Mohawk vs Shaw Carpet – Which One is Better?

Your carpet is old and needs to be replaced. 


Your new floor requires new carpet.

The carpet should be high in quality, comfortable to walk, and durable. A random carpet cannot give you those facilities. Only a good carpet from a reputed brand can offer such functionalities.

Mohawk and Shaw are the two leaders in the carpet industry. Both of them offer superior quality, durability, and appeal. 

Consequently, people often compare Mohawk vs Shaw carpet. They try to figure out which one is better.

Certainly, not both of them can fulfill your requirements despite the fact that they are excellent in their fields. You should consider your requirements and match them with what these two carpets offer. After comparing, you can find out the one you are looking for.

However, a newbie may find it extremely difficult to compare those two top-quality carpets. Its similarities may even deceive you.

Mohawk vs Shaw Carpet

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A comparison – Mohawk vs Shaw carpet

Both of them offer some excellent features. However, there are some similarities and dissimilarities you will find between them. So let’s check them.

Which one is softer- Mohawk or Shaw carpet?

The softness of a carpet varies from person to person. You may find something soft that other people may not. And when it comes to Mohawk and Shaw carpets, you will be more confused since both of them offer superior softness.

However, most people believe that Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpets are softer compared to any other carpets. Even the softest one from Shaw cannot compete with it when it comes to softness. 

Mohawk Company uses a special type of nylon. It is extremely soft compared to others. This is not the end. The nylon is spun up into a squishy fiber thickness. It is up to three times thicker than traditional nylon that makes the carpet so soft. 

The carpet will cradle the foot and deliver ultimate softness. Yes, the Shaw offers softness too and most of their carpets are extremely soft. But the Mohawk wins the race here for that special type of nylon.

Is Mohawk carpet more durable than Shaw carpet?

Carpets are exposed to heavy foot traffic. You need something durable to use on your floor since everyone will walk through the carpet. If you use the carpet in the front room, it will get exposed to even more foot traffic. When it comes to the Shaw and Mohawk carpet, both of them offer superior durability.

Each of the companies inspects and tests the carpet before sending them into the market. They carefully handle the quality issue. However, when it comes to transparency, Shaw wins. The Company clarifies everything through their website.

You will not get enough information on Mohawk’s website about the durability and inspection. Due to the clear information about the carpet’s durability, Shaw ensures more reliability here. You will know that the Shaw carpet will provide better durability since you have enough information.

Which one is longer lasting?

Carpet requires investing a decent amount of money. You certainly invest that hard-earned money to buy something that offers a shorter lifespan. The good news is both the companies offer a longer lifespan and longevity for their customers.

Many factors determine the longevity of the carpet. The foot traffic, age, cleaning, and other factors are there. One of the best ways to determine longevity is the Hexapod test. The higher the rating, the higher the longevity.

Compared to Mohawk, Shaw offers higher longevity. They do not melt or flatten easily over time. It can withstand higher foot traffic in the busiest household compared to Mohawk. The Mohawk is slightly behind. 

Easy to clean – which one wins here?

Cleaning is important. You should keep the carpet clean to maintain hygiene and healthiness. In order to do that, you need a carpet that catches less dirt and is easy to clean. Tons of cleaners out there that can effectively clean the carpet. But you certainly do not want that hassle.

Mohawk offers a better cleaning facility for you compared to Shaw. The built-in stain and soil-resistant finish make cleaning easier for the users. At the same time, it catches less dirt that helps you keep the area clean for more time. 

However, Shaw is not far behind at all. Instead, when it comes to cleaning stains and spills, Shaw offers better cleaning facilities. If you have chances to get contact with stain and spill, Shaw will be a better choice. Moreover, for pet fury, it offers better suitability compared to Mohawk.

Which one is silkier?

Some people prefer silky carpets. Soft and comfort are something, silkiness is something else. A silky carpet provides comfort to your feet when walking barefoot. Also, it looks good. Your feet will always feel cozy. In that case, Mohawk offers soft fabric for a silky carpet experience for you.

More stylish and color variations- Mohawk or Shaw carpet?

Along with comfort and durability, some people like to have stylish carpets. It improves the aesthetic beauty of your room. Also, it will enhance the elegance of your room. Your personality reflects through the carpet style.

The elegant and modest style of Shaw carpets offers different styles and color variations. It offers a simple yet gorgeous design. If you are a choosy person, Shaw might be a good option.

Which one is more eco-friendly?

You need to consider the room temperature while thinking of buying a carpet. The wrong carpet can increase the room temperature in summer. So it is important to pick one that offers better ventilation. You should also consider the ecosystem and eco-friendliness. The Shaw carpet is slightly ahead of the Mohawk in terms of ventilation and eco-friendliness.

Along with the stain-fighting technology, it protects your room from heat buildup. It ensures proper ventilation and keeps your room cool during the summer. You will always get a more comfortable condition with this one. 

However, if your concern is to build heat in the room, trapping the room heat is better. It is suitable for cold weather. In that case, Mohawk will work better by trapping heat. So if you live in an area where cold is a problem, go with the Mohawk. It will save your energy bill as well.

Which one offers better pricing?

You do not have an unlimited budget for carpets. Also, you do not want to buy a cheap carpet for a short time. When it comes to pricing, both Mohawk and Shaw offer a wide range of price variations. You will get quality carpets from both of them at an affordable cost. Also, you can get highly expensive carpets from them as well.

Conclusion – which one is better?

The comparison of Mohawk vs Shaw carpet is really tough. You will find lots of similarities between them due to their top-notch quality and reputation. Both the companies are dedicated to satisfying their customers with high-performance carpets. Before marketing each of their carpets, they ensure quality.

The only way you can differentiate the two is your preference. You may want a silkier carpet. Or you may need a durable and long-lasting carpet for your floor. Maybe cleaning is the main preference for you. So consider the requirements you have and pick one based on your needs.

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