Somerset Vs. Bruce Hardwood Floors

Somerset and Bruce hardwood flooring is one of the oldest brands in hardwood flooring. Somerset Vs. Bruce hardwood floors will let you know the differences and similarities.

Somerset is an authentic self-made brand. From growing their trees to furnishing, they do it all under strict supervision. The company claims to use all USA-based products. Bruce Hardwood doesn’t have such a claim. Even though their flooring is primarily made of Appalachian Lumber, they also use some exported materials. Bruce hardwood flooring is 100% waterproof, but water affects Somerset once in a while

Both Somerset and Bruce hardware has their pros and cons. Their authenticity has helped them to stay in the market and attain such progress.

Somerset Vs Bruce Hardwood Floors


Somerset and Bruce hardwood flooring is famous for Appalachian wood. In the market, they are competing with each other from different selling points. Each of them is exclusive in its own way. 

Somerset Hardwood Floor

Somerset hardwood flooring is one of the largest Appalachian Hardwood Lumber floorings. As it is one of the most preferred materials for hardwood floorings, Somerset has concentrated solely on Appalachian Lumber.

The planks have decent moisture control, which makes them user-friendly. It is NHLA certified. That means it is graded before and after kiln drying. 

They have both engineered and solid hardwood flooring along with varieties of designs and shades. All their goods are produced from trees they harvest themselves. Thus, it is easy to do quality control. 

For different types of hardwood, they use different parts of the lumber. This ensures 100% use of a tree.

The Somerset Flooring comes with different grades. But all of them are waterproof. All the shades and textures have water and moisture-resistant quality.

It offers a wide range of shades and textures. Depending on the decor of your house, you can choose between natural shades to monochromatic colors. 

Bruce Hardwood Floor

Bruce Hardwood Floor is a 100% wood product. They have Appalachian Lumber, which comes with a wide range of solid and engineered hardwood. Durability is their main selling point. All their floorings have rigid core flooring, making them a heavy-duty product.

They are a 100% US-based company that makes their products more user-friendly by installing DIY features. 

Not only that, the Hydropel Technology makes it 100% waterproof. In 2019, Bruce hardware won the Good Design award for its Hydropel Technology. It can resist water for up to 36 hours which makes it installable in any place!

The use of Appalachian Lumber allows Bruce Hardwood floor to have a huge range of designs and patterns. It offers both solid and engineered planks. 

Depending on your necessity, you can choose any of the designs and patterns. All models are available with both solid and engineered planks.


Both Somerset and bruce hardwood flooring offer definite perks. But there are some core features where each brand retains individuality. Here are some of the highlighted features of each brand.

Somerset Flooring

Some of the benefits of using Somerset flooring are:

  • Water resistance up to a certain limit
  • It is only made of Appalachian Oak
  • Finishing of any pattern – glossy, semi-glossy, high-glossy, hand-scraped, and textured rustic
  • Prefinished by Aluminium oxide

Bruce Flooring

Some of the prominent selling features of Bruce flooring are:

  • 100% waterproof with Hydropel Technology
  • Uses environment-friendly products
  • Planks are budget-friendly
  • Easy to install


While choosing flooring, you will need to consider your budget. You can find cheaper technology with high efficiency. Also, some qualities can cost you a lot. Somerset and Bruce allow you to choose your preferred flooring based on your budget from their massive range of products.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring

The Somerset hardwood floor is not much budget-friendly. The range starts higher than Bruce hardwood. 

It starts from $5.5 and can go up to $10. The authenticity of Somerset causes it to be in the higher range. In this range, you can find both solid and engineered hardwood.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring

The Bruce hardwood flooring is quite budget-friendly. Its price starts from $3 and goes upward as per your requirement. In this range, depending on the features and texture, you can find the one you need.

The more features you want, it may cost you some more penny but it will be worth it. Even at the lowest price, you will get the essential qualities like being 100% waterproof.


Somerset and Bruce’s hardware are two different brands of hardware flooring. One similar point is that both companies offer engineered and solid hardwood flooring.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is solid wood without any other mixture. These floors stand out while giving a furnishing look. They also provide a layering of waterproof or glossy coatings.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is composite wood. But they turn to hardwood through manufacturing after tempering the solid wood. This wood veneer is in the core.

None of these brands are scratch-proof. But they don’t leave easy scratch marks. Their maintenance is also quite handy. You just need to do some whipping and vacuuming.

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Final Words

Somerset and Bruce hardwood Flooring has been holding their market demand for a long time. They both offer Appalachian Wood and waterproof quality.

They vary from each other at the price point. Bruce Hardwood is relatively cheaper than Somerset Hardwood. As the price goes up, they offer different qualities and features. Choose Somerset if looking for authenticity but go for Bruce if looking for 100% waterproof floors.

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