SmartCore Pro Vs. Ultra: The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring

SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra are the two most demanding products of SmartCore. Knowing all about SmartCore Pro Vs. Ultra will allow you to compare them.

Both being flooring products by the same company, SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra differ based on their core property materials. SmartCore Ultra is made of WPC that stands for Wood, Polymer Core. In contrast, SmartCore Pro is formed of SPC, meaning that it’s made of Stone Polymer Core. These differences in materials make them suitable for different places. Also, they come with different warranty periods, which can make you think about usability and maintenance.

The two products are more similar to each other than their differences. They both offer qualities that are suitable for different accommodations. While planning to purchase them, make sure it is ideal for your purpose.

SmartCore Pro Vs Ultra

Overview of SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra

SmartCore is a user-friendly brand of vinyl flooring. They offer a variety of products considering the user’s needs. Two of their best-selling products are SmartCore  Pro and SmartCore Ultra. 

But they have their differences and similarities. Here’s a breakdown of how the two flooring solutions can be variable and also how they offer the same features in some cases. 

Differences Between SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra

There are some subtle differences between SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra. But they can still help you to decide which one you should go for. 


The first difference between SmartCore  Pro and SmartCore Ultra is the core material.

SmartCore Pro: 

The core of SmartCore Pro is made of SPC. It is formed of stone crush and polymer. 

SPC is a mixture of limestone with polymer. Therefore it has a rigid core. It supports the LVC to survive longer and makes it moisture-proof. You can use it unbiasedly for areas like the garage and balcony. 

SmartCore Ultra: 

WPC is the core material of SmartCore Ultra. It is made of saw-dust of wood known as wood flour. 

It allows the planks to be more like hardwood spices and has a high-definition design and pattern. Also, it is on the softer side of rigidity, which allows a comfortable walking area.


Depending on the place of installation, you might need to consider sound resistance for your flooring. 

SmartCore Pro:

The shock resistance feature of SmartCore Pro is low. It is because of tough rigidity. This also leads to less flexibility. Therefore using it in a loud space will cause sound transmission. 

SmartCore Ultra: 

The flexibility of SmartCore Ultra comes with soundproof quality. It has high resistance to shocks. Thus, it can easily resist sound transmission from one floor to another. You can easily install it in a place with children and pets.

Installation Area

Place of installation is the most primary point of consideration before buying vinyl planks. Depending on the use, the warranty periods can also vary on different products.

SmartCore Pro: 

For commercial use, SmartCore Pro is the better option. It has rigidity which allows it to be roughly used. It has a commercial warranty of 10 years and a residential warranty of a lifetime. 

But moisture resistance and rough texture make it more suitable for commercial use than residential use. It also has a wear layer of 20 mils, which is not necessary for residential use. But it comes in handy in case of commercial use by enhancing its durability.

SmartCore Ultra: 

In a home with pets and children, soundproof SmartCore Ultra is the best option. It also has a soft texture, which allows you to walk barefoot without any discomfort. 

For residential use, it offers a lifetime warranty. But in case of commercial use, it gives only a 5-year warranty. It has a wear layer of 12 mils and a thickness of 7.5 mm. All of these features make it ideal for residential use. 

Designs And Patterns

Both SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra have designs and patterns of their own. That’s how they stand out from the crowd.

SmartCore Pro: 

There are about 15 options for designs and patterns for SmartCore Pro. In those, you will find rustic patterns and hardwood looks. 

All these looks come in three shades – light, medium, and dark. The planks are 7”x48”. 

SmartCore Ultra: 

The designs of SmartCore Ultra change frequently. But it always has 25 styles in stock. They are mainly of rustic, contemporary, and traditional look. 

Like SmartCore Pro, you will find light, medium and dark shades in SmartCore Ultra, along with some white and grey shades. 

SmartCore Ultra comes both in tiles and planks. Planks are sized in 6”x48” and tiles are sized in 12”x24”. 

Price Points

The price points are not much different for both options. But the SmartCore Pro costs a little bit higher than the SmartCore Ultra. It differs in cents. 

In the following chart, you will see the specifications with the price point.

LineThickness (1)Wear LayerCost/sq. ft.Warranty (2)
SmartCore Ultra7.5mm12 mils$3.20 – $3.40Lifetime/5
SmartCore Pro6mm20 mils$3.50 – $3.65Lifetime/10

SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra Similarities

SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Ultra – both are products from SmartCore. So, they have similar qualities that make them signature products of the company. Here are a few noteworthy similarities.


Both WPC and SPC in SmartCore Ultra and SmartCore Pro have waterproof technology. 

Though in the case of constant wetness, SPC in SmartCore Pro is more preferable. The rigid core in both helps to keep moisture away. The planks and tiles are warped in vinyl. Thus they can be used in places like the kitchen, washrooms, and garage. 

Attached Pad

SmartCore Ultra and SmartCore Pro both have pads as pre-installation. This pre-installed pad helps to reduce the installation cost and increase durability with smoothness. 

Interlocking Construction

All SmartCore products come in an interlocking construction system. To install it on floors, you won’t need to use any glue or heavy machinery. You just have to place the planks or tiles aligned with each other. 

Glue It

While using SmartCore Ultra and SmartCore Pro in the staircase or a heavy-duty area, it is better to glue them. That way, they stay in place for a long time. Also, in the case of outdoor use, gluing them can bring more stability.


In the subfloors of wood, concrete, and tiles, both ultra and pro can be used. You can ignore a bit of imperfection because of their rigidity. 

Low Voc

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can cause indoor air pollution. And vinyl floors have the reputation of VOC imitation. 

But SmartCore Ultra and Pro tend to lower imitation. They are both certified with Green Guard Gold. That means that this flooring meets stringent indoor air quality emissions criteria.

Easy Maintenance

SmartCore Ultra and Pro are moisture-proof. It makes them stainless as you can easily clean them whenever necessary. The interlocking system rejects the buildups in the plank or tile joints. 

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. Even wet mops can be used to sanitize your floor, keeping them germ-free. 

In residential use, both of these come with a lifetime warranty. This means in case of product damage, you can replace them. The darker shades tend to cover up any scratch marks too.

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Final Words

Both SmartCore Ultra and Pro have their selling points. You can differentiate among them depending on your necessity. The materials used in them help to define their rigidity. 

But because both are from the same company, they have all the signature qualities of SmartCore. Thus, choose the one you need for both residential and commercial use.

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