Nucore vs. Lifeproof: Best Vinyl Flooring Choice

Both LifeProof and NuCore are top-notch LVP flooring brands. Now, if the two have a 6.5 mm thickness, is there any reason for the NuCore vs. Lifeproof comparison?

Well, yes. A saying goes, Jack of all trades, Master of none. But when it comes to vinyl flooring, not all brands give the best sweet spot.

The key difference between them is in their price and how effective the durability is. Besides, other factors like ease of installation, removal, and relocation also play a role here.

So, let us look into why one clashes superior to the other. And yeah, NuCore Floorings are about a dollar cheaper per 1 sq.ft than its LifeProof counterpart. For more info, read our survey below.

Today you will find,

  • Features of Nucore and Lifeproof with their benefits
  • Real-time difference between these two
  • Mindset: Best Choice for you
  • FAQs

Nucore vs. Lifeproof

Don’t have the time? Take a glance at the easy table below.

Flooring Brands User-Friendliness Cost Ease of Cleaning Slip Proofing Service life
NuCore Top-Grade 2.8 USD per Sq.ft Less No. 15+ Years
LifeProof Top-Grade 3.9 USD per sq.ft More easy Yes. 9-10 years

NuCore Flooring: What are the features

By nature, man wants the best at the cheapest price. NuCore offers you just that and more with easy installation options. Now let’s see its features.

NuCore Wear layer thickness

To be honest, NuCore offers a super thick 22-mil wear layer for any decorative usage. Turns out, anything above a thickness level of 12 mils will provide the best rough use durability. It has four-layer protection and an insulating underlayment.


The NuCore flooring provides full waterproofing to your floors, even under high humidity. A miracle, right? These floorings are highly efficient in preventing erosion of wooden or concrete floors.


Costing a bit more than 2.7 USD per sq.ft, NuCore is really cheap. Not only that, you won’t find any compromises to its atomic structure.

Floor variation

Surprisingly, you will have up to five standard variations for your home. Embossed-in-register, hand scraped, high-gloss, smooth, and textured are the options to choose from.

User Benefit

  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cheap and durable.
  • Available in five different options.
  • Totally waterproof for all home uses.
  • Four-layer protection.


  • The product warranty isn’t valid for the second owner.
  • Not for busy apartments or offices.

LifeProof Flooring: What are the features

LifeProof is more like the mid-budget premium brand. It features a mind-boggling design, waterproofing, slip resistance, and more. For picky choosers, there is a bunch of designs, which resemble real-world textures. If money is no issue for you, we would suggest the LifeProof flooring in advance.

Scratch proofing and durability 

If you have an apartment with lots of kids, what is your best protection for the floor? Well, LifeProof is all the protection you need. Rough toys, heavy shoe scratches, etc., won’t affect the durability at all. Offices and hall apartments need the scratch-resistant feature of LifeProof for extended service life.

Water Resistance 

Unlike other vinyl flooring, LifeProof comes with a 100%, which is actually praiseworthy. Indeed, this waterproofing feature lasts until there is any sign of punchers.


Slipping and falling down in your apartment is really dangerous, especially for the old and ill. Kids can also fall down may vinyl flooring will have a flipper outer layer. But LifeProof resists any type of slipping, even while running to and fro. Isn’t that magnificent? A perfect match for the old folks and the youngsters.

Zero stains

In kitchens, the food can spill down and make a whole bunch of mess. For this reason, all LifeProof products have a stain proof feature that can block all stains. Even acid stains aren’t an issue if you clean them in time.

No installation error

A precut design lets you fit these flooring with ease with minimum effort and wastage. Turns out, you don’t have to be precious to have a glowing result.

User Benefit

  • No professional assistance is needed.
  • Slip and scratch protection for elders and kids.
  • It will last for years to come.
  • Soft for the feet.
  • Well-designed and strong atomic structure.


  • The price is too much for mid-range flooring.
  • Restricted to US sellers only.

NuCore flooring VS Lifeproof: Real-time difference 

Now comes the fun part. NuCore and LifeProof both have their uses and demerits. However, any comparison is incomplete without a real-time difference. So, let’s dig deeper to it.


Like both the NuCore flooring and the Lifeproof are durable. But for how long? The NuCore is a cheaper brand, and so the durability is a little less. You can expect the LifeProof floorings to undergo changes a lot more than their original service life of 15 years. On the other hand, the NuCore will last an average of 10 years.


Well, here, the NuCore is clearly the winner. You can find a NuCore flooring for less than 2.8 USD per sq.ft, which is a dollar less than the traditional LifeProof one. If your apartment is 500 sq. ft, you can save up to 500 dollars by shifting to NuCore. However, for an apartment of your dreams, the LifeProof is what you should choose.


It’s a draw here. Both the brands score a 100/100 in this feature. You can rest assured that none of the floorings will give you any trouble while installing. If an interlocking design system is what you want, you won’t be disappointed in any of the brands.

Ease of Cleaning

Sometimes cleaning the NuCore leaves a sticky after effect. But the LifeProof floor cover has a smooth outer layer, which deletes any after sticky effect. Adding some soap or detergent can reduce the amount of stickiness in the NuCore floors. Here, LifeProof wins too.

Variations in the flooring

A draw here as well. Turns out, the two flooring brands have tons of variations in color and feature. The only difference is in the features, but we have already covered that part.


Which is better LifeProof or NuCore?

A NuCore and LifeProof are both almost similar. But clearly, LifeProof surpasses NuCore with its remarkable service life and top-class features. NuCore will serve you better if you want to save some cash. Clearly, at this price point, it is hard to beat NuCore.

Is LifeProof vinyl flooring good?

On the bright side, LifeProof Vinyl floorings are excellent for homes, offices, and even shops. It has a waterproof feature and an easy to install guideline. An interlocking design structure gives it its versatility while installation, removal, and relocation.

Is NuCore really waterproof?

Yes. The NuCore Vinyl flooring has a waterproof layer of 22 mil, which resists any liquid, including water, juice, etc.

What brand of vinyl plank flooring is the best?

Well, the answer depends on how much you are willing to spend on the flooring. For the best value for money, NuCore is good. LifeProof is good too but costs a little more. However, Shaw flooring is the overall best for all sorts of flooring applications.

Is NuCore flooring toxic?

NuCore isn’t harmful. Though its competitors mark its VOC content as harmful, the level is way below the harmful level. So, you can rest assured while using the brand.

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Have you found your answer yet? In short, if you want the best value for money, try out the NuCore one. However, we all want the best choice for our home apartment.

When it comes to features, beating the LifeProof flooring is kinda hard for NuCore. Anyways, the choice is up to you. But we would recommend LifeProof vinyl flooring as it is both more robust and better compared to NuCore ones.

Do you have any opinion on the matter? Give us a knock, and we will update the article just for you. Bye for now. Have a good day.

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