Problems With Somerset Hardwood Floors – Get Rid Of The Trouble

The good-looking Somerset hardwood floors are well-known for using high-quality wood and providing an easy maintenance advantage. As wooden floors are the suitable pick for babies and hygienic for home, they have a great demand. But, like other hardwood floors, Somerset hardwood floors have a few problems.

The gapping and the fracture issues are specifiable among all problems. Sometimes, hardwood floors receive excessive sunlight which leads the floor to a dark outlook. Besides, there may be problems with cupping, buckling, peeling finish, and so on.

To eradicate these problems, you need to follow some specific steps for each issue. Unless you’re super lucky, you’re going to face any of the depicted problems with your Somerset hardwood floors. You can rely on your Somerset hardwood floors again just by taking some timeliness steps.

Problems With Somerset Hardwood Floors

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Problems with Somerset hardwood floors 

This section discusses the problems with Somerset hardwood floors and their solutions.

Gapping problem

This problem arises when a space is being created between two-floor boards. For creating gapping issues, moisture is highly reasonable. Sometimes, the boards are installed in the presence of extreme humidity which results in the boards shrinking.

A little gap between the two boards is normal. But, when the size of the gap gets larger, it’s a matter of concern. In the dry seasons, the weather condition changes on a larger scale. This change causes the moisture level and the gapping problem starts then.

Here you get the solution to this existing problem.

  • Depending on the wood quality, you need to pick a suitable season of installation.
  • Try to make the humidity of the existing area minimum while installing the floor.
  • When applying the glue, apply it only to one side of the woods.
  • Instead of using solid floors, you can use dimensionally stable floors.

Fractures issue

The main reason for creating fractures is the wood quality. Another big reason behind this problem is the flooring nailers. This fracture will increase day by day and weaken the foundation of the floor. Unless you replace an excessively damaged Somerset hardwood floor, it’ll ruin the whole flooring. The manufacturer kit can fix this fracture issue. 

Now, you should know about the proper solution to this fracture issue.

  • If you use adapters for nailers while installing the floors, fractures won’t be created easily. 
  • Sometimes, the fractures can’t be fixed easily. In that case, the factory-finished boards can resolve this issue. 
  • Installing a layer of the Baltic birch core can prevent the fracture problem. 

Problem of cupping

The non-flat edges of the wooden boards are considered a cupping problem. In this situation, the user may fall while walking on the hardwood floor. For this kind of problem, excessive moisture is most often responsible. The carpenters may have installed the hardwood floor over a wet basement and the moisture gets stuck inside it. And it results in a bumpy surface on the Somerset hardwood floor. 

You can eradicate this problem by following some easy steps. 

  • Using the technology of reducing humidity levels can help a lot. However, if the hardboard is extremely affected, this may not work.
  • Installing the engineered wide planks can eliminate the cupping problem. It’s the last option when the old hardwood floor is completely wasted. 

Buckling problem

The incident of lifting the floor in several inches is known as a buckling problem. It usually happens for the wrong placement of the hardwood boards. This problem also arises from the presence of moisture under the floor. In some cases, leaky ceilings and flooding also create this terrible problem. When a floor arises with this problem, it’s difficult to move inside the home.

Here you get the possible solutions to this buckling problem. 

  • Ensure to control the moisture with the help of a humidifier. Using this method, some buckled floors can be refastened.
  • There might be a leak saturating your floorboards with moisture. You need to fix it immediately before installing the new hardwood floors. 

Hardwood floor getting dark (Hardwood oxidation problem)

This problem rarely happens with Somerset hardwood floors. Because of extreme sunlight, the wooden floors become darker over time. Along with decreasing the floor’s beauty, it reduces the lifespan of the hardwood floor. This problem happens only with the specific part of the hardwood floor. And, the other boards stay safe unless they receive excessive sunlight or heat. Once you replace the board somewhere else, the fade of oxidation won’t be removed easily. So, you won’t have any option left without installing the new boards.

However, you can avoid this problem by following some strict methods. 

  • Keep an obstacle near the window of the desired to prevent direct sunlight on the floor.
  • Move the carpet regularly to avoid the dark spots on the floor. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace it with the new one.

Noisy board

Noisy boards are the result of the wrong installation. Besides, the inadequate subfloors can be a core reason behind the noisy board. When someone moves through the floor, the hardwood floor sounds bad. After a few days, the sound will get louder. The stuck debris under the hardwood also can make the board noisy. Improper placement of furniture or heavy materials can loosen the foundation of the hardwood floor. 

This problem can easily be fixed with some proper steps.

  • Attach the subfloor with the correct attachment. 
  • Insufficient expansion spacing against vertical surfaces should be avoided. Better, reinstall the setup and fix this issue.

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Are you eager to know some popular questions about Somerset hardwood floors? This section will help you with the questions with the relevant answers.

Is Somerset a good brand of flooring?

Somerset is a wooden floor manufacturing brand in the USA. This company is popular for manufacturing hardwood floors maintaining quality in a reasonable price range. As the company has adhered to this business for about 30 years, it’s a trustable and good brand. 

How much does Somerset hardwood flooring cost? 

To install a hardwood floor in a square foot, Somerset costs around $4.39 to $6.15. The user can pick their customized hardwood depending on their demand. As there are different species of woods, the price of Somerset hardwood floors varies. 

Is Somerset floor wood or vinyl plank?

The vinyl flooring is more durable for residential purposes. Somerset hardwood floors are made of premium quality woods. Their SolidPlus hardwood flooring arrives with varieties of styles, finishes, and durability. Despite using the wood plank, Somerset is the top priority to the homeowners. 


Somerset hardwood floors are good enough for your residence and other purposes. The company has used top-class woods along with their engineered features to develop it perfectly. Like other hardwood floors, Somerset hardwood floors are durable in the long run. 

But, the presence of the wooden material will be affected sooner or later for sure. So, you may face problems with your Somerset hardwood floors. In this writing, you have acquired a complete idea of the possible problems with Somerset hardwood floors.

Besides, now you know how to eliminate the problems related to Somerset hardwood floors. If you take necessary care of your hardwood floor, it won’t be a matter of concern to you. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest extra money to find the suitable solution.

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