the house. Customers shop SolidTech for its water and stain protection that is individually treated to each plank and tile. For durability and installation ease (using the Uniclic tongue and groove system), SolidTech products can be installed upon any sub-flooring.

SolidTech Plus

This is the next level up for premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring. This collection guards against water penetration, scratches and dents, pet stains, and any sort of cupping or gapping within the vinyl that could occur from changes within the environmental climate.

What differs between SolidTech and SolidTech Plus is price, size, and style. The SolidTech Plus collection is a family’s best bet with kids and pets.

Luxury Vinyl mm Specs

In general, the sweet spot mm of Luxury Vinyl Flooring comes in at 5mm. SolidTech vinyl flooring ranges from 3.5 and 7.5mm. SolidTech Plus ranges from 8 to 20 mm, you can count on a thick and strong floor to scratches, dents, water, and pet stains every day.

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