Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs Comparison – Pick the Best Rug for Your Home

Polypropylene is widely known and popular for its aesthetic look, durability, and comfort. You will rarely find any rugs with so many useful features at such an affordable price. However, like any other materials in the world, you will find polypropylene rugs pros and cons.

Certainly, it looks aesthetic, offers flexibility, and ensures comfort. At the same time, it absorbs oil and offers less durability compared to natural rugs. Along with so many benefits, you need to know all the cons as well.

Finding the drawbacks along with the advantages is a challenging fact, especially for the newbies. Also, if you don’t know the drawbacks, you might use it for the wrong purpose. Getting the full benefits from it is possible only when you know both the pros and cons.

Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs

Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs Comparison

The comparison will talk about each difference and similarities. So go through the comparison carefully.

Comparison chart

Polypropylene Polyester
Look and Feel It offers a lavish, cozy quality of wool. Good looking
Durability Pretty much durable Less durable
Stain Resistance May dull quickly Delivers long-term resistance
Water Resistance Less water-absorbent More water-absorbent
Placement Suitable for any place for its shiny look It can fade away with time
Maintenance Needs less maintenance Needs less maintenance
Lifespan A decent lifespan of 3-5 years A decent lifespan of 3-5 years

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Key Differences Between Polypropylene and Polyester Rugs

A comparison will get better when it shows the key differences. So let’s check out the key differences between these two rugs.

Looks and Feels

We are talking about rugs that you are going to use in your home. No doubt, the looks and feels will be vital. Polypropylene and polyester are made of plastic. Hence, they are rugged and tough. However, are polypropylene rugs soft along with the polyester?

Well, they are soft and flexible too.  Compared to polyester rugs, polypropylene rugs offer a lavish, cozy quality. You will find better wool in Polypropylene compared to polyester that makes it feel more comfortable.

Durability and Sturdiness

Both the rugs are soft and comfortable. That brings the problem. Due to their smooth and solid surfaces, they are not that resistant to heavy foot traffic. These rugs in a hallway or a hallway look really amazing and astonishing.

But due to the heavy foot traffic, they might not last long. However, a Polypropylene rug will show more resistance to heavy foot traffic. And a polyester rug will be the first to show wear and tear. The fiber will start coming out slowly with time.

Stain and Oil Resistance

It is the place where both the rugs shine compared to any other rugs. Their tight construction keeps the texture in place for a long time. It is nearly impossible to fade the radiant away with stain. Even water spills do not harm the radiant in synthetic rugs.

Unfortunately, they become dull and yellow with consistent skin contact. The oily residue starts growing on the rugs and makes them dull and yellow. When it comes to picking Polypropylene and polyester rugs, polyester rugs resist the oil better than Polypropylene. Hence, it stays shiny for a long time.

Water Absorption 

Polypropylene and polyester rugs are less absorbent to water. Due to that, mold and mildew are less likely to grow in these synthetic rugs. That’s why water or pet urine doesn’t become a concern for these rug users. However, when it comes to comparison, Polypropylene offers more resistance against water. It is less absorbent to water that makes it more resistant.

On the flip side, though polyester rugs offer good resistance, it is not something like Polypropylene. However, if you use any jute-made backing with any of the synthetics, chances are high to grow mildew and mold. Make sure to use plastic backing.

Placement and Compatibility 

When comparing Polypropylene vs polyester, knowing their compatibility is important. The Polypropylene and polyester rugs look excellent in any place. You can place it in your kitchen, living room, or dining room. However, both of them absorb oil substances.

Hence, they are not suitable to use in places like the kitchen or places where hair or skin products tumble often. If you have to use a rug between Polypropylene and polyester, go with Polypropylene. It offers better sustainability against oily substances. Also, it lasts longer and fades away less under exposure to oily substances.

Key similarities Between Polypropylene and Polyester Rugs

Along with the key differences, knowing key similarities will help to compare them better. Here are the key similarities between these two.


Inexpensive is the main reason why Polypropylene and polyester rugs have such popularity. You are getting something comfortable, cozy, and durable without spending too much money. Both the Polypropylene and polyester rugs offer so many benefits within your affordable budget.

If you want to get so many features, you have to invest a lot of money. Of course, if you have to cover a large area, investing so much money might not be a good option.


Along with affordability, Polypropylene and polyester offer longevity as well. Water and stain cannot harm the rugs that much. Besides, they offer superior resistance against oily substances. Consistently exposed to pet urine, hair and skin care products, and kitchen oil might damage the rugs. But general use will provide a longer lifespan for both the rugs.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your home clean is important. Without cleaning the rugs, keeping the home clean is impossible. If you want to keep rugs clean, both Polypropylene and polyester are good options. Polypropylene and polyester rug cleaning is easier for sure.

Besides, since they offer good protection against stains and water, cleaning is not a problem. A simple wipe is good enough to clean. Moreover, they do not catch more dirt since there are no such places to insert dirt in those rugs.

Takes a Long Time to Fade Away

One of the problems with rugs is discoloring and fading away. Since it gets heavy foot traffic, fading away is a common thing. Also, mildew and mold grow in the rugs. When we are talking about Polypropylene and polyester, discoloring is not a big deal here. Both of them take a long time to fade away. Also, mold and mildew grow less in these two rugs.


The final similarity between these two popular rugs is the comfort they offer. Despite their toughness and strong construction, they are flexible and soft. You will get enough comfort using both these rugs. Yes, surely you cannot get an exclusive elegant comfort from these affordable rugs, but you will get what you pay for.

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Polypropylene and polyester are two good and most popular rugs you can have for your home or office use. Their design, comfort, and affordability are no match to others. Since they look almost the same and have some common features, people often get confused to pick one to meet their needs.

That is why we have portrayed the Polypropylene vs polyester rugs comparison for you. The comparison shows the similarities and differences between these two popular rugs. After reading this comparison review, you can comfortably compare these two rugs and find the suitable one for your demand. So be careful and use your brain to find the most suitable and perfect one for your home or office.

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