Shaw Vs. Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Shaw and Bruce Hardwood flooring have been people’s favorite for a long time. To choose between these two brands, one needs a bit of comparison. Shaw vs. Bruce Hardwood flooring will allow you to compare them. 

Bruce Hardwood promises to give the famous Appalachian Mountain fine wood. In contrast, Shaw Hardwood Flooring offers woods like pine, oak, maple, and hickory. Both Shaw and Bruce Hardwood are 100% waterproof and scratch proof. What makes a difference is the price point.

If you’re looking for either solid or engineered hardwood flooring, both Shaw and Bruce Hardwood can offer a vast range of products. They differ in quantity and quality.

Shaw Vs Bruce Hardwood Flooring


Before comparing Shaw and Bruce Hardwood, let’s know about the manufacturers and background in brief. Here’s a one-pager for both types of flooring.

Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Hardwood Flooring has been expanding its legacy since 1946. They have been offering a wide range of collections in both solid and engineered hardwood. But it has been more popular in engineered hardwood than solid hardwood. Both variants provide scratch resistance and are waterproof.

The company offers a wide range of woods you might like to use for your floor decoration. They can give you Pinewood, Oakwood, Maple wood, even Hickory wood. You can choose aesthetic shades alongside monochromatic planks.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce Hardwood flooring is still promising you Appalachian wood. Only a few companies are offering Appalachian Mountains wood these days. Besides Appalachian lumber, they have Natural Oak, Dundee Oak, Barnwood Living Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Manchester Oak to offer.

They have gained popularity in both solid and engineered hardwood. All of their varieties are available in both solid and engineered hardwood. They come in a massive range of colors and patterns as well. You can match the sophistication and modern design at the same time when you choose Bruce Hardwood flooring.

Why Choose Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Hardwood Flooring is one of the prominent brands in the hardwood industry. Here are some of the significant perks they offer.


No matter what color you choose for your home decoration, Shaw Hardwood can follow it. You can choose rich tones in both monogram and shades. You can even have matt finishing along with glossy shades.


Shaw Hardwood flooring is proud to provide more durability than any of its competitors. They offer hardwood finishes that resist scratches and stains. 

The scratch-proof and stain-proof quality help in easy maintenance. Thus, it ensures durability in the long run.


Different temperatures suit different woods for hardwood flooring. Shaw hardwood flooring offers different woods like-

  • Maple wood

Maple wood is suitable for heavy-duty areas. The texture is hard compared to other woods, which allows it to be ideal for construction in rugged areas. The color texture is light but can take any other color stains if you want customized panels.

  • Oak

Oak is the most practical wood you can find. It is hard enough to hold the pressure in home flooring. Also, it has self-resistance to scratch. Stains can be easily removed by wet mopping.

  • Pinewood

If you’re looking for softwood, in hardwood flooring, you can go for pine wood. Depending on the old and new Pine, you can choose the dark and light colors, respectively.

  • Hickory Wood

Hickory gives the most flexibility with a hard surface. If you’re looking for something sophisticated for a heavy-duty place, you can go with Hickory wood. If you are someone who lives in rough weather, Hickory wood is the best choice too.

Why Choose Bruce Hardwood Flooring

The main selling point of Bruce hardwood is its Appalachian wood. This gives durability with the sophistication of modern designs at the same time. Bruce hardwood flooring offers you some decent benefits. Here are a few.

Quality Wood

Bruce hardwood flooring is directly supplied from the Appalachian mountain. No matter which wood you choose, it is from the exact origin. This gives you integrity, sophistication, and low maintenance. 

Repairing or reconstruction of the installed flooring is not something you will need to worry about for a long time. It also allows you to easily reinstall if necessary.

The engineered wood has a rigid core construction. That ensures scratch resistance and stain cleaning.


Bruce hardwood flooring uses Hydropel Technology that makes it 100% water-resistant. You can find this quality in both solid and engineered hardwood. 

This also makes it moisture-proof, which allows you to install it in tropical areas. With the change of temperature, you will not find a gap between the hardwood planks.

DIY Installation

The installation process of Bruce hardwood flooring is straightforward. You can install it in your home flooring or workspace through DIY techniques.

It has a Precision locking system and doesn’t need heavy instruments to install. For misplaced planks, you can use a red bar and rubber hammer to fix them.

Price Points

While deciding the brand, the price point is a big deal. Consumers always try to find the best quality at a given price range.

Shaw Hardwood Flooring

It is one of the medium-ranged hardwood floorings. The price range starts from $6.6. The price range increases from there with higher qualities.

Here’s a basic rundown of the average pricing that Shaw Hardwood Flooring offers.

FloorteExquisiteCascade 7.5”$ 6.71 sq. ft.
Epic PlusFairbanksTimberwolf6.38”$ 4.79 sq. ft.
Smokey MountainTrinity LakeGrotto5”$6.45 sq. ft.
Royal Shaw ArgonneForest Oak Tallow7.5”$7.65 sq. ft.
Repel Inspirations Ash7”$5.99 sq. ft.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce hardwood flooring is one of the cheapest hardwood flooring available in the market. Even if you have a budget on the lower side, they offer you quality flooring. 

The lowest price of Bruce hardwood flooring is $3. With more qualities, you will have to raise your budget. Here’s a brief overview of the Bruce Hardwood pricing plans.

Style / ColorTypeSpeciesWidthPrices
Warmed SpiceEngineeredMaple5”$3.89 sq. ft.
CinnamonSolidMaple3 ¼”$6.99 sq. ft.
Revolutionary RusticsEngineeredWalnut6 ¾”$4.94 sq. ft.
Hydropel NaturalEngineeredHickory5”$3.99 sq. ft.
GunstockSolidOak2 ¼”$3.49 sq. ft.
Town HallEngineeredCherry3”$8.22 sq. ft.
Plano GraySolidOak2 ¼”$3.09 sq. ft.


Shaw and Bruce hardwood flooring is similar in a few points. Here are a few that come to mind.


Proper maintenance ensures durability in any hardwood flooring. Both Shaw and Bruce hardwood flooring have low-maintenance facilities. All you need to do is regular mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. Attaching rubber pads on your heavy furniture can ensure a bit more longevity.

Range Of Products

Both of these brands offer a massive range of products ensuring their brand values. From old furnace look to Hi-tech look, you will find them all. They have hundreds of designs and patterns to offer you within your budget.

Final Words

Both Shaw and Bruce hardwood flooring hold their markets on different selling points. While one offers variety, the other offers budget-friendliness. These two competitors have successfully pleased their customers over the years.

In both brands, you get low maintenance and refinishing facilities. They do have their differences. But these differences allow you to choose better. Choose your hardwood flooring with proper research and enjoy hassle-free flooring for a lifetime!

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