Pergo Vs. Quickstep Laminate Flooring: Know The Differences

The Pergo and Quickstep brand are well-known names in the laminate flooring market. They are one of the best laminates you can find out there. To get a better comparison, learn all the key differences between them.

Pergo provides water protection, but only a few models of Quickstep have such features. Quickstep provides better warranties than Pergo. But the Pergo has better texture, flexibility, and a wide range of design versatility. Quickstep laminate is easier to install. There are also some other points to differentiate, like dimensions, underfloor heating, authenticity, etc.

Though both brands are famous for their quality, there are some differences between them. Despite such differences, they provide top-notch features as an option for laminate flooring. So, choose the one that suits your home.

Pergo Vs Quickstep Laminate Flooring

An Overview Of Pergo And Quickstep Laminate

Laminate flooring has a separate fan base that wants to make their house flooring look like hardwood or engineered wood. Both Pergo and Quickstep deliver such satisfying features to the customer. That’s what made them so popular in the flooring market.

Both brands are in the same category and try to deliver flooring materials of the best qualities. However, the differences between Pergo and Quickstep will confuse you while choosing one of them.

Differences Between Pergo And Quickstep Laminate

These notable points will help you decide which flooring solution you want to install at your home. So, observe closely and make a decision.


The overall dimension of Pergo laminate is 7.5 × 47.25 × 0.5 inches. Quickstep laminate is a bit larger than its competitors. Its dimension is 9.43 × 80.5 ×0.37 inches.


There are 100+ designs of laminate flooring in Quickstep. But you won’t find such a wide range of designs in Pergo laminate.

Scratch And Damage Resistance

Though Pergo advertises the scratch and damage resistance in laminate flooring, customers disagree with that. It’s affected by scratches easily compared to Quickstep. 

On the other hand, Quickstep provides you with better damage resistance because of its high-pressure compressive designs.

Water Resistance

The laminate flooring is meant to be water-proof. However, Quickstep doesn’t go with the flow. It doesn’t provide water protection except in their higher-end latest model, the NatureTEK plus.

But the Pergo provides water protection, even at the edges of a single sheet.

Ease Of Installation

The installation of Pergo laminate is a bit easier than Quickstep because of its small dimensions. You can quickly fix any mistake by peeling some parts off. 

But due to large dimensions, it’s pretty troublesome to handle the Quickstep laminate sheet during installation. If you make any misplacement, it may tear off while peeling it off, or you may have to rule out that piece of sheet.

Underfloor Heating

You may be aware of the underlayment of flooring. It helps to radiate the heat and absorb noises. Well, the Quickstep brands are perfectly compatible with underlayment.

So, you won’t face any issues regarding this. On the other hand, Pergo laminate may not be compatible with all types of underlayment.

Installation Areas

Quickstep models that are not water-proof can’t be installed in the kitchen or bathroom. They are suitable in the drawing-room and your bedroom. But Pergo sheets are ideal for any place in your house.


Pergo has a wide range of textures according to the customer’s choice, such as smooth, hand-scraped, wire-brushed, textured, etc. On the flip side, Quickstep laminate has limited types of surfaces to choose from.


Unlike the hardwood, the Pergo laminate comes with various finishes like matte, glossy, or satin. On the other hand, Quickstep has several types of matte and silk finishes.

Flexibility In Styles

Due to the massive range of varieties, Pergo gives the customers more flexibility in their choices. But you won’t have such features at Quickstep except for their designs which sometimes bind customers’ choices.


In terms of authenticity, Quickstep is the winner here. No laminate or vinyl flooring can give you the feel of hardwood. However, you will have a hard time telling the differences between Quickstep laminate and natural wood.

Pergo has less authenticity though the difference isn’t eye-catching.


Pergo will give you a lifetime residential warranty for your laminate flooring. 

But Quickstep offers you more. It will provide you with five years of commercial warranty along with 25 years of residential warranty.

Price Comparisons

The Pergo laminate flooring ranges from $1.50 to $5.0 per square foot, depending on the model. But the Quickstep has a price range of $2.50 to $5.0 per square foot which will also depend on the varieties in models.

Similarities Between Pergo And Quickstep Laminate

Despite having such differences, Pergo and Quickstep have many things in common. Have a look!


Regarding choosing laminate flooring, you will be tired after seeing the vast range of colors in both Pergo and Quickstep. Their laminate products will look exactly like natural woods or even some modified designs.


With technological advancement, the laminate designs are going with the flow. Both laminate floorings will provide a stunning look at your home. You will barely know the difference between natural wood and them!


As both Pergo and Quickstep are top brands in the market, they don’t compromise with quality. Both companies provide the best durable materials to make the laminates that will last long enough for you.

Low VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful to human and animal health. But thanks to modern science and well-established research, both brands have low emissions of VOCs. So, your indoor environment is safe with these laminate floorings. 

On top of that, they are certified brands for low VOCs laminate flooring. It’s safe to use either of them at your home.


Due to their building materials and thickness, Pergo and Quickstep are among the most durable floorings you will find in the market.

Quickstep uses high-pressure compression technology to increase the strength of its materials. Pergo is also considerable at durability.


This is a poor feature for both Pergo and Quickstep laminate flooring brands. That’s because you can’t repair the areas which once got demolished. So, you have to cut the damaged areas or peel out the whole sheet and replace it with a new one.

Though they are scratch and damage resistant, they can’t be repaired once they are damaged. That’s why you need to keep some extra sheets to make the replacement easier.


Unlike the hardwood flooring, Pergo or Quickstep laminate can’t be refinished. You have to make do with the same appearance and color till the day you replace them with the new ones. The color will also remain the same.

Final Words

As Quickstep and Pergo have doth made their places at the top of laminate flooring, they must have the quality and top-notch features offered to the customers. So, one of them would be the best choice for your home decoration. We hope the comparison passage of Pergo vs. Quickstep has touched all the necessary topics that will help you differentiate between them. So, spend your money on the most suitable one to provide a stylish look to your home today!

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