Preverco Flooring: Pros, Cons, Types & Cost Estimate

There are several companies in different parts of the world that are into manufacturing hardwood flooring, but Preverco is one of a kind. It’s an industry whose products cover many fantastic wood collections; including click-lock laminated wood, multi-layered engineered wood planks, and 3/4″ solid wood planks. Are you only interested in brands whose offering is ideal for numerous flooring situations? Preverco is such a versatile brand for you.

When it comes to supplying the most remarkable wood flooring solutions and services for different installations (industrial, commercial, and residential) in New Jersey, Preverco is top on the list. It has impressively maintained its good reputation over the years –over 25 years of offering impeccable solutions and services to customers due to exceptional expertise in every wood flooring type.

Preverco Flooring Review

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About Preverco Industry

Preverco was established in 1988 with the mission to ensure that the wood flooring market experience a novel life. Due to its high-grade products and technological innovation, its growth has been an extraordinary one in the wood industry. 

In this present century, Preverco has been classified to be an industry leader whose intention is not only to provide customers with competitive products but also to influence future trends. The company is experiencing an enviable growth because of its continuous strives to polish its production techniques.

While ensuring wear resistance and providing extraordinary quality, the natural beauty of all its products is incredibly enhanced by extremely reliable stains and polymers, a unique wood drying process, and precision milling. At present, Preverco remains one of the best manufacturers of hardwood flooring in North America.

Facts about Preverco Flooring

There are several facts that wood flooring enthusiasts must know as far as Preverco flooring is concerned. Is it not highly commendable that Preverco has been able to maintain its point of attraction for years?

For over 25 years, the quality of the wood products offered by Preverco has never diminished; instead, there has been a constant evolution in the engineered hardwood flooring collection of the company. With this, Preverco has been able to keep up with the dynamic trends in home decorating to supply modern high-grade materials suitable for residential use constantly. Check out below what you may need to know about Preverco engineered hardwood flooring products:

  • They are produced in Canada: Every engineered hardwood flooring product made byPreverco is designed and produced at two different plants at Saint-Augustin and Boisbriand in Canada.
  • They are eco-friendly: Preverco is certified by the PEFC and SFI. Its engineered hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly due to its waste management system and how materials are used smartly.

Interestingly, Preverco ensures that it doesn’t go into business with companies that fail on the angle of promoting forest regeneration and selective logging. Besides, the company ensures that wood waste is recycled into other industries.

In addition, your safety and that of your family are guaranteed as the flooring products made by Preverco do not deviate from the standard of airborne toxic control of the California Air Resource Board.

  • They come with a good warranty: To assure customers that they are dealing with the best hardwood flooring company, Preverco offers every residential flooring (with signature SIGMA finish) a 35-year warranty.
  • A unique feature to knowing suitable products: Several flooring options are made available on the Preverco website. Through the use of the augmented reality feature, customers can upload their room’s picture and check to see the best flooring style. With this, it will be easy to know which product is most suitable for the room.
  • Preverco Flooring has a PreOil Cleaner: To ensure that Preverco engineered hardwood flooring retains its new appearance, Preverco PreOil Cleaner is provided for use. You may need to ask Preverco flooring professionals for this cleaner since it’s only produced by Preverco. 

Preverco Wood Flooring Types

Preverco provides customers with various collections, including laminated wood, engineered wood, solid wood, etc. It also offers multiple types of prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring products.

Their products come in different colors, widths, and wood species. Some available species include Tigerwood, Sapele, Walnut, Yellow Birch, Jatoba, Hickory, Ash, Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, and Cabreuva.

These products can also be seen in different styles with textures that range from hand-brushed finish to smooth satin finish. They have more rustic visuals, several thicknesses, and various finishes (ranging from UV cured to oiled urethane). Besides, their hardwood floors with a 35-year warranty come with a SIGMA finish.

For those interested in the unique products offered by Preverco, the following are some of them that are made available in their Chicago hardwood flooring showroom.

Preverco Hardwood Flooring

  • Variation
  • SolidGenius
  • SolidFlex
  • SolidClassic
  • Pure
  • PreLoc
  • Bryson
  • Engenius

The Price Estimate of Different Types of Preverco Flooring

As shown above, Preverco flooring is available in several types, and each type comes in different price ranges. They are designed to offer your home a perfect look. Several customers have purchased and revealed how ideal they are for residential, commercial, and industrial use. As expensive types of flooring compared to some options, the cost of Preverco flooring may depend on the wood species. For instance, Preverco Red Oak is sold around $5.69 and  $6.85/sqft., White Oak is sold for around $2.99 and  $4.49/sqft, Preverco Hard Maple is sold for around $5.99 and $6.99. Preverco Birch is sold for around $4.75/sqft, and so in.

Pros and Cons of Preverco Flooring

Below are thepoints of interest and drawbacks of Preverco flooring:


  • High quality and very durable.
  • Long time warranty (35 years).
  • Wide range of product options.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Made with exclusive species.
  • Less waste during installation.


  • It’s not scratch and dent resistant.
  • It’s expensive.

Why is Preverco a Preferred Choice?

As it’s already clearly established that Preverco is one of the top leaders in the hardwood flooring industry, numerous customers, therefore, see it as a unique brand that should be picked for their industrial, commercial, and residential wood projects.  Why is it a preferred choice?

There are lots of factors considered before confirming its leadership status. One of these is its innovative products. Every customer that has seen and used Preverco engineered hardwood flooring products would understand how innovation is being materialized. As modern lifestyle-based products, the company ensures unique wood colors, coatings, and even technologies.

Preverco places a 35-year residential warranty on products with a SIGMA protection label. These products feature clear and smooth surfaces, excellent air quality, high antimicrobial protection and UV resistance, and high hardness and wear resistance.

Preverco only produces eco-friendly products. This can be traced to how the company is committed to the proper use of materials, such as recycling wood waste.


Preverco flooring is an ideal choice for those interested in using laminated wood, engineered wood, solid wood, etc., for their homes. With these products, you can provide your space with the sophistication and charm that it deserves. The great thing about these products is not only that they will be used for years but also that user and their environments will enjoy guaranteed protection.

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