Satin vs Semi Gloss Hardwood Floor – Which One is Better

Those who have special hardwood floors in their home or office often wonder which one is the best floor finish among satin vs semi gloss hardwood floors. Well, we have the answer to that question. 

But before revealing the answer, you should probably know why one is better than another. In addition, we will also let you know the characteristics of the product along with all necessary information. 

In the end, you will get some additional tips and expert opinions that will help you to get your preferable floor finish.

Satin vs Semi Gloss Hardwood Floor

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Satin Hardwood Floor Overview

Satin flooring is one of the most popular flooring manufacturers in the world. They develop not only the flooring essentials but also every kind of floor and floor-related product. The satin floor is a Canada-based company, which started its business in 1922. Even after almost a hundred years, they are still doing good in the market.

Satin hardwood floor finish is an essential product for the floor. The satin finish is basically a protector of the floor. It guards the floor against dirt and damage. The product is liquid; when you apply this on the floor, it becomes hardened.

The product is capable of showing a 40% glossy sheen. So it’s understandable that the reflection of the light is not the highest, but that is the feature of Thai products. Its 40% luster creates a classic and gorgeous style. Apart from that, as a user, you don’t have to waste much in maintaining this product. 

People like this product because it lasts for a long period and seems very aesthetic on the floor. People also like the satin hardwood floor finish because it holds a cool appearance for more than any other product. 

Semi-Gloss Hardwood Floor Overview

Semi-gloss is another well-chosen floor surface coat. According to an Amazon review, this sei gloss is hardwood floor finish, also one of the best selling items. Numerous companies manufacture this product, and the availability is better. 

Where the satin hardwood floor finish has the 40% total luster, semi glass has little more than that. Semi-gloss hardwood floors usually can provide 55% luster. This means this coat is much brighter than a satin hardwood finish in any way.

Though it’s bright, there is little concern for the user. The maintenance cost is higher than other surface coats. In addition, you have to invest more time in cleaning and other additional work.

Some people might make a mistake by thinking of it as a glossy finish. Unfortunately, this is not the glossy one; this is simply semi-glossy which means it’s less impractical than the glossy one.

Those who are very upset about the floor and finding a good product to hide the imperfection semi gloss hardwood floor finish will be a good solution. It also has very good durability.

Kew Difference Between Satin And Semi Gloss Hardwood Floor

Though they are similar kinds of stuff but not identical, multiple key points make them special and different from others. Here we will see some important aspects of both the products. Hope that will make more sense and give us a better understanding.


If we talk about the Satin hardwood floor finish first, then we should mention its appearance. Honestly, after applying this to your floor, you will see a proper matte finish. The manufacturer successfully hides the over bright look by using zinc oxide paste. You may know that this zinc oxide is a devastated agent; when you use this solution as an ingredient, it can easily decrease the reflection power of the liquid. So this is how the satin hardwood floor finish holds 40% luster.

Besides the floor, you can also use this for your wall and furniture. In walls and furniture, you will get the same matte look. To get the proper look, you should stir the liquid first. Otherwise, the flattening agent will stay at the bottom.

On the other hand, Semi-gloss hardwood floor finish contain very less amount flattering paste, and because of this, it can reflect more light than others (Flattening agent or flattening paste reduce the reflection power in a solution)

The sheen is quite high in semi-gloss finish. Here you will get a Total of 55% luster. That means you are going to get a bright appearance on the floor.

Remember, high gloss can reflect the highest amount of light. After the high gloss, semi-gloss can provide a standard amount of light. Satin is not the brightest, but slightly more sheen finally matte is the most tedious.

Performance, Resistivity, and maintenance 

According to customer reviews and brand features, both finishes show similar durability. If the user is going to use this in a normal or gentle way, it is not going to damage or ruin too soon.

The satin has more power to hide the damage to the floor. Do you know why? It is because it has more flattening agents, which help to not reflect much light. So problem wise it is a great solution. So overall performance is quite good and satisfactory.

On the contrary, the semi-gloss barely hides the debris and other scratches on the floor. It’s so bright and not the best to hide the damage. So when your floor already has a lot of scratches, better not use this.

Fortunately, the satin has very fewer maintenance costs compared to other fishes in the market. Why is that? It’s because it is less sheen that means you don’t need to work much to clean it.

But the scenario is quite different for semi-gloss. Semi-gloss requires more maintenance cost and time because it is a high sheen and gets scratched continuously. To see it glossy and vibrant, you have to spend money and time regularly.


Different brands sell their product in the market with different price ranges. The price varies depending on the quality and quantity. However, as we have seen, the satin hardwood floor finish is a little inexpensive. A gallon of satin finish will cost probably a hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, the semigloss is a little more expensive than the satin. If you want to purchase one-gallon semi-gloss, you have to spend on average hundred and twenty dollars.

Pros and Cons (Satin VS Semi Gloss Hardwood Floor)

Satin hardwood floor finish


  • The gleaming finish of the satin finish will give you a classic vibrant look on the floor. This Is one of the biggest reasons for buying this product.
  • Light luster makes the look less bright. And because of that reason, it can hide more debris, scratches, and faults on the floor.
  • Low maintenance cost. As it has low maintenance cost and takes relatively less time for cleaning, people love to have this on their floor.


  • Sometimes the matte finish seems very featureless and boring. So people often worry about purchasing this.
  • Not super durable. Some users complain that Satin can’t survive for long periods.

Semi-gloss hardwood floor finish


  • A higher sheen means it can reflect higher light which is possibly the best thing about this semi-gloss finish. People love its vibrant and glossy look on their floor.
  • Durability is satisfactory. It gets many positive reviews for its durability feature. It does not get damaged by normal use.


  • Price is a big issue. As we have seen, semi-gloss is expensive to purchase compared to others.
  • Maintenance is tough. Those who have already used it said that the maintenance cost is higher and cleaning takes too much time.
  • Barely can hide damage and debris spots.

Which one is best

According to the many expert opinions and analyzing all the major aspects like pricing, quality, performance, and durability, Satin is better. But this doesn’t mean that semi-gloss is worse. Here we are trying to say that depending on your preferences both the product is great but in a general view, satin doing much better.

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Matte vs satin finish hardwood floors, which one is value for money?

Matte one is dull in appearance, bing, it’s a good deal in durability and pricing. On the other hand, Satin is slightly shiny and great in terms of its maintenance service and durability. Though it depends on your urgency, we can say that satin will be a great deal.

As it will hide your floor damage at the same time, pricing is affordable. In addition, your floor won’t look very dull so why not?

High gloss vs low gloss hardwood floors, which one will be better for the furniture?

Well, for the furniture, you always have to pick the brightest one. Because bright furniture appearance always changes the overall looks of the room, we recommend picking high gloss for furniture.

Among all flooring finishes, which Sheen is best for hardwood floors?

According to the customer review and expert opinion, satin is best in many ways. It’s affordable first of all, other than that the appearance is very classic and naturally goes to the room environment.

Final thoughts

Did you get your answer? As we have discussed everything about the satin vs semi gloss hardwood floor, we guess now your confusion is almost clear.

We have shown the main aspect at the same time we showed the advantages and disadvantages very honestly that you can pick your favorite one without hesitation. Remember that some information can be changed from time to time, such as product price. However, we said that the price per gallon is $1000, but it will change. So stay updated and get your favorite one.

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