Nucore Vs. Duralux Vinyl Flooring: Which One is king?

While judging the best LVP floors, Nucore vs. duralux vinyl flooring poops up almost everyone’s mind. But why does that controversy appear? The reason is, we aren’t always familiar with the features these flooring provide.

Nucore Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is an excellent choice for a hardwood look and an affordable LVP option. At the same time, the Duralux Vinyl Flooring gives the advantage of life-proof durability and excellent maintenance.

But, these are not the only features that they have. Additionally, if both the flooring are so efficient, then what makes them different? Do you want to get to the root of this concept?

Don’t worry. We will show you every distinction between these two flooring brands. So, stay tuned.

Nucore Vs. Duralux

In a hurry? Check out the comparison table before you go

Products  Realistic  Durability  Price assumption Installation  Toughness
NuCore Has realistic properties More durable Cost-effective Easy Less tough
Duralux  Has no realistic properties Less durable Expensive Not traditional. Enough tough and rigid

Features of NuCore Vinyl Flooring

There is no doubt that we all want luxury vinyl plank flooring, which is affordable as well. But don’t worry. It is not an impossible one as NuCore is always there for you. It grants an alluring hardwood floor and finishes upon an easy installation.

Here, the best part is the comfortable flooring to walk on and helps to muffle the sounds. For this convenience, all thanks go to its cork underlayment.

Wear layer

NuCore vinyl flooring comes with a 22 mil wear layer. This impressive gesture will help to protect your flooring from scratch, strain and assure acceptable durability.


Most often, the heavy furniture causes sure scratches and scuffs and instead becomes subject to heavy-duty dirt. But that will not be the case anymore because NuCore will serve you the best for it. So even if the price is so cost-effective, you will not have to worry about that as well.

Easy installation

Are you fed up with the challenging installations that are apparent while fixing the flooring? Then NuCore vinyl plank is all you need because it is an option worth considering because of its simple installation process.


  • No grudges in assembling the hardwood
  • Installation is straightforward
  • A cost-effective flooring
  • Available online, 100 floors and decor retails


  • The wear layer dents relatively
  • Sometimes the floor loses its sheen
  • Style changes frequently, and it becomes challenging to find matching planks

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Features of Duralux Vinyl Flooring

Duralux flooring is one of the best luxury vinyl planks and a preferable choice for homeowners. However, if you are looking for a durable alternative for tile and wood flooring, Duralux has just got you covered.

Flooring that can mimic a natural look seems to be an alluring product for everyone. And when you find it easy to care, that is like the cherry on top. Yes, you are thinking right. That is all I am talking about the Duralux Vinyl Flooring. Now let us see some more about this flooring.

Resistant to scratches

Do you know what the most attractive thing about the LVP floors is? They will not let any scratches or dents touch your floor even.


Usually, the homes that are enchanted with kids and pets get uncountable foot traffic on their flooring. So on that note, Duralux can be your best friend. As it gains a rigid stone core, you will get a mind-blowing impact on your flooring for sure.


Duralux claims that their floors are 100% waterproof. So, if you are thinking of a friendly flooring in your bathroom or kitchen, then this vinyl plank can be the most effective one.


There are no ortho-phthalate plasticizers or formaldehyde-based resins in the dura lex flooring. Also, the VOC emissions are so low that it becomes a healthy choice regarding global consciousness.


  • Has environment-friendly and waterproof properties
  • A durable alternative for tile and wood flooring
  • Gains a rigid stone core
  • Gives a mind-blowing impact on the floor
  • Easy to clean while spills and moisture


  • The use of rubber backed area rugs can cause stains
  • Do not support cabinets and high furniture

What are the differences between NuCore Vs. Duralux flooring?

Both the vinyl flooring, NuCore and Duralux, have a good record of premium features. But still, some facts make both the brands unique and different from each other. So, let us find out some key features of these two floorings.


It is inevitable to suspect the resistance quality of vinyl flooring. And, when your flooring avoids scratches and dents, then what else do you need? That flawless feature is an essence of DuraLux flooring, whereas NuCore has a drawback on that part.


It seems like a dream that flooring can be high-quality and cost-effective together, right? But that is no more a dream because NuCore serves utmost at a very affordable price. On the flipping side, DuraLux is a little more expensive compared to NuCore flooring.


In a juxtaposition of Nucore vs. dura lex vinyl flooring, Nucore deserves applause for its realistic outlook. But that doesn’t mean Duralux is anywhere less than Nucore but in terms of being realistic.


Maybe the controversy regarding the toughness of Nucore and Duralux can put you into more puzzlement. But we found out which one is the best in this part. Since duralux has a rigid stone core, it assures more toughness at its flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands are the best for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring? 

The top brands of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring are-

  • Show: Best Overall
  • COREtec: Runner-up
  • Shaw Floorte Plus: Most durable
  • Armstrong Vivero Best: Best Commercial LVP
  • Mohawk: Best Selection
  • Nucore: Best Value
  • Home Decorators Collection: Best Cheap LVP
  • Cali Bamboo: One Of The Best Brand You Might Not Know

Can I use DuraLux flooring outdoors?

Yes, why not? Dulux flooring contains high-quality wood, vinyl products, and cedar. There will be no problem if you use it outdoors because of its fantastic integrity with gazebos, pergolas, and fence materials. Moreover, you will get the advantage of easy maintenance and life-proof durability.

From where can I get DuraLux flooring? 

There are a lot of stores and brands that sell the efficient products of Duralux luxury vinyl flooring. Maybe the Home Depot or Lowe’s can’t get the reach of White Floor or Decor. But they cover a large section in the United States market where sufficient LVP and LVT products are available. So, if you want, you can give a check online about the trendy flooring they currently have.

What makes NuCore different from NuCore performance? 

The main difference between the Nucore and NuCore performance is durability. NuCore performance lasts longer compared to the regular NuCore flooring because of the extra additives. Also, the wear layer holds the reliability and makes sure the vinyl works up to the mark.

What level of thickness is suitable for vinyl flooring? 

Usually, the thickness of vinyl flooring indicates more wear layers. You will get better quality flooring if your vinyl contains such layers. But one thing is that it will cost a little high when you search for more thickness. Please tend to stick with 28mil for commercial and 12 mil for residential.

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What are your thoughts? Which one can be a preferable brand for your flooring? Let me make it simple for you with a bit of a hint. Duralux ranks more in certain features if a situation arises like Nucore vs. duralex vinyl flooring.

When you see Nucore is realistic, dura lux owns the crown of toughness. Similarly, if Nucore gives a hand on affordability, dura lux turns out to be more pricey.

Once you get the approximate similarities, it becomes hard to decide which one can be the best. But, that will not be the case anymore if you come to know that Nucore is practical, of course, but the Duralux is more than that.

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